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2017 - A Year In Review
Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-31
Another year has gone by... Wouldn't it be fun to sum it all up from the Commodore Plus/4's point of view? Yes? Then here we go!

Let's start with emulators: while we are happy that VICE and plus4emu each got an update this year, YAPE is leading the way here. After 6 big updates in 2017, Gaia is still around polishing this gem, adding the little feature requests that the hardcore users keep coming up with. His JavaScript emulator also got updated this year, I have to re-iterate that being able to run Plus/4 stuff right in the browser is pretty sweet stuff.

Our site had one big update, we can now properly handle Hungarian accented chars (őrült jó :-)). Our collection reached 10000 entries. Otherwise we count 78 releases this year, the highest in 10 years. Way to go Plus/4 Scene! Let's see it broken down by categories.

Games: Slipstream from BKN is the big hit of 2017, a 3D space-shooter that pushes the machine's capabilities to the limits. This game saw a commercial release as well. We have several other cool games to enjoy: Skoro dropped Mr. Mind, Megastyle surprised us with Athanor, and under "G" we can file... Genius (and it's sequel), Galli +4 and Gunfright. BASIC games are still a thing too; Castle Matcher saw its final release, Tetravex, Assembloids, Bomb Runner 2, Boray Gammon, Shield Command just to name a few.

Demos: Unfortunately no big releases this year, but we're not left empty handed! Genesis Project released Flickerfish. I was happy to see that TLT is back this year with 2 digi demos. Larry released Dreamtime 2K17, a nice picture show that generated some buzz at this year's Arok party. Otherwise we saw a massive influx of gfx releases, including lots of nice PETSCII stuff as well. MMS was very active this year, having worked on 9 releases. George released many converted pictures as well, plus some MIDI music conversions, his 16 releases make up 20% of this year's total.

...And The Rest: Erich continues to work on Club Info. BSZ+bubis unleashed Bitfire+4, and we also have SJL264 Light. After a long hiatus, we're happy to see that JamesC was active this year with some releases. On that note, let the spotlight shine on Charlemagne for a moment, as I believe he deserves a special mention. As a newly added member this year, having found our site he gave us his old archives, and then continued to develop stuff: two games and a new utility. We're all happy to have see this kind of enthusiasm and productivity. Cheers!

Is there any other important stuff I've forgotten? What was your favourite part of 2017? Discuss on the forums and of course: Happy New Year!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-27Two new Hungarian entries, courtesy of Lacus: Ki Jut Az Erdőbe? (long time missing educational game), and BASIC Tanácsadó C-16 Plus/4: a book plus the accompanying cassette. Check it out![ comment ]

It's a Christmas Miracle!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-25
Ho-ho-ho, it's Christmas! Santa has finally arrived in town, Merry Christmas 2017!

Megastyle wishes you Merry Christmas with their brand new release: Old Xmas Joke Go Petscii!

264er_fan has just released a new game, check out Shield Command!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-12-21Charlemagne's Christmas present is here: check out Castaway![ comments ]

HVTC Update December 2017
Posted by Luca on 2017-12-11
The High Voltage TED Collection, better known as HVTC, goes up to 577 single file: new stuff and fixes here and there.

Don't forget to completely delete the whole previous collection (that's the way to do at any new update!), then download/unzip the new one!
This is the straight link to the ZIP file.
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Genius 2 - Into The Toy Caves
Posted by Luca on 2017-12-10
Genius 2Our friend Daniele Liverani did it again, and comes to us accomplishing his mission: both the chapter of his game have been releases in the same year!

The little European prince is again in trouble and needs to be saved. Trapped in a world of dreams, a parallel dimension where fantasies are created and transmitted to sleeping minds, Genius needs to run through the eight magic toy caves from all around the world. As Genius. you'll have to follow the key sequences and unlock all the secret caverns of the toy caves, grab the toys, and avoid killer enemies. To add fun to the ride, see if you can discover the undocumented secrets. including secret passages, invisible toys, extra bonus lives, immortality, and much more!

Genius 2 takes advantage of the new game engine which improves both sound and graphics from the first Genius. So, Daniele "Twinspirit32" Liverani coded back the older chapter Genius to pack up a Release 04 version using the newer engine.

Find all the secrets, see all the caves, will you be able to save the little Prince in time?
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-11-25The latest YAPE (1.1.5) is out, be sure to grab your copy![ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-11-22Welcome back Boray, long time not seen, and thanks for the new game Boray Gammon.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-11-19BSZ has just released the first version (V0.2) of SJL264 Light, a fastloader for JiffyDOS equipped drives. Check the homepage for more details.[ comments ]

Slipstream's Psytronik Release
Posted by Luca on 2017-11-14
SlipstreamPsytronik Software has finally released the commercial edition of Slipstream, the revolutionary first perspective shoot'em up game previously released by Bauknecht as freeware.

If you buy Slipstream, you get two: the physical 5,25'' diskette includes both C64 and Plus/4 PAL/NTSC compatible versions. The commercial edition contains a completely new extra level.
Psytronik offers three different releases of the game: the Budget disk edition (6,99£) features a 5.25'' floppy disk presented in a full colour glossy disk-sleeve with a glossy disk label and printed instruction card; the Premium+ disk edition (13,99£) is presented with full colour double-sided artwork in a clear plastic disk case; the Collector's edition (39,99£) is presented in a stunning fully printed glossy box that contains the game on floppy disk, soundtrack CD, artwork stickers, a deluxe art card, badges, glossy game artwork poster and more.

Choose your prefer edition at Binary Zone, from date 2017-11-13. Yes, it's the end of 2017 and we can buy Plus/4 software...surprised? ;)
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-11-01Happy Halloween from MMS![ comments ]

The TED Side Of The Compo
Posted by Luca on 2017-10-20
Flickery Flowers Of SpringOh well, at this point it's official: the C64 dedicated Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017 has overflown into the Plus/4 scene becoming an obscure sidecompo, where the C64 entries get enhanced with more colours.

It's Marq's turn, being the author of the powerful PETSCII he cannot miss the challenge in any case: here comes the sweet and delicate Flickery Flowers Of Spring, and the funny animated scene in Cosmic Bakery, both under the Fit label. Later, he also added Calaveritas. Our friend Almighty God won't miss the chance too, converting Octopus to the Plus/4 palette.

Three days left, shall we see more in the full 121 colors before deadline?
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Athanor: the awakening
Posted by Luca on 2017-10-19
AthanorIn the exact day after 20 months since the sad demise of Umberto Eco, author of "The Name of the Rose", Megastyle lands on the Plus/4 with a classic text'n'graphics adventure which seems to be heavily inspired by the work of the famous Italian novelist, philosopher, semiotician and critic.

"Athanor: the awakening" has been previousy released on C64, VIC20, Amstrad CPC and Oric 1, commercially and/or as freeware, under the Safar Games label, to make the tradition of the French text adventures from the 80ies shines again. You, a Franciscan monk, have been sent by your Holy order to a mysterious abbey located in the south of Italy in the 12th Century, to lead an inquiry in order to discover the mysteries lying within.
Majikeyric presents himself to the Plus/4 audience with a first release of deep quality, supplying original sketches and cover with a top presented disk where nothing has been kept left: intro, titlepic, docs, English/French language option and all the classy touches a great production would have deserved. The game is accompanied by the original TED tunes composed by Rotteroy, shows some additional graphics by Sparkler, and takes advantage from the work of several artists and authors operating behind the shadows line on illustrations, original graphics, concept and all the rest.

"The awakening" represents just the very first chapter of the saga, with more to come. The hope is to see more surprising releases from Megastyle for the Commodore Plus/4, taking into the scene further jewels like this. But now, there's no time to greet Majikeyric, that abbey awaits for your intervention!
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Freezing At The Pole
Posted by Luca on 2017-10-18
Frozen FloppyMermaid's back on the crime scene, and this time is a penguins affair for Genesis Project

The Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017 is showing the hardest ones to compete for the 1st place, we will know more after the 23 October. Till then, you know what PETSCII can do for you ;)
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Rocking In The Swamp
Posted by Luca on 2017-10-17
Metal FrogWe at Plus/4 World are absolutely out of words for this one, it turned all of us into stone. More precise: into rocks.

We are only able to write down some sparse keywords: Metal Frog, Mermaid, Genesis Project, PETSCII, Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017.
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Refill Of Missing Stuff
Posted by Luca on 2017-10-15
A shower of new content during the last dozen of days. We're talking about new PRGs, TAPs, covers, manuals, cassette pictures, notes and so on!

What's Next/Letters And NumbersRüdiger has ignited a global change for the Solar Software releases, revealing a clear storyline about all the different tapes per release, both in the original edition and as rerelease into the Triple Decker series. Now all the related pages are supplied with notes, all the known files are included if available and all the PRGs have been cleaned and better classified: Alien Attack, Cruncher (do you have the turbo TAP version?), Knock Out, Mission Mars, Quick Draw, Suicide Run, Galaxions, Meteorite, Monkey Magic, Space Freeks, Winnie Witch's Superbroom (Solar Software release anyone?), Robin To The Rescue (is it broken in all the Triple Decker 5 copies, can you confirm?). And of course: Triple Decker 1, Triple Decker 5, Triple Decker 6.
In addition, other juicy uploads are: Joe And The Seriff joystick version on tape (probably a later version), Invaders (Arcadia) tape (rarity!), Tutti Frutti tape no turbo version, Rockman C16 only no turbo version, Savage Island Part One C16 tape.

Just bought from the online auctions, dumped, scanned, uploaded...briefly: put here for your pleasure. Experiences In Software Italian version, with manual, tapes, pictures and scans; Mindbenders Italian version's scanned manual; What's Next/Letters And Numbers, complete service for it too; Computer Set 12 to get closer to having the whole series; Devils / La Torre Di Hanoi, anything of it too; Software Club #16 tape; Grisbi, a rare Italian hack of UXB sold as a single release; several tape pictures (like Baby Berks), covers (like Monkey Magic (Playsoft)), obscure publications (like Corso Di Basic Con Esercitazioni Pratiche Sul C16).
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Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True Together
Posted by Luca on 2017-10-14
Nope, Plus/4World is not gathering people to start some sort of Ponzi scheme. "Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True Together" (LUMYDCTT) is actually the name of this new IDE and compiler for Commodore Plus/4 released by Charlemagne.

LUMYDCTT allows the user to add and modify both BASIC and Assembly code in RAD method in order to achieve the full control of the machine while it's performing the program. It has just reached its V1.8.0 version, now featuring:
- use of PETSCII characters;
- handle more sources side by side;
- highlight keywords;
- tooltip help for instructions, TED registers;
- Monitor & Disassembler;
- insert special CBM characters;
- use of illegal assembly instructions;
- handle binary, decimal and hexadecimal numbers;
- include logical operations (&&, <<, etc.);
- print (about 52 chars per line);
- execute on emulator.

Also, see the presentation video to unveil how LUMYDCTT works.
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Castle Matcher Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-09-23
Castle MatcherCastle Matcher is finally done! For those of you who played the Release Candidate, this version has improved gameplay and more clues. Never heard of this game before? Well then :-) Take a trip into the wonderfully twisted imagination of RoePipi. Without giving away all the ingredients, here's the recipe: take a dodo bird stuck in a castle, add a screwdriver-kicking rooster, mix in some high-tech locked doors and bake to perfection :-)
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-09-22Erich/ULTD has just released Club Info 147. The two-sided German-language diskmag has the usual selection of articles + utils/games/demos on Side B. Check it out![ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-09-19The famous game Assembloids has been reducted to BASIC for the 2nd time by Steveboy as Assembloids Basic V2.0, this time being converted on Plus/4 too by Luca: Assembloids Basic V3.5![ comment ]

Stuff From BSZ
Posted by Csabo on 2017-09-13
Detox PartyA little while ago I was looking at Sensor's Digital Box and noticed that it had a list of releases. I added that list, but a few of them were missing. I thought it might be worth it to ask some NST members if they remember any of them. To my surprise, BSZ stepped up and sent me some of the missing stuff!

First off, JKL Assembler and Copy 217 Faster has been found. (There's still 3 releases listed on SDB missing, check to see if you have them or if you know anything about them.)

Even better, BSZ has some new stuff: Eyes Only is a rare demo from Mercenary. Detox Party is another curiosity: we need to figure out what we have here, but it's definitely worth a look. And finally, BSZ offers up an explanation as to the origins of Logo Paint/BSZ - which was mixed up with the original release in our database until now. Check it out and enjoy!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-08-18Early steps of a comeback. Dale releases two useful Windows based tools: Retro Assembler, a generic 6502 cross-assembler; and SID To Plus4, which converts SID files to SIDcard ($D400 --> $FD40 / $FE80). Classic releases ahead![ comment ]

New Stuff From Lacus!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-08-15
Buvos KorReklamujsagLacus collected a lot of Hungarian commercial tapes, and took the time to put it all into digital formats for our archive. Here's the list: we have the TAP file for 4+4 Sarok, TAP file and cassette photo for Alex (The Game), cassette photo for Amoba (Novotrade), TAP file for Betűrömi, everything (TAP, cover scans, cassette photo) for Bűvös Kör, TAP file and another alternative cover scan for Joe And The Seriff.

Finally, there's one brand new piece of software that have just been added: check out Reklámujság. It's a Plus/4 only utility, kind of a text editor and presentation software. One interesting thing though - for those of you who are familiar with the old Plus/4 cracks, the beginning of this software should be instantly recognizable: Frontier (AKA Deli) used this scroller in several of his cracks. (Never seen it? Check out Botticelli - Frontier crack.) So did he take it from here? Or perhaps did the author of this software "borrow" this routine from Frontier? :-)

Anyway, I hope you guys check this out and enjoy - big thanks for Lacus for all this stuff!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-08-04Check out Cross Chase, a game written in C by Fabrizio Caruso that runs on many 8 bit computers (GitHub homepage).[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-08-02Accents galore: Plus/4 World can finally handle the Hungarian long "ő" in program names (example). See forum for more details.[ comments ]

Soccer Boss As It Should Be!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-07-31
Soccer Boss Plus/4 V1.2Forum member JimmyCoupe raised some issues about Soccer Boss; apparently the scene-made 64K conversion has many problems. Kichy and JamesC stepped up, and we now have Soccer Boss Plus/4 V1.2! This is a fresh conversion of the same game, but this time bug-free and loaded with improvements and bonus features. It's fantastic to see this type of scene response, be sure to check it out!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-07-27
TetravexCharlemagne has just released Tetravex, an implementation of the classic edge-matching puzzle game. The objective of the game is to place the tiles in order, so that their edges line up, in the shortest time possible. Check it out and enjoy!
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Run To The Bomb...Again!
Posted by Luca on 2017-07-22
Bomb Runner 2Just like cinema, summer is a season of games' sequels: following up Bombrunner, RKSoft releases Bomb Runner 2!

As an official sequel, Bomb Runner 2 improves Mark Quante's original in all its aspects. The game ensures 12 screens of increasing challenge full of enemy guards to avoid, one Zelda style's big boss to defeat, extensive options about difficulty level and controls, interlude scenes. All moves into a deep BASIC 3.5 galore supplied with the pretty cute MC graphics RKSoft signed we all well know.

Bomb Runner 2 can be downloaded here, or from the official page at Do your best!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-07-19Emu has announced an improved version of Pentagram with slightly faster graphics and intro picture by STE'86.[ comments ]

Winter "Hiss!" Coming
Posted by Luca on 2017-07-17
Nothing But PET SKIHot sweaty summer there, Boreal half people? Melancholy remembering the snow? Need some more *purrr*?

No worries at all: Fit is coming to you with the right release for you: Nothing But PET SKI is nothing but...err...well, PETSCII of a kitty pet, indeed. Oh, and ski, ski of course! Another lovely PETSCII animation demo coded by Marq with SID music by Yzi and graphics by Dr. TerrorZ. The Plus/4 pushes colors to the max, improving the C64 twin released, which has been presented at Vammala Party 23 where it's been ranked 3rd in the Mixed Demo competition.

Thank you Finnish pals, anybody hope to see more from you.
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Posted by Luca on 2017-07-14YAPE 1.1.4 fixes the 1551's TIA 6525 bidirectionality and the SID wave readout.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-07-02MMS wanted to try his skill at PETSCII drawing, the result is Before Lunch. Check it out![ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-07-02Botticelli Bilderdisk 42 from Erich/ULTD is here, containing 32 multicolor pictures. Also, apologies for failing to upload an announce Galerie Unlimited 6 in time.[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-07-01Mermaid made a 4k intro for C16/Plus4 for Gubbdata![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-06-26MMS released Asterix HFLI, originally intended to be shown at Silesia Party 2017. [ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-06-20Thanks to Acrid's hard work, we have the original TAP files for 6 more compilation releases: Omnibus, Omnibus II, Sextett, Super Hits From Microdeal, Triple Decker 2 and Triple Decker 3.[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-06-20Some most wanted TAP's from Rüdiger too today: Chipy, Crillion, Die Seefahrt, Karting Grand Prix, Two To One, Turf-Form, Split Personalities, the Audiogenic release of 3D Glooper, Byte Back rerelease of Timeslip, alternative versions of Galaxy, Mr. Puniverse and Footballer Of The Year, a little faulty version of CSJ Games 1 and a working TAP for Taskforce.[ comment ]

Charlemagne's Stuff!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-06-18
ManómániaNewly registered member Charlemagne sent us a lot of stuff. More than 40 of his old programs are now online. You may also wish to check out TV4B, an interesting Plus/4 emulator. Finally, we have some cover scans: a proper cover scan for Circus, the instructions sheet for Icicle Works (original bundle release), and perhaps most interesting: Manómánia. Quite how this game - which was built on obviously stolen code - got sold commercially is a mystery, but nevertheless the artwork is now in our database (as well as the original PRG file). Big thanks for these, enjoy!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-06-07The second and last run of the sovox's big bunch of Italian newsstands compilation has landed: scans and pubs in general, and TAPs of Byte Games 2 7 15 17 18 20 21 22 25 26 27 (fix) 28 29 33 34.[ comment ]

YAPE 1.1.3
Posted by Luca on 2017-06-05
YAPE 1.1.3Another step forward for the most friendly 264 emulator around, now emulating the rare Commodore 264 early prototype featuring Micro Illustrator as a ROM package to be included in the final release.
  • Commodore 264 prototype added (courtesy of Rob Clarke)
  • unlimited frame rate option added
  • keyboard driver regression fixes and improvements
  • TED regressions fixed
  • create empty D64 image bug in x64 build fixed
Time to browse up the download page and download it!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-06-01Two files down from our WANTED! list: Acrid sent us the TAP files for Emerald Mine and Emerald Mine II.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-06-01Erich/ULTD just released Club Info 146! Check out this 2 sided German diskmag for lots of articles, including docs on a lot of the newly released games.[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-05-23Bitglamour has donated Stop Mat / Golf Mania, Out Of Law and Scacchi / Dama tapes. Meanwhile, the first bunch of a gigantic acquisition by sovox is here: scans and TAPs of C16/MSX 29, and issues 29 30 31 35 39 in Go Games series. More to come...[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-05-10Hardware rarities from Rob Clarke's activity: a late Commodore 264 model mounting Micro Illustrator as candidate software, and a very early Plus/4 (serial AA1 000023) used to gain FCC approval commented by Bil Herd.[ comments ]

Trackloader For The Masses Not The Classes!
Posted by Luca on 2017-05-05
Do you wanna put up your stunning trackmo but you're tired and sick to fight against weird coding environments discouraging your efforts like hell? Now you can trackload your stuff in style and 1541 compatibility (1551 in a near future?)!

Bubis/RSC and BSZ/NST have just ported on Plus/4 one of the most famous C64 packages to manage your trackloadable releases: Bitfire+4 is a fixed interleave loadersystem with depacker, a basic framework and an image writing tool, all in one! It comes with these main features:
- resident part: $0200-$03FF;
- zeropage: $04-$09;
- 2bit ATN double clock receiver;
- load raw, load+decomp, decomp routines;
- Basic IRQ handler for music, frame counter, partial SID detection;
- Win32 and Plus/4 binaries, ACME cross-assembler, include files and macros;
- simple code example and Win32 build script.

It's easy to use for anyone, it mixes trackloading for executables and levelpacked code with generic files and BAM editing by protecting the used sectors; it also marks up to 16 different disksides to be recognized when needed, it really does what you need. Download it here to give it a well deserved try.
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Gunfright Goes V1.10
Posted by Luca on 2017-05-01
GunfrightLess than one month passed, and the converting duo Rob and emu has released a tweaked version of the ZX Spectrum isometric classic Gunfright, with an enhanced intro picture redrawn by STE'86, well known graphics pioneer in the C64 history.
Don't miss to download Gunfright V1.10, in single SID and TED versions again or both into a D64 image. New source also included.
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Mr. Mind!
Posted by Chronos on 2017-04-29
April ends well, or should we say that May is off to a good start? Little assassins climbed in through Chronos's chimney stack in the night and left behind a floppy disk in a bulky envelope.

While scanning through the contents of the disc, the assassins' intention became clear: They want to tied us down in front of our good old Commodore for hours once again.

The game is called Mr. Mind, it uses the rules and of the classic mastermind game turned into a bit of an arcade in a very entertaining way. Virtually an infinite amount of time can be spent with it, be careful, it's very addictive!

The program does not require any hardware expansion.

Available on compact disk or cassette in a store near you! Have fun!
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HVTC Update April 2017
Posted by Luca on 2017-04-19
The High Voltage TED Collection, better known as HVTC, reaches 544 single files, and recover the two missing tunes composed by Degauss for Crackers' Demo 5!

27 brand new files added and some few ones fixed/moved/renamed (and the heaven knows how much Treasure Island really needs a fix to better choose between the tunes!); some complete services like Genius (including the super hidden level 81 tune!) and Slipstream, some brand new exclusives like 5tarbuck's Woodymania, some oldie-goldies we'd incredibly missed like Hektik's jingles. Add-ups and linking to the archive will be completed in a very short time.

Don't forget to completely delete the whole previous collection (that's the way to do at any new update!), then download/unzip the new one!
This is the straight link to the ZIP file.
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YAPE 1.1.2 Is Here...
Posted by Gaia on 2017-04-14
YAPE 1.1.2... with the usual bunch of bugfixes and improvements:
  • CPU and TED timing improvements
  • some more monitor improvements
  • regression bug related to cancelling the autostart dialog fixed
  • AltGr got stuck in Message Queue based input mode
  • failing OpenGL mode crash fixed
  • speech quality regression fix
Head on over to the download page for your copy!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-04-05Somebody complained about playing a classic like Loco-coco with the keyboard only, giving to Luca the chance to release Loco-coco +3J [PAL/NTSC].[ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-04-02
GunfrightRod and Emu writes: "Gunfright is now available for the Plus4. Mariuszw has done another excellent Z80 to 6502 conversion for the Atari 800 which this is based on. Both TED sound & SID Card sound versions are available. We hope you enjoy the conversion!"
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-03-30
10000Ten thousand programs on Plus/4 World! What a milestone!

The last time we had an announcement like this was back in 2004, reporting 5000. That was a little over 12 years and 4512 days ago, so on average, we've added about one program per day since. What is the 10000th program you may ask? Well, it's a GTW: Lemmings - that ID has been reserved for it a long time ago. To rain on our own parade a little: the way we count things is a bit strange: we have 6 different cracks of ACE 2 lumped together as one "program", but we list Kichy's conversion of Storm +4 which has 3 versions as 3 separate entities. Well, it is what it is, not perfect, but it's still nice to step back, look at this nice round number and feel a little proud of ourselves.

With that, I would like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who worked on the site, sent in programs, cover scans, TAP files, information, or used our forum to keep the site alive!
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14 New Programs From Sanya
Posted by Csabo on 2017-03-23
Az Emésztés SzabályozásaSanya sent us a pack of Hungarian educational programs. Some of them are commercial releases, let the hunt for the covers begin!

Here's the full list: A Légzőműködés Szabályozása, Az Emésztés Szabályozása, Elemek Képlete, Fokhálózat, Ismerkedés A Periodusos Rendszerrel, Kémiai Lexikon, Lencsék Képalkotása, Magyarország Kőzetei, Magyarország Megyéi És Megyeszékhelyei, Magyarország Megyeszékhelyei, Mozgási Energia (Tábl. 2), Oldatok, Politika Memo, Vaktérkép.
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New Bunch Of Stuff Added
Posted by Luca on 2017-03-23
Letter Sequences/Long And ShortAnother auction has been won on eBay, another bunch of missing software comes to fix our software database.

Today we saved both Italian's originals/cracks and early beginnings software from CBM U.S., and we added in some missing pictures like covers and cassettes. First of all Letter Sequences/Long And Short and Maze Mania with their respective manuals and accessory stuff, and Mindbenders (Italian version, and we just had the relative manual for this). Savage Collection N.2 and Al Ladro / Briscola compilations from the rare Savage Software's production, Jackson Soft Compilation 3 also comes to complete the whole series (although a better TAP would be fine in the near future), and Software Club #15 enters as another piece of the jigsaw regarding this series to better define its dualism between Italian and German versions. Star Fighter is another Playvision's resold crack, just as Star Wars (Golden Software) would have been too, being probably the very first release from Golden Software, but the tape has been found quite gone forever due the bad preservation state, and it remains a MIA... Plus, additional cassette pictures for C16 Super Games 1, C16 Super Games 2, Olimpia 1 / Evadere, Math Games And Word Problems.
Thanks to these entries, several mistakes have been fixed: now we own the official release of Android Nim, and we have a better idea about the different versions of Assedio. Unfortunately, the archive still misses a disk image for Letter Sequences/Long And Short, which may rise as soon as possible in our hopes.

EDIT: a last minute acquisition is Trivia, a quite rare Italian software indeed.
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Venice Carneval!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-03-21
Venice CarnevalMMS has just released a new picture show for the Plus/4. It features 12 HFLI images, all about the Venice Carneval. Check it out and read the author's notes!
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75Up From Knucklehead Collection
Posted by Luca on 2017-03-11
ElomakerWe've just had an initial taste of the programs which could be found into the Knucklehead's D64s collection, and once seen that, Knucklehead himself has decided to donate the whole bunch of 91 diskimages.

Although the Knucklehead's collection is mostly composed by personal data files, classic utilities we already have and commercial games, we got success by individuating further 75 (!) programs tickling our sure interest. They appear to mostly be rare German game cracks we didn't have and German utilities. Actually, it looks to be both difficult and useless to link any of these 75 addons into the database (a facility about tracking'em could be the New Stuff page), so here come some notable ones to cite:Testbild a working copy of the very rare Ikari Warriors crack by Alvosoft; the long awaited Elomaker, a CAD editor to draw circuit boards; the real Koenig Arthus ('coz we only got "Koenig Artus", with no 'h') and the real Disk-Eddi (without final 'e'); the rare version of Hamurabi with titles and music; tape version of The Jet 2.0 with perfect depacking that doesn't affect the intro picture; several programs, cracks and prg-lists made by J.A.N. in the pre-MCB era, when he was generally know as "NDBD(G)-Soft" et similia; Indoor Sports cracked by the author of Page-Setter, and Page-Setter itself cracked by KST, whoever he was; Designer-Set, a complete suite of 4 different graphic tools; an alternative conversion of the classic VIC20 type-in Dangerous Pyramid (SPWS); despite its simplicity, Druckertool prints your hires with style; both Print and "Print-Shop"; new versions for Wurmi, several cracks from obscure crackers...and the rest is up to you!

Thank you Knucklehead, our archive has done a big leap once we crossed into your collection ;)
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Club Info 145 Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-03-10
Club Info 145The first issue of Club Info in 2017 is here. Erich/Ultd just released the two-sided diskmag, featuring German language articles, and a B-side full of recent or new demos/games/utilities. There are descriptions and documentation for most of the games on the B-side, including 1010!, Matatu GDF and many others. Check it out!
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Awsm's PETSCII Release For The C16
Posted by Csabo on 2017-03-03
Check out Love In Time Of Laser Raptors, and read about the story behind it on the forum.
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Posted by Luca on 2017-02-28It's YAPE time again! YAPE 1.1.1 improves the speech feature and fixes some bugs. Point to the Homepage to read what's new and get your download![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-02-27
SlipstreamIf you haven't seen it yet, check out the new game from Bauknecht: Slipstream!

Coded by Mad, with the touches of Nero for the graphics and the music department covered by 5tarbuck and Degauss, it's a fast-paced 3D space shooter, it will take you to the stars along five different galaxies to clean from the enemy forces. Play it in the classic way with your joystick, or play it in teamwork with two joysticks: one for a pilot, one for a sniper. Presented at the German party BCC #11, it won first two different categories! That's because the game was simultaneously released on C64 as well.

The game has been announced as Psytronik release as well, coming soon here, both in Premium and Budget formats, in a special double-take production including the game for both the formats!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-02-22The freshly released version of plus4emu fixes the preview bug in p4fliconv utility.[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-02-17Straight from, the user Knucklehead has given to us some lost cracks for ACE, ACE+4, Ace 2, Indoor Sports, Aliens, Emerald Mine II, and Novaload-Copy, Novaload-Turbo, Tape Wizard, Ace 64K & 16K, Escape's Loader; we added some other stuff: About Acez, File-id.diz, Microfuck!.[ comment ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-02-07Emanuele Nencioni has decided to share his large collection of Italian books as scans. The initial shipment includes Linguaggio Macchina Per Il C16, Commodore 16 Il Libro Dei Giochi, Essenziali E Routine, Commodore 16 Per Te, Commodore 16 Sempre Di Più, 62 Programmi Per Il Vic20, C16, Plus4, L'ABC Del Linguaggio Macchina Per C16.[ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-02-01Our last juicy addons: old type-ins like C16 Sprite and Graphic Show, but most of all: Rüdiger has found the very rare Invaders (Arcadia).[ comment ]

New Releases From TLT!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-24
White HorsesJoo TrabikaLast year saw no TLT releases, but they are not yet gone as Hifi/TLT just released some new digi demos for 2017! The first one, White Horses features the running horse animation from Horse 2, and you can hear the deep remix of White Horse. The second demo, Joo Trabika samples and remixes the chorus of a Hobo Blues Band song.

All this stuff is made without the use of any emulators, uses traditional packers - as old-school as it gets. As a bonus, you can see the packaging of the stuff as it was sent to Chronos, our number #1 zero-day supplier :-)
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-24If you haven't played the already available version of Genius yet - now there's no excuse: the author says the latest release is the official one.[ comments ]

Posted by Luca on 2017-01-23New recoveries after the arrival of New Proggys!!: Terror News 00, Terror Bubble Tape, Ripp #43.[ comment ]

Two Lost Demos From TPSH
Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-21
Face Of A WomanNo Future (TPSH)New Proggys!! was recently added, and I've combed through the program list (now also online) to see what our database has and what it doesn't. In the missing list, I saw 3 programs from TPSH, so I emailed him to ask if he remembered any of those. Imagine my surprise when he sent back two :-)

So here's a mini review of them: Face Of A Woman may look familiar, the titular picture shows up in Advertisment, First Demo (TNS) and even One Sided. The origins of this picture are currently unknown, if anyone knows, drop a line to us on the forum! The second demo, No Future - not to be confused with CSM's demo with the same name - has 3 parts, the middle part being "build-it-up" style. Pretty typical for the Plus/4 scene for 1990 :-)

Best of all, TPSH said there's more to come :-) Check them out and enjoy!
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7 More Unhearted Programs To Write History
Posted by Luca on 2017-01-19
Insider Report 3 PreviewIt never ends. Doesn't matter how many times you've checked for unreleased stuff hidden in the same old disks: new programs continue to jump in from nowhere.

Today we have the chance to write another little slice of history, adding up Spread It! into our database, an information demo which had been repeatedly released into the famous German disks of imported stuff called "CBT-news". It's actually a call for news, texts and generally materials to publish in a forthcoming 3rd issue of Insider Report diskmag, now under the Manowar label with graphics by Axxis and text by CBT and Ikari, into a core code by Degauss. Of course, nothing really existed consequently to this effort, but Degauss has found the prototype candidate of the mag's code lost into an old disk own by him: Insider Report 3 Preview! And full circle comes!

End of the story for TYG Demo too. The disk usually spreaded to almost everyone has ever shown big flaws, but nowadays we know that two versions were actually spreaded in those times, and the latter was a perfectly working one. And now the latter is the only one to show ;) On the other hand, we have no further news about Sound-Former by Apos/Charon, which basically is a screens gallery for what we currently know. No silence for Amiga-Samplez instead, 'coz its 2 disk sides of digitized instruments play loud via keyboard! To close the sound tools argument, Player 8bit is one of the most consumpting (and less used in practice) known overall. Last comes a +3 trainer for Zolyx which has never been included into the database, due to its similar name with Zolyx +++.
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9 From Our Ancient Times
Posted by Luca on 2017-01-18
Raster Intro (TYG)Our old 5,25'' disks still hide some secret gems we've missed to reveal to the world, and a second scan must be done before archiving'em forever.
This time, 9 unseen programs have been saved forever. 7 Gfx and Elvira Wanted from the Demos/Picture Show side, ABC Turbo and another alternative version of Nova Copy System as speedcopiers on tape, New Proggys!! as catalog text from Tarzan which becomes another tile to insert into the Terrorists'' release mosaic; Rastr-Barz and Raster Intro (TYG), two copperbars movers from very opposite eras, the MOS'' Scroll-Generator editor and a never seen before Italian version of a beloved game: Rebound (Italian).
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-17Erich/ULTD has just released Hires Color 11. It's a two disk-sided picture show containing 32 hires pictures, using the Magica driver. Check it out![ comment ]

Massive Cover Update
Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-16
A HelyhatarozoA Kerdo Nevmas Es A Mutato NevmasA Hatarozoi IgenevTulajdonnevekLacus sent us a big pack of covers, photos and TAP files. This probably took a long time to archive, and certainly was a big effort to process, upload and add to the database. Let's see then!

First off we have added everything (full cover scans, cassette photos and TAP files) for four Hungarian educational titles: A Helyhatározó, A Kérdő Névmás És A Mutató Névmás, A Határozói Igenév and Tulajdonnevek. The last two are completely new in the database: we didn't know these existed. They are pretty neat, it might be fun to even if you don't speak Hungarian, as each one has a fun way of entering text that is unique. Those of us who do speak it - it's a trip back to elementary school, or something to test your kids with :-)

PattinkaSzemirámiszOn to games: we now also have all the stuff for Pattinka and Szemirámisz, as well as an alternative cover and cassette photo for Breki and Tányértorony. Next is the cover for A Nyuszi Olvasni Tanít 5. Unfortunately the cassette Lacus got no longer had the original program on it, but at least we have the cover. Judging from the back side, most likely all 6 parts had the exact same cover, with only the title replaced. Additionally, we have a new crack for all 6 parts, these include the title screen in each case.

The bonus round includes: cassette photos for Kis Professzor (also TAP file!), Music-16, Térbeli Amőba; some new programs (Bolyongás A Labirintusban, Játék POKE-ok C-16-ra, Magician's Curse 5 Hungarian.

Finally, Acrid also noticed one thing missing: the Blue Ribbon release of Cave Fighter. He sent it in, and we now have full size cover scans for it, cassette photo, and two TAP files. This is the version that contains a turbo loader. Check it out and enjoy, big thanks for these to Lacus and Acrid!
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Posted by Luca on 2017-01-13Do like gc841 does: fill the holes in our database! He contributed with the cover scans for 10 Computer Hits 3 and the missing scans of Joe Blade 2.[ comment ]

Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-13MMS was invited to Ha!Wangarda by Yerzmyey, where they did a presentation about Plus/4 art. The result: Ha!Wangarda 2016. Check it out, along with the PDF of the presentation![ comment ]

7 More Programs From Sanya!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-09
Real PP DemoContinuing from last week, today we have 7 more programs from Sanya. Kockarutin, Az Alföld and Walesi Bárdok are smaller demos. Piramis Adventour is a Hungarian adventure. New-ROM Info is from Tiger, made with his own text-writer utility, describing his own hardware creation. The last two are pretty interesting: The Santa-Claus is a Christmas greeting from Fool and finally the Real PP Demo is a curious one: a collaboration by Coby and LTA. Check it out if you love demos!

A few more house keeping notes: Luca found Practising Games on a D64, a collection of cheats, this is now properly in our database. Also, we've created a new category called "Demo/Information", for demos that are mostly made for giving out information or documentation (previously called "Misc/Documentation").
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VDC Challenge!
Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-06
VDC ChallengeThe first release of the new year comes from MMS: he's here with his new picture show called VDC Challenge. Some of you may remember this topic from the forum, or this preview picture, and this demo is now real! It's up to you to test the pictures and compare them to the C128 slideshow, then decide: who does it better? :-)
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7 Programs From Sanya
Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-05
The Games' Musics Demo 1+I'm always happy to see new demos for the Plus/4, and I feel the same whenever I discover an old, but previously unseen demo as well. So, if you're like me, you'll be happy to know that we have added 7 new programs from Sanya's archives: two Hungarian games (1 Szó Mint 100, Vegyjel-Kitalálósdi), a tape copy (Szalagmásoló), and some demos: COV29-30 Info, Fantastic Demo, Graphic Demo, The Games' Musics Demo 1+. Go on a retro-demo trip and check them out!
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Posted by Csabo on 2017-01-04There's now a transcribed and translated cover for Karate, and we have Bastow Manor +4 and D64 versions of Das Rätsel um die 7. Kolonie and Der Pfad im Dschungel thanks to Rüdiger.[ comment ]

New Year New YAPE!
Posted by Luca on 2017-01-03
It's time for an evolution: YAPE goes 1.1.0! Don't miss the brand new video features which will make your prefer 264 machines emulator shine on your monitors!

A brief list of what you'll get follows:
- added an OpenGL video mode;
- external fragment shader support in OpenGL mode (see included sample 'crt.glsl');
- adjustable font size in the monitor;
- line breaks in the monitor;
- set any sound sampling rate between 8000 and 192000 Hz;
- optionally audible tape signal;
- added $FF as powerup pattern;
- cleaned the ACIA 6551 emulation from non-functioning legacy code;
- minor fine tuning in the measured palette hues and lumas;
- breakpoint purge deadlock fix;
- more monitor cleanup.
Check out the new OpenGL mode with CRT emulation turned on - recommended mainly with at least 3× magnification. In case the external fragment shader source file is removed from the executable folder, YAPE falls back to a built-in, simpler fragment shader. Support for external fragment (aka pixel) shaders is still somewhat experimental, but feel free to play around with the attached sample.

Download it from the usual place.
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