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2016 - The Year in Review
Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-31
Wow, the last one of these was 10 years ago. And, since no-one has asked for them ever since, here it is: 2016 - The Year in Review, from the Plus/4's point of view. Here we are in the truly fortunate position to examine last year in 8 bits: no deaths, no voting upsets (unless you count CD5 :-)), only happy news. Let's see then!

Well, we pretty much only have YAPE left, and it saw 3 updates this year (1.0.9, 1.0.10, 1.0.11). Additionally, the JS version of YAPE came online on April 1st (along with some April Fools jokes): this is a really cool feature. Now, if you like, you can send a link to that friend who would not be able to install an emulator, and they can see your favourite game or demo right in their browser. Here's to hoping this feature will get better and faster in the future. December brought us another surprise: Plus4Emu also got updated. Fingers crossed that this trend continues.

We had some updates and some new utils this year, among them are WinMTAP 1.0, Plus4HTML, Pixel Polizei, MultiPaint, Regenerator. There are still many gaps to be filled in terms of utils, so let's hope next year we will have even more.

The Collection
Our ever-growing collection... grew some more :-) One nice addition was the original TAP for Botticelli. Big thanks to Acrid, Lacus, Perfect Darky, Sanya and everyone else I may have forgotten for sending in the scans, TAP images, and previously missing programs. I guess this would be the section to mention site updates: although our little home looks mostly like its old self, there have been some small improvements here and there.

Unfortunately we don't have much here this year. The list of demos is dominated by pictures from George and carrion. The big thing was Crackers' Demo 5. It came together nicely and it's something to be proud of. 20 parts contributed, but the main thing to note is how much buzz and excitement it generated, both in our scene, and outside of it.

Finally, let's take a look at the games. Hugohunt started the year off. Next, MOS2 aka The Lands Of Zador dropped. It's a massive achievement, but IMHO it did not receive the welcome from our scene as it deserves. Pac-Pac from Skoro was a huge hit, however. There was a huge resurgence of BASIC games this year, some of them are: Blasto, Randtown Builder, Randtown Crusher, Frutty Man +4, Hitball, Brickhunter, Bombrunner, Castle Matcher. This is definitely a good trend, let's hope it continues!

That's it in a nutshell. What (Plus/4 related things!) did you like or dislike about 2016 ? Discuss on the forums! Happy New Year to everyone!
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HVTC Updated
Posted by Luca on 2016-12-30
HVTC has been updated and linked, trash the old one and unpack the new version on your device. BKN and TEK tunes from Crackers' Demo 5 are still MIA, they'll be included in the next update.
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Xmas Gift From Uganda: Matatu
Posted by Luca on 2016-12-28
MatatuThe race to get the medal for the very last release in 2016 continues! RKSoft has ported on the Plus/4 the african born card game he's just released some days ago on C64, together with other ppl at Hokuto Force. That's the kind of gifts we really like to receive, but...may we expect a very last 2016 release after this? Meanwhile, we can wait for the verdict playing against the Plus/4 or a human opponent, with Matatu, of course!
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-25The tradition in our house is to open present on Christmas day morning, so here's a small gift from Csabo to everyone to go under your virtual Plus/4 trees![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-23Marq starts off this year's Holiday Greetings with a stylish PETSCII animation: Joulu 2016 Plus![ comments ]

Plus4Emu Updated!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-21
After 8 years, Plus4Emu by IstvanV has been updated! The list of things changed can be found here. Update your copy today!
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Castle Matcher 5-Level WIP Demo Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-13
Castle MatcherRoePipi just released a preview of his new game called Castle Matcher. Featuring his usual brand of humor, your task is to guide Vivor (a dodo bird) through a castle, and find the exit eksit. Toby the rooster, who is outside the castle, will also be an integral part of solving the puzzles. The final version will have 20 levels, so it's up to you if you want to play it now, or wait for the final version (which might take around half a year). Enjoy!
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New stuff from Acrid and Sanya!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-07
Acrid took the time to nicely scan some missing stuff for us. Check out the covers section of Maniax, we now have the disk cover and the disk inlay, as well as an image of the diskette itself.

Sanya also sent us a small package of curios. Adatfile-Kezelo Program (tape version), Csipogos Keyboard, Double-Screen (Hungarian version), Extended Screen Intro, Hardware (alternative version) and Magyarositott BASIC. This latter one is kind of fun: it changes all the BASIC tokens to Hungarian words. Just try to program like that :-)

Further added materials are: a charset fixed Trivial Pursuit version and a working file for Disk Manager V4.0, a cracked version of The Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle +4, two better disks (official and alternative) for Rug Rider (in the past, we've got the cracked version, which is quite common to find anywhere as a valid copy), and a bunch of different releases regarding Fantastic Four plus a fully working patched G64 disk.

Thanks for these guys! If you have new stuff for our site, be sure to send it in!
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Posted by Luca on 2016-12-02Tired to enter cheats in order to play free the tough classic Exorcist and see the ending? Try the trained version by Luca: Exorcist +5M is out.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-12-01
1010!As hinted on the forum, Csabo's new game is here! 1010! (ten-ten) is a simple "coffee-break" puzzle. It uses PETSCII graphics and can be considered a spiritual sibling of 2048 and FloodIt. Check it out and don't forget to submit your high score :-)
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Club Info 144 Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-11-30
Club Info 144Erich/Ultd is here with the 4th and last issue of Club Info of the year. Side A of the disk is full of German-language articles, reviewing games, demos and utilities, and program tips, etc. Side B has recent and new releases, including a few BASIC match utilities. Check it out and enjoy!
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-11-24YAPE 1.0.11 is out! Head on over to the Homepage to read what's new and get your download![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-11-23As promised, carrion gives us the C= Plus/4 version of the graphics from the C=64 Monumentum demo: Monumentum +4 Gfx.[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-11-17Sanya found his Bölcsek Köve cassette and scanned the inlay, the final missing piece for this game. Check it out![ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-11-15Can we turn off the screen partially? This issue came up in 2009. While this can't be done with $FF06, it can be done with some trickery. Check out gerliczer's new technology demo called Screenoff (comes with full source).[ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2016-11-13Still waiting for its final ranking at Syntax Party 2016, Carrion beats the clock converting his competing C64 FLI Take This Life Energy as Plus/4 MFLI...and it's a masterpiece again![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-11-07A rare TAP has been sent in by Perfect Darky for Quiwi! It's one of the largest TAPs, we're glad to have it in the collection. Be sure to check it out.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-10-26Another bunch of programs from Sanya's archives: 7501 Einzelschritt-Emu., BASIC ellenőr, Bitmonitor, Floppy Master, Gépi Átíró, Datamaker, Memory Peeker, Picture Cracker, Puzzle, Save Directory, Síelő (Head crack), Szintetizátor, Vicc Válogatás, Wordpro Intro, Zongora 1.2.[ comment ]

Cover Update!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-10-20
2 Pass AssemblerNewton AlmájaLacus sent us a couple of goodies! 2 Pass Assembler is an old programming tool by NewLine - it now has a full cover scan, TAP file and a cassette photo.

The second program to get this treatment is Newton Almája: we now have the full cover (7 pages folded), a TAP file and a cassette photo. This game has come up before - it's an odd one. It was released on 4 platforms at the same time (the other ones besides the Plus/4 were the C64, ZX Spectrum and the Enterprise). The authors ran a contest along with it. Anyone who could solve the game could fill out the last page of the cover and mail it in to win prizes.

As far as we know at this point - no-one has managed to solve the game. I realize the language barrier is a problem - but still, I wonder if there's any interest in doing a coordinated effort to try and crack its mysteries?...

Anyway, big thanks for Lacus and enjoy the covers and the TAP files!
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-10-145 more previously unseen oldies recovered by Sanya: Directory Rendező, Kaméleon, Labirynt Joe, Megacopy (a version of Super Copy by Mat), Törölt File Újraélesztés.[ comments ]

Run After Bombs With Bombrunner!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-10-09
Bombrunner264er_Fan just released his 4th game that runs on a C16/Plus4. Following Hitball and Brickhunter (released earlier this year), it's his biggest effort so far. The gameplay is simple: run and pick up the bombs before the time runs out, and don't get caught or hit any obstacles! Be sure to check it out and give it a spin!
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-09-26Newly registered member Sanya has sent us a long-sought-after TAP file for Bölcsek Köve. Check it out![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-09-19Gaia just released WinMTAP 1.0, a Windows front-end for TAP2WAV. Check it out if you're in need of a quick-and-easy TAP file conversion tool![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-09-09Want to listen to some Plus/4 tunes in the background? Check out Skoro's latest video: C= Plus/4 Game Music Collection 1984-2016 on YouTube![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-09-09Club Info 143 is here! Erich/Ultd brings you the latest issue of the German disk mag: articles and recent + new stuff on the B side.[ comments ]

Retro Photoshoot!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-09-01
Retro PhotoshootMarkus from Stuttgart, Germany writes:
"I work with former homeless people, we had a photographers workshop where we did a photo-shoot of old 8-bit machines. The results are fantastic, we want to share them with the forum members. The images are free for private use."
If you even wanted to see a Plussy floating, reflected in a pond, now's your chance :-) Check it out!

Retro Photoshoot
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-08-17
PentagramPentagram has just been released for the Commodore Plus/4. It's an isometric game using the Filmation engine, originally developed for Spectrum. More info on the forum, check it out!
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Crackers' Demo 5!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-07-30
Crackers' Demo 5Crackers' Demo 5 is here! CD5...
  • an old-school megademo
  • super compatible: works on any disk drive (or SD2IEC), works on NTSC machines (making it the first and only NTSC megademo), and should gracefully stop on pretty much any Commodore computer.
  • ...was made by 24 people (Ati, aNdy, Bubis, Chronos, Csabo, Degauss, gerliczer, Harry, Kichy, Lavina, Luca, Mad, MMS, Moldi, Murphy, Ninja, Nukem, PPCS, siz, Skoro, Spektro, 5tarbuck, TMR, Unreal), from 6 countries (Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy)
  • ...contains 20 parts (plus an intro and credits), making it the biggest demo in the CD series
  • ...takes up 3 disks, 1520 blocks, 374 kilobytes
  • ...has a run time of around 38 minutes
  • ...was presented at the Arok 2016 party
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YAPE 1.0.10
Posted by Luca on 2016-07-23
Coders never go on holiday, and they need safe and versatile tools for their tasks! That's the reason why Gaia just released YAPE version 1.0.10 in the season of sundowns over the sea and fires on the shore at midnight.

This time, some of the most ancient bugs have to say bye forever:

- show subfolders as type CBM in IEC/filesystem mode;
- implemented monitor watchpoint/breakpoint ranges;
- watchpoint context displayed when hit;
- improved speedometer to cater for non-standard, longer frames;
- occasionally stuck joystick states when emulated thru the keyboard fixed (long outstanding bug!);
- uninitialized variable in a newly optimized part of SID engine patched;
- digitized palette in non-CRT mode fixed;
- rasterline counter overflow fix;
- weird and random save PRG dialog crash fixed.

Download it from the official page.
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Posted by Luca on 2016-07-13Tom-Cat/N0S has extended his Regenerator disassembler to be multi system, including Plus/4 too.[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-07-13A Spanish language video has been released, (apparently) chronicling the career and works of Skoro: YouTube video. Check it out![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-07-11Erich/Ultd released Botticelli Bilderdisk 41. It's a collection of 32 converted multicolor pictures, using the Magica driver.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-07-11
Pac-PacAssassins crew brightens up our summer with their brand new just-released game called Pac-Pac. It's a Pac Man clone, coded by game developer veteran Skoro. Guide your dot-eating hero through 64 different screens. Smooth gameplay, beautiful colours and overall attention to detail: it's a fun game that's totally worth checking out and playing! Be sure to check out the YouTube video as well.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-07-05RKSoft converted a game from CPC called Frutty Man (+4 version, 16K version).[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-06-20Thanks to Erich/ULTD, Club Info 142 is out! Check out the latest issue for tons of German news, articles, and the B side full of releases.[ comment ]

Micro Projects' Sourcefiles Galore
Posted by Luca on 2016-06-18
Micro Projects SalesJust few days before the first publishing of his long awaited book about the history of Gremlin Graphics, Mark Hardisty has launched a dedicated blog full of memorabilia, pictures, stories, whatever, about the famous software house. Among all, there are some source files (click to download!) nested in few D64s donated by Anthony J. Clarke, mostly regarding C16/Plus4 games developed under the Micro Projects label.
We managed to handle those disk images, just to see if something of our interest would have jumped out...and that's really the way it went!

The weird or just known material that has been discarded is: final versions of some C16 games just as we know (Tycoon Tex), some chars and sprites editors for C64 coded for personal usage, a slice of code about "Thing on a Spring" on C64 and one uselessly single uncompiled text regarding Sword Of Destiny.
Let's go on with the juicy stuff, then. There are some early stages versions of games from Anthony J. Clarke and Micro Projects in general to add to our archive with some notes where needed: Dork's Dilemma, Xargon Wars (a sort of gameplay testing one), Xargon's Revenge and Kung-fu Kid (with missing animation for the big boss at the end, and different sfx).
Again regarding Xargon's Revenge, two different disk versions have popped out from the disks, built up in distinct ways, one with PETSCII loading screen.

Dork's Dilemma EditorApart of the interesting older versions of the games we just know, two other programs has been saved from the dusts of time. Micro Projects Sales is a really interesting document about sales and revenues regarding all the Micro Projects games which have been sold in 1985. And the author's personal Dork's Dilemma Editor has come to the light too, revealing that those 24x24 chars rooms are actually stored as Y-mirrored 12x24 chars ones!

At the same time, two surprises were asleep into those D64s. Here come the C64 test versions of Dork's Dilemma and Tycoon Tex, arguably coded before being passed to the C16, in order to have quite comprehensive assembler and compiler which were available on C64 only at that time: though the games have badly implemented or missing sound, it's clear that the code is absolutely the same as for the C16 version. Luca has managed to release the both of them on the C64 related sites under the label of his buddies in Hokuto Force, with trainers: Dork's Dilemma Preview +2 and Tycoon Tex Preview +2.

We want to see thanks once again to Anthony J. Clarke for his donation, and to Mark Hardisty for having put'em online available for anyone.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-06-05Two small but fun BASIC games have been released by RoePipi: RandTown Builder and RandTown Crusher![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-06-04We now have an original TAP file for Botticelli from Lacus, as well as a "Wedge" program, which "simulates" the hardware key that was included with the original (thanks to "Tanárnéni Kedvence").[ comment ]

Plus4HTML Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-05-31
István Bozsik has just released v2.0 of Plus4HTML (a Windows tool). If the name sounds unfamiliar, it's because it was previously known as Plus4Lst. The new version is a complete rewrite:
  • There's a clean GUI now instead of a command line tool, with instant preview
  • The generated HTML files use a web-font and should pass markup validation
  • Syntax highlighting and many cool formatting options.
This is a very useful tool for programmers, if you liked the older version, you'll love this one. There's no installation needed, the included EXE is all you need. Be sure to check it out!
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-05-24Newly registered member sabe provided the solution for his only game, as well as some info and a fixed version.[ comment ]

"Pixel Polizei" Is Out!
Posted by Marq on 2016-05-17
Pixel PolizeiPixel Polizei, a tool for the retro artists is out: It lets you check and solve color clashes, after which you can save the outcome in native formats for displaying them on a real machine. Runs on Lin/Mac/Win as long as Java 7 or newer is installed. Open source, of course. Hires and multicolor supported on the Plus/4 as of now.
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Multipurpose Multiplatform "Multipaint"!
Posted by Luca on 2016-05-17
MultipaintTero Heikkinen has just improved and bugfixed his Multipaint, a very comprehensive tool which allows the user to easily draw graphics as bitmap or in tile mode, in several modes supported by various 8bit machines, like ZX Spectrum C64 MSX1 and more.

The 3rd release includes support for Commodore Plus/4, both HiRes and Multicolor modes. This takes Multipaint to the top in Plus/4 crossplatform graphics editor, with extensive brushes options, easy recolouring tools, Botticelli/Multibotticelli import and export compatibility, .ASM straight exporting, double paging and many more facilities for your needings!
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Ultimate Map V1.9
Posted by Luca on 2016-05-10
Ultimate ROM Map V1.9Quite a heavy update for the Ultimate Map, which has been refreshed and renewed by SVS once again! Nothing has been left out, from Commodore disk drives memory mapping thru C64 addressing compare, to the most famous and the rarest OS bugs.

This is the list of news about V1.9 release that summarizes most of the addons in Ultimate Map:

- A new INDEX page with hyperlinks to all the other pages and sub-arguments;
- New section DISK DRIVES with full memory description for 1541/1551/1581, Internal commands and exit codes, Scheme on how to set an internal command, DOS errors;
- New section HARDWARE with BUS-TIMING and USERPORT layouts (compared with C64' one);
- New section BASIC with Memory use schemes, Basic-line structure, Variable/Arrays structures and storing, Basic keywords table (tokens, parameters, defaults, etc.), Basic errors;
- Automatic calculators: 1) Arrays memory occupation and address calculation; 2) Decimal <---> Hexadecimal converter;
- New tables on TED page: Exact frequencies of the 264 machines; Music Notes table for each machine and deviation from wanted frequency. Pitch mode is selectable (Standard or "Verdi");
- Details on O.S. and DISK DRIVES pages for each bit of all the mapped ICs (/6551, 6529, 6223, etc.);
- Implementations on KEYBOARD table in I/O page, plus a new table of the differences between Plus4 and C64 keyboard matrix;
- New info for USR() function use, Long jump routines; Clock updating (RAM and ROM), exit flags for CHRGET routine, $9317 routine, TED D/A feature, TED MGR-ECM-HiRes incompatibility, Cartridge start codes, ROM/RAM switching, $BA, $02E7 (double width);
- Additional new tables: Colors, Bit-screen layout;
- More info in I/O and Expansion area $FD00-FEFF, free TED area $FF20-$FF3D, copy on RAM of TED registers $FFF6-$FFFD;
- Graphic modes mask at $0083;
- Added RENUMBER bug, erased GSHAPE bug, updated SSHAPE bug;
- Added more info regarding RAM Expansions (Hannes / Csory) and OS96 (Solder) both in O.S. and BASIC pages;
- Corrections: RS232 bug; TED<-->VICII; examples in PETSCII page;
- Lots of minor modifications.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-05-03Crackers' Demo 5 is happening! Spread the word, get active and check the forum for more details.[ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2016-04-05High Voltage TED Collection updates again with few fixes and 26 new TEDsound files, mostly from The Lands Of Zador. Delete the whole previous collection, then download/unzip the new one[ comment ]

A Monumental Step Forward In Emulation
Posted by Csabo on 2016-04-01
Wow, what a time to be alive, who would have thought this day would come. If someone suggested to you a few years ago, "Let's write a Commodore Plus/4 Emulator in JavaScript!", you would have laughed, and rightly so. That's a joke! JavaScript is way, way too slow for that.

Well, that's certainly no longer the case. Thanks to some JS magic, Gaia maestro brings us the first real JavaScript emulator! So, for example you can play Ghost Town "for real". Just look for the same blue "PLAY ONLINE" button on the detail pages, as this feature replaces the older Java emulator, which was no longer working in most modern browsers. Amazingly, even hardcore games like Zador run (although admittedly with some display issues). Still, this is a truly fantastic achievement, and hopefully will be a very well received feature. The ease of access to games online - no need for emulator downloads - is a monumental step forward in emulation.

The code is based on the popular YAPE, so the same hotkeys will work. E.g. ALT+W to toggle speed, F11 to reset, etc.

Note: there might still be some errors, but we're hoping those will be ironed out soon.

April 2nd update: Those errors mentioned above have indeed been ironed out. Happy emulating!
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Kate's New Journey In "The Lands Of Zador"!
Posted by Luca on 2016-03-28
The_Lands_Of_ZadorAfter the arrival of Majesty Of Sprites, nobody would actually expect a comeback from Kate jumping again on the most colorful platforms the Plus/4 has never displayed on a video. Against any prediction, Mad has surprised all of us once again, with a new improved version of his bitmap scrolling engine!

Bauknecht is so proud to bring to you: The Lands Of Zador! And you can consider it to be "Majesty Of Sprites II", featuring 8 wide multiscrolling bitmap levels with themed graphics and, again, tons of colors to show, all designed and drawn by Mad himself, with their respective songs in pure TEDsound composed by Luca, 5tarbuck and Degauss mixing on-the-fly with sfx. Other significant pieces of Nero art shine along the game, the main "Zador" logo is a straight evidence, and the well known comic book illustrator Helge Vogt has contributed with the fantastic introduction picture which opens to the main titles.
The_Lands_Of_ZadorThere's a brand new gameplay environment to enhance your jump'n'run experience: Kate must complete some tasks in any single level to go further in the game, and she also has to open new pathways by switching some passages on. Three skill levels can be selected at the beginning, and the passwords system won't let you stagnate in repetitive situations. There are several new touches here and there, in order to put colour really really everywhere and the .D64 handling can be fastloaded on 1541 drives (we mean: quite fast!), or use Kernel loader to be easily used both on 1551 and SD2IEC.

The Lands Of Zador has been presented at Revision Party 2016 challenging in the gamedev competition, and it ranked 3rd out of nine. Just like its noble ancestor, it will be later published by Psytronik Software to satisfy all the tangible 5.25 stuff fetishistes out there.

Will you have success in leaving the Lands of Zador and to see the end of this colorful journey along platforms and shooting foes? Start your challenge right now, get it and play The Lands Of Zador!
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Posted by Luca on 2016-03-20Brain Dead Idea is the new stunning MFLI picture drawn by Carrion, Plus/4 version of the C64 original competing at Forever 17.[ comments ]

Club Info 141 Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-03-04
Club Info 141Hailing from Germany, Erich/Ultd has released issue 141 of Club Info, the first one in 2016. The two-sided German diskmag's format is the usual one: Side A has lots of articles (including German-language documentation for some new releases, hardware stuff, etc), while Side B has releases, including some small new utilities and games. Check it out and enjoy!
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Posted by Luca on 2016-03-01AWSM has finally put online his faithful JavaScript remake of Ghost Town. Try it right now, or miss it at your own risk![ comments ]

YAPE 1.0.9
Posted by Luca on 2016-02-14
Black C= be my Valentine! Gaia has released YAPE 1.0.9 in the day that legitimizes our neverending love to the 264 series.

So, what has been retouched and added this time?

- updated project to be used with Visual Studio 2015 and MinGW-w64;
- optional XAudio2 driver added (DirectSound's successor);
- D81 image support in 1551/IEC mode (no partitions though);
- PSID replay support via the autostart menu;
- refactored audio mixing;
- disk attachment regression bug;
- various other bugfixes (monitor settings, TED sound, snapshot).

Download it from the official page.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-02-11
HugohuntRetro-gamers rejoice: angelsoft is here with a new release! Some of you may have seen an early version of the game on the author's homepage, but today marks the official release.

Hugohunt is an action game, inspired by an Atari game. The mazes, ghosts, and 'pills' to be eaten give the game a 'Pac-man' feel, but this is a good game on its own right. It's superbly programmed: beautiful colors, nice music and sound effects, runs on a C16 and PAL/NTSC compatible. Not to mention it comes with a level editor and even a C64 version (see the author's notes on the reason behind this).

Don't delay: download it now and check it out. Be sure to give your feedback and send if your high scores to the Hall of Fame!
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Hungarian Cover Scans From Lacus!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-02-02
Vadász És NyúlLacus has been busy buying up original Hungarian releases, and he's been kind enough to do the work of scanning, photographing, and transferring files to TAP format. Here's what's been added today: Európa (tape photo), Évezredek I and Évezredek III (covers and TAP), Magyarország (tape photo), Vadász És Nyúl (cover scan), Karate (covers and TAP), and Kincsvadász (covers and tape photo).

It's awesome have the original of Karate: if you've never played this Hungarian gem, now's the time to try it out! Vadász És Nyúl is not a noteworthy release by any means, but the cover artwork (and we're using that term very loosely here) is interesting. It appears to have been drawn by a young child. Perhaps there's a story behind it? Who knows :-)

Anyway, check these out and enjoy! Big thanks for Lacus for sending them in.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-28Erich/Ultd has just released Hires Color 10. You can check out 32 hires pictures using the Magica driver.[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-162016's first release is Pi by Litwr! gerliczer combined George's Blackbelt graphics and tune into one program.[ comments ]

Endings Giveaway
Posted by Luca on 2016-01-15
Majesty Of Sprites endingWith this last appointment, the usual endings triplets' sets do not need to have further releases. The folder which we have completely filled with screenshots and data to be added one by one has now been stripped and has gone forever. From now, we will usually enrich the Game Endings page just like all the others, so take a look to it from time to time.

Here's the titles we added to end with a bang: Mac Coin, Nibbly 92, 3D Time Trek, Battle Axe, Crazy Tennis, Sqij, Power Ball, Simple Puzzle, Zolyx +++, Pilot X, Memento, Bit Fox, Star Wars, Tower Of Evil, Grid, Flaschen Hannes, Xargon Wars, Skramble, Pharaoh's Tomb, Micropainter, Go Ahead!, Drol, Break Dance, Dizzy 3, Mr. Puniverse, Leapin Louie, Jack Attack, Jabba Otthona, Strange Building, Dodo, Adventures In Time, Majesty Of Sprites.
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Moldi's Treasure 10/10
Posted by Luca on 2016-01-08
It's over, we've done, can't believe we completed it in the very end!
It's the real 10th flowout from the treasure chest donated to us by Moldi when ppl did meet him at the Busodore Party almost 5 years ago, from which we saved up to about five hundred programs not included in any archive before! Moldi we'll never thank you enough for this immense feeding of Plus/4 stuff!

Outrun II DemoWhat can you find in this latest appointment with the world of unseen before software? Oh well, basically what still remain, we're squeezing the sponge and see what falls down. Sometimes certain productions get stuck into the clefts of homonymy and misunderstandings, and nobody take'em to the light, just like in the case of Outrun II Demo, which is another failed attempt to align digis and Coby's waveconverter. Or like for Terror Music Box by Moldi himself, Sohase Mond which was easily confused with Christmas 91, or Castle Demo which at first glance could seem Castle Pic. On the other hand, the scene succeded in missing not one only but both the demos explicitly dedicated to the Hungarian city of Mezőkövesd, where TPSH lives. Party In Mezőkövesd and The Demo Of Mezőkövesd: same party? We dunno yet...

It seems even incredible to us how many complete games we've still missed, in the times when we would believe that nothing can really be discovered from the past. The Moldi's software archive has surprised us till the end of this journey, and here come Dodo, Drakula Kastélya, Tekergő, and last but not least Risiko Demo, a pretty nice working preview of an implementation in BASIC V3.5 for the classic board game, one of those works we really would have been seen in the final shape!
Risiko DemoFinally, there's room for the weirdest pieces in this collection! Be honest here in GOTU, who has truly written the texts of Minifuck? ;) Do you know that Mucsi had reduced one of the most complete notewriters to be used on tape too, with The Best Letter Writer / Tape? Now we have Reincarnation 2, so where's the first one, which should be very similar to it according to the author himself? Is the author of Music Box 2 (Ati) the Ati we all know but still away from Gentlemen? Does LBM really believe in oriental destiny interpretations like I Ging? Does truly exist a third one, as written in the scrolltext of the fresh found Impulse Mega 2? For what piece of hardware Digital Frequency Counter practically counts? Did TGH really use Life Of Pictures for his graphics?

As you all can see, a finish point is ever a new starting point for further discoveries, where no Plus/4 scener has gone before!
Here it is, that's the very last complete list of releases for this tenth wave, and we can't hide a little emotional tear dropping from the eye: ABC (onefile), Atlós Fényujság, Beszélő Nyelvtan, I Ging, Digital Frequency Counter, Disk Lister V3.2, Duplázó V1.0, Ékezetes Képújság, Errorsearcher 1551 V2, Földrajz (Fodor Antal), Full Copy Plus/4, Hangközök, Háztartás-kalkuláció, Hipra Copy 1541, Hypa-load V3 1551, Katalog Maker, Life Of Pictures, Mágneses Indukció Számítása, MAT's Typewriter, Pluto, Scroll Writer II, Speed Assembler, Super Disk Monitor, Super Speed Loader, The Best Letter Writer / Tape, Uni Header, Dodo, Drakula Kastélya, Életjáték V1.2, Hanoi Torony, Kétlépéses Vagy Háromlépéses Mattfejtő, Kukacka, Lander, Logikai Játék, Memóriajáték, Souvenirs, Tekergő, Tenisz, Risiko Demo, Bekannte Bauwerke Aus Luebeck, Bomber Demo, Castle Demo, Digit Sounds, Impulse Mega 2, Microdemo II, Minifuck, Music Box 2 (Ati), Outrun II Demo, Party In Mezőkövesd, Poseidon Demo, Reincarnation 2, Sohase Mond, Terror Music Box, The Demo Of Mezőkövesd, Variációk Egy Témára.

And here's a list of the other nine lists, from the respective news: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-07If you enjoy listening to old-school music, check out Skoro's new YouTube video, featuring 2 hours of converted tunes![ comments ]

Lost Games Found
Posted by Csabo on 2016-01-06
Der kleine HobbitLet's start this year off! Welcome to Plus/4 World, where old BASIC games are never out of place. 264er_Fan purchased a disk collection from eBay, which had some previously unknown games on it. What luck!

Six of these come from Mark Lünnemann, a German programmer, who also wrote Pyramid Guy: Crack World, Dead of Night, Diamonds Man, Gallows Man, Sticknadel, Tunnel John.

The rest, making up the total 13 are: Bomb Man, Chicago (Strategy), Der kleine Hobbit, Doppelkopf, Monsterwall, Nono and Planspiel. Enjoy!
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