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GfxEdit Updated
Posted by Csabo on 2008-12-20
Recently during the TJ5 Graphics Compo, the need for a image editing utility for the PC came up once again. There are a few available, and I have one as well called Csabo's Gfx Edit. I started this project back in 2002 and made public last year, but didn't really announce it. Someone from the community just noticed it hidden away on the tools page and commented that if we run a Plus/4 portal, releases like this should be announced. That's probably true, it's just that I'm a bit uneasy about writing my about my own stuff.

A quick background about the project: I used this utility to draw all the graphics for my games and demos, so it had a limited feature set that's slanted towards being a programmer's utility. The latest version adds a few things that have been requested by Ati, Exin and Sandro (C64). Hopefully with these changes it's on its way to being a more well rounded graphics program. The new default drawing mode not only draws the given pixels but also sets the colors. (There are also two more drawing modes.) I took the time to write a hopefully decent help file for it, maybe it will actually help someone, so be sure to read it.

As with everything I release, the source code is also available. Comments or feature requests would be appreciated. Enjoy!

Der R.I.P.
Posted by Csabo on 2008-12-19
Der R.I.P.Derrick is here with a new release, but this time it's not a very happy occasion. The author's namesake was Inspector Derrick in the television drama Derrick, portrayed by Horst Tappert, who recently passed away. The demo pays respects to the actor.

Club Info 108 Released
Posted by Csabo on 2008-12-01
Club Info 108Like clockwork, Erich/Unlimited has released the new issue of Club Info. The German language articles cover a lot of stuff, fox example latest scene updates and review/solution Mystery Fun House. Side B has new and recent software (e.g. Mind, Band of Brothers, etc). Check it out! Respects to Erich for his continued work!

Otto Von Habsburg Is On Your Screen!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-11-17
OVH is our kingThe headline is true, that is, if you actually you're watching the newly released demo. Yes, there's a new demo for you to watch! Hearing that phrase should send the hardcore scene members into extasy, for the rest of you, here are the details. This demo was apparently submitted to Arok 10 Demo Compo and it came in 4th. You can now enjoy the final release version! It's made by a new group called Monarchy. Their name referens to the Austro-Hungarian Empire aka the Dual Monarchy, with Csio being from Hungary and Derrick being from Austria. Never mind all that, the point is you have fantastic effects, transitions and SID-only music waiting for you.

Even though Csio came through and released this demo after 15 votes were cast on the TJ5 gfx compo, if you haven't done so, please go ahead and vote.

Updates and Voting
Posted by Csabo on 2008-11-09
Here's a quick rundown on today's updates: with the addition of parts 22 and 25, the Botticelli Bilderdisk series is now complete! Rüdiger found a new lost game on his HJD games disk that may be worth checking out: it's HJD-Memory.

There are two current events that need your votes. The time to get active is now, show your support for the scene! All it takes is a few clicks!

Vote on the TJ5 compo submitted pictures

Vote for the best Commodore innovations of the past year

Minus4j Goes 1.4!
Posted by Luca on 2008-11-08
Mike Dailly finally improved his Java emulator, to spread the maximum pleasure in game emulation here at Plus/4 World!

What's new, cool, improved in Minus4j V1.4? Let's see:
- Updated rendering engine ported from Minus4w, should handle more cases.
- Updated CPU processing ported from Minus4w. More games should run.
- Fix a crash in the CPU processing
- Changed the colours to what Yape uses (much nicer)
- Added FLASH attribute, so things now...flash. (Manic Miner keys, Monty pick-ups etc.)
- Fixed the rendering frameskip - it was always skipping at least 1 frame *idiot*
- Fixed the overflow flag (V) on the ADC instruction. Mercenary now works!
- Added the new "joy" paramater
- Fixed commando - added several undocumented NOP codes.
- SOME vertical scrolling games work.

It seems to be enough to play almost everything online directly! Now this lil'monster misses only the! A pretty cool example? Run to Mike's blog in order to play XeO3 on your browser!
While waiting, let's get it: Minus4j!

Massive Publications Update
Posted by Csabo on 2008-11-06
Cover ImageToday we had a massive publications update, courtesy of Chris. Each publication can now have download links, just like software. So you may want to take a look at C16 Plus/4 Reference Book, The Commodore Plus/4 Book and Beginner's Micro Guides: Commodore 16. Plus we have all issues of the H&D C16 Plus4 Handbooks!

Did you know that:
- We now have over 270 publications in our database?
- Publications can have downloads (for offline viewing), and scanned pages (for quick online reading) and HTML pages (for searching)?
- Publications are linked to programs and vica-versa? The classic C16 game Big Mac would be the perfect example: you'll find all the known links to books and magazines, maybe a few you didn't know about.
- The publications section (like the rest of the site!) is open to anyone who wants to contribute!

Big thanks to Chris for these! Enjoy!

Traffic Jam 5 Graphics Compo!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-11-02
Traffic Jam 5 Graphics CompoFresh out of the disk drive of Chronos/ACW, the official disk for the Traffic Jam 5 Graphics Compo is here! The voting deadline is the end of this month (2008-11-30). The voting will take place on the ACW homepage here:, just as soon as the voting page is ready. For now, be sure to download the disk and check out all the 13 submitted entries and the note file. Cheers to Chronos and the ACW team, plus all the people who took the time to create an entry!

Botticelli Bilderdisk Seven To Fourteen
Posted by Csabo on 2008-11-01
Botticelli Bilderdisk 11Erich/Unlimited has completed the creation of D64 images for 8 more parts from the Botticelli Bilderdisk series. For those who haven't seen one yet, it's a picture show containing converted and ripped multicolor pictures using the Magica picture viewer. This latest addition makes the collection almost complete! With 16 pictures per disk side on 8 disks with both sides full, we have a total of 256 new pictures to check out. Enjoy!

SVS Ultimate Map Updated
Posted by Csabo on 2008-10-23
PreviewSVS has just released the new version (1.5) of his Ultimate Map. (As per his suggestion, we dropped the word "ROM" from the name as it deals with many other areas as well.) This file is an excellent guide to the inner workings of the C16/Plus4, you'll find many hardcore details not available anywhere else. A few new topics: solving RS232 bugs, latest into on the "@S bug", secret characters on OS96 charset. Cheers to SVS for his work! Download it and enjoy!

New Game Release: Trans Logic 2
Posted by Csabo on 2008-10-22
Trans Logic 2Skoro/Assassins (who is one of the most active coders on the scene) completed his new project, a game called Trans Logic 2. As the number two in the title indicates, it is indeed a sequel to Trans Logic. The object of the game is to slide rows and columns of colorful stones on the left side of the screen, and complete each level by matching the pattern on the right side. The game only runs on PAL machines, but it will run on an unexpanded C16. Cheers to Skoro for providing us with new stuff and releasing this game.

Botticelli Bilderdisks Zero To Six
Posted by Csabo on 2008-10-19
Botticelli Bilderdisk 00You may have visited a few programs in our database that are part of a series. One of the series is Botticelli Bilderdisk. While we do have many parts of it (31 and 32 are releases of this year so you may be familiar with it), it's not complete. We asked our active German scener friend Erich of Unlimited about the missing parts. He's been hard at work making D64 images of these so that our archive can offer it to everyone. The series apparently starts at part zero, and we've just added parts zero to six. Check 'em out!

Hires Color 2 Picture Show Released
Posted by Csabo on 2008-10-09
Hires Color 2Here's a belated note about the release of Hires Color 2. It's new picture show by Erich of Unlimited, using the Magica picture viewer. It occupies two disk sides, contains 32 images and it's the second in series. Check it out!

Club Info 107 Released
Posted by Csabo on 2008-10-05
Club Info 107Erich/Unlimited has just sent us the very latest release of the German diskmag Club Info. Issue 107 contains the usual side of articles (news, software reviews and tips, hardware, etc). The flipside has recently released programs and also some new stuff: Alligator Swamp, Pundit, Wuerfel Reaktion and White Barrows. Cheers to Erich for this new release and his continued hard work!

The Official (Re)Opening Of Plus/4 World!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-09-26
Our previous host, is unfortunately gone forever. Let us take this opportunity to thank the good folks at for their generosity, we appreciated having a good home.

However, it's now time to move on. In a truly incredible move, Mike has come to the rescue and offered to give us a new home! It's very cool to finally have our own domain name :-) And (obviously) here it is: you are on! Also big thanks to everyone who offered their help with finding a permanent hosting solution for us.

Obviously things are still not 100% (there's tons of stuff to upload), and we might have minor glitches here and there. If you find problems, report them, or better yet, volunteer and try to help out. If you like this place (and from the incoming emails it appears there are many of you who do), be sure to thank Mike. Cheers!

Exomizer Updated
Posted by Csabo on 2008-09-10
After more than a year, the popular cross-platform cruncher Exomizer has been updated to version 2.0 Beta 7. While there appear to be no must-haves in the latest release, it's downloading due to the 6502 bugfixes. There full list of fixes and new features can be found on the homepage below. Check it out and use it! Don't forget to report any issues to the author.

Harry Gfx Box 7 Released
Posted by Csabo on 2008-09-08
Harry Gfx Box 7Two hard working guys bring us a pleasant surprise: Harry Gfx Box 7 is here! According to our count, it's the 44th release of the year, and (obviously) the 7th of the series. It's more than a simple graphics box: with different effects appearing between the images, it's a nice file demo. There are 4 pictures in total, the last one being UFO, which was also entered into the gfx compo at Arok 10.

Respects to Skoro and Harry! Enjoy the demo and don't forget to vote! Is Up!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-09-07
After a lengthy downtime, it appears that the largest FTP site of Plus/4 software, is back up. Lion explains:
Soci ran it at his workplace lately, when he was in Dubai. Then he moved back to Hungary (same company), and the foreign department simply removed the server. So he gave me a backup to put online temporarily. That's the story in short. :-)
Respects to the site maintainers. We can only hope it stays up. Let the downloading begin!

Club Info 106 Is Released
Posted by Csabo on 2008-08-29
Club Info 106Erich of Unlimited is here once again like clockwork, bringing us the latest release of Club Info. Issue 106 follows the established format: side A contains the usual collection of German language articles, while the other side is packed full of recently released or new goodies. These include:

- Print Z from Werner Bertholdt. It brings listings from Austrospeed compiled programs on the printer,

-Taktics, a Tic-Tac-Toe variant from Australia,

-Demo Pack 1, a new conversion by Erich, which is a collection of JSL files.

Also new from Erich is Botticelli Bilderdisk 32. Check it out! Respects to Erich for his continued work.

More Arok 10 Releases
Posted by Csabo on 2008-08-27
The Arok 10 party was so cool it's worth bringing up again. So here's quick note to let you know that the full D64 image containing all party releases, plus bonus party pictures and a short party report has been uploaded: Plus4 Arok 10. Csio has provided us with the original release of Young Superhero (as the party release did not contain the credits). Enjoy!

Arok 2008 Releases!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-08-25
Arok 10 has just ended, and we can rejoice in the abundance of new Plus/4 releases from the party. The "big winner" from our scene was Skoro/ASN this time around, whose new C16 demo Monitor reached 3rd place in the demo compo. In the graphics compo, there were some very pleasant surprises: UFO by Harry and Mazda MX by MMS. Respects to the guys for representing our scene with quality gfx! ACW keeps their claim of the most active team with no less than 3 new releases: an intro called Hauslich (the title is their answer to Háziasan) and two graphics: Plussycat by Jedi and Rosalia by Chronos. Congratulations to Jedi for his 4th place in the graphics compo!

Check out the party pics courtesy of Chronos here.

1K Mini Boulderdash Converted
Posted by Luca on 2008-06-29
1K-Mini-BdashWhat? The whole classic Boulderdash in one single kilobyte? Hey, it looks like an absolute world record, a real winner!
And that was the story so far: 1K-Mini-Bdash has won the 2nd "C64 1K Game Compo" held by And it really deserves the ranking: S.E.S. of Genesis Project crew managed to squeeze the famous crystals'n'boulders game under 1024 bytes of pure playability, joystick control included!

Hence, Gaia wasted a bit of his spare time in order to convert 1K-Mini-Bdash to Plus/4. The result is longer than 1024 bytes, due to the direct porting, but you can spend your time, download the source file and enjoy the challenge of cutting down the executable to achieve the 1K target on Plus/4 too.
Ready to pick the gauntlet up?

XeO3 Test Demo V2!
Posted by Luca on 2008-06-20
XeO3 Test Demo V2After a week of discussions, hints, chitchatting about both minimal dedicated trimmings and shmups guidelines in general, here comes a slightly improved version of the test demo: it's V2!

Now the game is much easier, due to several changes in the main variables, and a different animation makes you spot out which is the most tough baddie to shot down. Falling coins pop up higher and stay on the screen for a longer time, they increase your coinbar a lot much than before, and following baddies in the same wave won't overlap their trajectory immediately because now they drift with the scrolling.

Now you can really understand how much risky you can push your sideral wandering, because a friction sound fx alarms you when you touch even baddies and walls. Drawing priority on screen has been changed in player's shot/enemy bullets, resulting in a much cleaner output. Paths and bullets now continue to move when the player dies, and the panel are recharged, not simply cleared.
Several minor and undetectable fixes have been done too.

Once another, play it deeper and let us know your feelings about it!

Lone News 20
Posted by Luca on 2008-06-17
20! The 20th issue of Lone News is out!

Luca/FIRE interviews Csio/ACW, read the mirrored side of the interview just appeared on Traffic Jam 5 in Hungarian language!

This time the main subject is the TED tune composing using crossassemblers, a new trend lately invigorated thank to several new productions. So, it's time to turn our heads around and have a look. For the very first time, the mag is on .D64 image, in order to include several example tunes from various editors, and you can also examine the source codes offered by Csabo and Degauss.

And again, the full report of the most important news in the last months, and upset charts because of the new stuff.

XeO3 Test Demo!
Posted by Luca on 2008-06-13
XeO3 Test DemoKick here, hit there, go left, run right, do it do it do it, and in the very end a very important day finally comes. Today is Friday 13 June 2008, and today the XeO3 Test Demo finally has seen the light!

Download the pack right now, and you will able to play a complete test level, in order to have a look to the basics of gameplay: even though raw yet, and with advanceable plain shot only, you're gonna fight against hordes of baddies in order to clean up the scene, collect coins to keep your weapon up, and reach the end of the level.
This Alpha1 release also includes the level script in order to allow you to modify the game, editing and creating from scratch your own attack waves. To perform this, have a look to the simple Script we used, otherwise read more about it on the XeO3's Wiki.

Play it deeply, feel free to edit it, then spend a couple of minutes in order to write back to Mike and Luca (please check addresses before) about your criticisms, proposals, appreciations or disgust!

BSS: A Comeback!
Posted by Luca on 2008-06-06
Multigraph Sprite DemoTry asking me what is it that I really love?
Nonono, I'm serious, try asking me. One of the possible answers would be: "Love to see people who coded on Plus/4 in the golden era having comebacks".
And now it's Béla "BSS" Berencsi's turn to power on once again his own dusty "blackbox©", and rediscover the pleasure of 8bit coding, even though 14 years passed since the last time.

He said that only a few releases remained, from a bigger production of various stuff: the lonely issue 1 of Digiface magazine, and one part of GOTU Mega 2 appearing on side 2. But now, here comes this pretty neat little intro, to warm up his old TED, even though it has been developed on YAPE (later, tested on real iron too): Multigraph Sprite Demo arrived here through Chronos and Csio's hands.
Download it right now!

Ssshhh... Club-Info 105...Is...Out...
Posted by Luca on 2008-06-04
Club Info 105Ssshhhh! Don't wake up the sleeping scene...
Have to be quiet, and with my most delicate whispering I wanna...announce...that Club Info 105 is out since the 1st day of the month: Erich/ULTD did it again, full of interesting text, game solutions and a programs selection on the back side, where you can find Quintet, for example... A bonus double sided disk full of pictures, Botticelli Extra 3, is provided too...
But please, please, be quite and have a soft step, cause Club Info 104 hadn't been included in the news when it popped up, to respect this shrine of silence and past childish memories. Now I dare to tell ya this, next time who knows...ssssshh...

We Are Family - The 2nd Coming!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-05-16
We Are Family - The 2nd Coming!It's all over the forum and email lists already, but this project is front-page news material. Lacoste has officially announced that We Are Family - Then 2nd Coming is released! It's just like the first one, but with fresher productions and even audio commentary! The cover artwork is already online, and it will be soon available for download (the delay is due to the uploading taking a long time). Kudos to Lacoste and everyone else involved for their hard work! Head on over to the ACW site and check it out!

New Maps Added
Posted by Csabo on 2008-05-15
Invincible MapOur maps page now sports 67 maps for your viewing enjoyment! A large chunk of the new maps came from Reuben Cornwall, who has recently contributed a lot new ones to our collection. Some of them are: Split Personalities, Blagger and the all 5 parts of Magician's Curse. I've also created a new one for Invincible. This platformer is tough to play through, but it does have give the player a small reward when completed. With the map and the recently added cheats, anyone should be able to complete it. Thanks to Reuben for the maps, enjoy!

Posted by Luca on 2008-05-15
Oh my gosh! No, no, no!
Csio has received a sort of ultimate toy from a confused Santa Claus! Poor baby, he will be tickled and tortured continuously, and he will be forced to learn 6502 assembly coding, and all the rest!
Please, let's hire an hero and send it to Mohács, in order to save the veeeery young Dömötör from the demanding love of his own dad!

Gratulálok Attila, hold out lil' Dömötör!

Traffic Jam 5!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-05-15
Traffic Jam 5Today's sudden outbreak of news items continues with a new release announcement! There's really nothing quite like loading up a never before seen program for the first time... After taking a slight 13 year break, ACW released the new issue of their magazine, Traffic Jam 5. It's a quality production featuring all new code from Csio and dazzling gfx from Chronos. The articles are in Hungarian, among other things they include and interview with Gaia, reviews of recently released stuff, and an interesting questionnaire filled out by various members of the scene. There's also a new compo announcement! (We're hoping to see an English version of this either on official ACW site or here on our friendly forums.) Side B contains the 3 entries submitted to the TJ4 compo, and 5 bonus pictures. Kudos to ACW for this release, enjoy!

New Coverscan - Marsall
Posted by Csabo on 2008-05-06
MarsallJust a quick note: Bear(tm) got his hands on an original C16/Plus4 tape that was missing from our collection and kindly scanned it. Novotrade was the largest commercial distributor of C16/Plus4 software, and now we the cover artwork for one of their releases, Marsall, which bears the product code of ED 38. One more piece of the puzzle, but there's still plenty missing. Thanks for the scan to Bear(tm)!

7 New TAP Files!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-05-04
IdőlabirintusLacus returns with a database-expanding update of 7 new original TAP files. As most of his submissions, this too consists of Hungarian releases. Let's see that list then: Bombázó Visszavág, Hungaroring, Időlabirintus, Olivér Otthona, Rabló-Rulett, Ürtojások and Vipera. Two things worth noting: according to this TAP file, the original Hungaroring game is the Hungarian, not the more common English translation. The second is the highlight of this pack: Időlabirintus, which is a fun (but inaccessible-to-most-since-it's-in-a foreign-language) game. There does exist a crack of it that contains the initial loading graphic, but the TAP file is the ultimate. Thanks for these to our supplier Lacus, enjoy!

New release 3.1 of BalSys
Posted by SVS on 2008-04-11
Bal-sys V3.1Yes the SVS' BalSys environment and its language arrived to a new version.

This release 3.1 has many important improvements against previous 3.0 one, published one year ago.
Main news:
- Background processing is now complete, being working even while system is waiting for an input. This allows full availability for alarm systems and correct clock/timings;
-2 new commands introduced: .FND (searches inside program source/object) and .SCD (Self Configuring Data view);
- New features on editor, added a flashing cursor, automatic allignment to side of current statement line, different background colors to different line--types, etc.;
- Found and fixed some bugs (like the evaneshent "Non-numerical data");
- Many commands have now an automatic operands' coherency check;
- Registers' watching is able to work even if memory is set less than 64 bytes;
- Revised and expanded window help (now 259 records REL!), and manual;
- Many more...

Download your copy of the D64 image with inside some demo BAL programs, from: here (courtesy of

SVS wants to thank all the people who sent (and will send) feedbacks or encouragements to continue this project.

Hungaroring and Rabló-Rulett cover scans
Posted by Csabo on 2008-04-08
HungaroringRabló-RulettOver 20 years ago, at the time of their release, Hungaroring and Rabló-Rulett counted as top-of-the-line commercial games on the Hungarian market. They both feature large, colorful graphics, easy controls and most importantly, engaging game play. Whether they stood the test of time, and are still worth playing is up to you to decide: fire up your favorite emulator and enjoy some nostalgic retro-gaming.

At any rate, being commercial games, they also featured cover artwork. Unfortunately our history has been such that the Hungarian commercial games always lagged behind the ones from the English and German markets. However, thanks to Lacus, we now have nice full-size cover scans for these two games for your viewing enjoyment. Big thanks to Lacus for these!

"Easter-hello": Crypt's Back Again on Festivities
Posted by Luca on 2008-03-29
Easter-helloHappy Easter from Crypt!

Yeah, ok, I know it's a bit too late, but it has need a bit of additional working and debugging on real iron...but in the end here it is!
Easter-hello is another little and pretty nice sign of friendship from nukem, with graphics by DFlame and a cool dedicated SID tunes composed by A-Man/XEN. In this way, Crypt's ppl talks to the scene, and announce a bigger production in the close future.

We all got another direct lesson about scene's activity and communication with coyness from nukem, maybe one day we'll absorb it ;)

Paddles Via Userport
Posted by Luca on 2008-03-16
PIC16F818Chizman keeps himself active on the Plus/4 scene, and he restated this, releasing a new hardware toy.

Upgrade your blackbox in order to connect a couple of VIC20/C64 paddles via userport! Chizman offers to you the complete service, with schematics, pictures, adc as .hex file, and example video.

Moreover, you can directly test your paddles gameplay with Paddle Shooter, a little paddles driven shoot'em'up game for two players. A second version of this game, included in the package too, has keyboard commands

Two Fresh TLT's Digis in 2008
Posted by Luca on 2008-03-02
Led ZeppelinOk ok mmm...let me take in count:
in the first two months of this year we've got: two cool newcomers in the demoscene, a new issue of a monumental diskmag, improved emulations and converters, a rare gem found, fixings, papers and babies too.

Something's missing? Only one: the traditional TLT's supply of digi demos!
But wait a moment, the postman left an envelope in my mailbox...and here they are!
Hifi releases two brand new digi demos in February 2008, they're C'Est La Vie and Led Zeppelin, proving to the scene that TLT keep it on.
Thanks István!

Threeve 100%!
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-29
ThreeveI love this first Plus/4 Bauknecht's prod so much, and it surely deserves a call more.

Yes, the short (but painful, argh!) delay time is now finished: the final, 100% working kicking and complete version of Threeve demo is out, and you will enjoy it so much. It's improved in the general design, has a cleaner plasma and Sire's tune kicks aaaarses!

Visit the BKN's official homepage to know more about these damn cool german sceners and their memorable productions. They also recorded a video of the demo, and in a very short time, we'll enjoy the TED tune as a standalone prg.
Run and vote for it!

Spring's Inkling at Oxyron Party 2008
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-27
One Spotted LadybirdOxyron Party means not only 8bit demos competition, but 8bit graphics competition too!

Let's examine the graphics entered at the party, and a Plus/4 one pops out: Chronos takes ACW's tag to Flensburg, joining the 8bit graphics compo with One Spotted Ladybird. His entry has been ranked 9th.

Good job, Tamás, glad to see you again working in MCM too! We're looking forward for more from you!

Plus/4 Winners at Oxyron Party 2008!
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-24
HáziasanYes, yes, yes! It begins to look like an INCREDIBLE 2008!

Oxyron Party 2008 have been held in Flensburg, northern Germany: music, fun, beer, friendship and all the rest, plus several multiplatform competitions.
The 8bit competition involved 12 great demos, and 2 of those were for our beloved black box. Once again, the Plus/4 productions have been ranked in the higher places, we're starting to get used to this, hope the trend will continue then!

ThreeveWho did arrive in the 2nd place, behind a winning DTV production? Yes, you got it because he has a habit about higher compo's rankings: fighting against his life and his job, Degauss/TEK had success in presenting a little but technically innovative dentro, called Háziasan.
He captivated the audience's eyes, senses and hearts with a FAST interference effect, and an innovative dance of zoom4bobs! Congratulation for the nth time pal, you rocked and rocked again!

Hey wait, wait a moment, who are they? They arrived 3rd and this is they very first code effort on Plus/4! Ah..ah...ah ok understood! They were cool just before, because they are Bauknecht!
Bauknecht take in the Plus/4 scene a wind of change, because of the very original design, a mitteleuropean style with soft colours and isometric elements. The transitions are typical of a PC demo, revealing their origin. But let's see the code: great! In their very first appearance, they aimed to very tough targets, with brilliant results. Useless to talk about any single effect, let's watch it directly!
The best news: they announce a Plus/4 line, and now we have to retain drool now. Welcome in the Plus/4 scene, Mad Sire and Decca, you've come in taking a very big present for all of us!

"Club Info 103" Out Now
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-13
Club Info 103The adventures continues!
As previously announced right here by its own author Erich, Club Info 103 has been released. Yes, you're right: this is the first issue in 2008, how many shall we see this year? Well, we dunno that, but we can bet on a new year full of infos, news, games, demos, utilities, documents, articles and humor, all this signed by Unlimited!

The new release features a new game from Peter Bergen, a disklist printer utility called Diskanalyse, Breakout 3.1/C a very little BASIC breakout, a brand new MCM pictures collection (Botticelli Bilderdisk 31), and several other little presents for you.

Disfunctional Attitudes!
Posted by Csabo on 2008-02-11
Disfunctional AttitudesCanadian Society Autonom Basic Overflow brings you news of a fresh release: Disfunctional Attitudes from ACW is here! (To get the reference, be sure to watch the demo all the way through!) It's a trackmo coded by Csio, released separately because of the "anti-sidcard" rules of the Oxyron party. At any rate, faithful followers of the demo scene will be happy to watch another quality production. Enjoy!

Posted by Luca on 2008-02-05
Busoman Party DemoWha...what the heck is this, now?
Ewww...a party call, an invintro? No no, maybe it could be a joke demo, a fake demo...a fLake demo! And what's a BusoMan? A hungarian yeti? A demoparty animal?

Oh well, we don't care. Strange, weird or not, this is disconcerting, funny, unpretentious, and most of all this is not vapourware! Hence, we like it.
Thanks ACW for this BusoMan Party Demo, this is like a far echo of something incoming in the near future.

"Tablets Of Hippocrates" Original Solution Sheet
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-03
Tablets of Hippocrates Solution SheetA solution sheet from arises from the dust of time.

Simon Fawkes, the man behind Fawkes Computing, has offered a rare addon to complete our Tablets of Hippocrates page: once back in the UK, he kindly scanned the original solution sheet for this little genuine adventure game, and sent it to us.

Thank you Simon, finally the adventurers with a lack of greek culture background will enjoy your game from the beginning till the end!

SCACOM-Aktuell: The 264 Series Issue Is Out!
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-02
SCACOM-Aktuell issue 4The February issue of the German retro magazine SCACOM-Aktuell has been just released.
The whole issue is dedicated to the big 264 Commodore's family machines, trying to merge together even the early days and what is glueing the current scene right now.
The main editor Stefan Egger gives voice to the most important active German sceners: Christian Kohlis aka C16chris tells us all his opinions about the C=264 series; Carsten Hüne aka Sidius narrates about his personal oldens with C16; Markus Hohnemann aka nukem is our interviewed VIP, being just returned in the scene porting Crypt into the Plus/4 scene.

Download the magazine with three desktop themes as bonus, to have a glance of the whole stuff. And absolutely don't miss it if you read German language!

His Best Release Ever
Posted by Luca on 2008-02-01
Bence, 4.7 Kg, 2007.01.30

Congratulations to Gaia and kisses to the young mommy!

Fixed Versions of Programs
Posted by Csabo on 2008-01-22
There's still life out there: say hello to our newest member: .mad.. He has taken the time to fix up some of the broken software in the archive, and so far has submitted the following: Jerry's Quest, Alien Overrun, Caverns in Mountain, Sárkányölő and 3-D Sakk. He's working on a Plus4/C16 GameBase, and also mentioned this link Plus4 DemoBase by Sjakie43 @ RapidShare. Rüdiger also submitted a fixed game, it's Domingo. Thanks guys, cheers!

Buckaroo Banzai Plus/4 found!
Posted by Luca on 2008-01-19
Buckaroo Banzai Plus/4Another mystery in the Commodore Plus/4 software's dark history has been finally unveiled!
Buckaroo Banzai Plus4, one of the Scott Adams classic adventures lied here all this years, on the B-side of its C64 version, released by Adventure International, and nothing let anybody imagine it was right there.

After the retrieval of The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle +4, Gaia and Csabo spent some time to investigate several similar titles, till someone found a little evidence in this adventure game, as weird text that appears when you try to load C64 version on a Plus/4 emulator.
The search for that B-side has been really hard, but Luca's luck allows him to meet Jerry Kurtz on a dedicated forum. Jerry has been involved in the abitious C64 Preservation Project, just providing a backup and various material of this game. Moreover, he's been so kind to give us both sides'.g64 and .d64 disk images, covers, manual and diskette picture.
Thanks to Jerry, one of the most hidden gems ever has been found, sincere thanks bud!

Another has fallen, go for the next one!

YAPE 0.79 is out now!
Posted by Luca on 2008-01-18
YAPE 0.79Even more stable, more friendly, more complete and so close to the original machine!
YAPE 0.79 looks just the opposite of your 3-years-long partner, and this latest version fixes several bugs and includes support for true interlace graphic modes. Chronos also contributed with more new icons.

In this way, Gaia releases a reliable version, in order to put YAPE's project aside for a while, and to dedicate time, mind, heart and nights (haha!) for his brand new really big project, which will start in about one week.
Congratulations Attila, from all the scene! Hey do you know that nothing is better than demo coding, nighttime, when you can sleep no more? ;)

TEK picks up the 256bytes gauntlet
Posted by Luca on 2008-01-13
Die Geschwister Von Herrn Magister Hamm Nen Twister Im KanisterYear 2008 looks like being born under a very good star!
Just after the unexpected demo released by nukem, now it's Degauss'time to enter the new year's coding time.

Exactly the 1st of January, a little C64 256 bytes demo started a kind of funny wild compo about twisters. Many improved efforts has followed, and we al know that a big slice of Degauss reputation is composed by twisters: could he deny himself into the gauntlet?
Die Geschwister Von Herrn Magister Hamm Nen Twister Im Kanister popped out because of all this, and it's a 256bytes wonder!

Hey sleepers!
A simple but lovely demo, or a 256bytes demo that takes you a couple of hours to optimize it. Do you see how little you need to feel yourself a real scener into a real scene? Move your butt, it's not going to destroy your family's peace! ;)
For example: can you do better in the same memory?

Enter the Crypt!
Posted by Luca on 2008-01-12
Happy 2008Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please! The new year starts with a welcome newcomer and a further welcome old pal's return on the scene!

The formerly C64 group Crypt jumps into the Plus/4 scene with this first release, to bid a Happy 2008 to all of us. Graphics by DFlame and JSL and code by...
Hey look there! He's nukem, and he's kicking again on the good old black box. Yes, Marcus is here again after 14 years since the last "from scratch" release, and he promises that this is a first warning only: Crypt has started its Plus/4 releases line.

Happy 2008 comes exactly now, in the time when the scene looks so asleep, zombie-ish and resilient to any initiative or compo; in the time when anybody aspires to release only the "demo-of-a-lifetime" in dozen years, while standing in his turtle shell.... order to remember to all of us how much our scene would need pretty simple neat releases like this.

Welcome Crypt, welcome back nukem!

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