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  Bubble Bus SoftwareCompanyno England
  Bug-ByteSoftware Labelno England
  Cascade Games Ltd.Companyno England
  KingsoftCompanyno Germany
 Gremlin GraphicsCompanyno England
  AnirogCompanyno England
 MastertronicCompanyno England
  Info DesignsCompanyno USA
  MicrodealCompanyno England
  Novotrade MagyarországCompanyno Hungary
  Vages SoftwareCompanyno Hungary
 Firebird SoftwareCompanyno England
  English SoftwareCompanyno England
  U S GoldCompanyno England
  Mr. Chip SoftwareCompanyno Wales
  New MultisoftCompanyno Germany
  CRL Group PLCCompanyno England
 AncoCompanyno England
 Code MastersCompanyno England
  PlayersSoftware Labelno England
  BraintronCompanyno Poland
  Mr. Micro Ltd.Companyno England
  Tynesoft Computer SoftwareCompanyno England
  Magnificent 7 SoftwareCompanyno England
  Solar Software Ltd.Companyno England
  CDS Software LTDCompanyno England
  Atlantis Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Imagine SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
 Elite Systems Ltd.CompanyYES! England
  Americana SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
  Headbangers (Headbangers)Groupno Hungary
  Yes! SoftwareCompanyno England
  Rino Marketing LimitedSoftware Labelno England
  Optyx Software Ltd.Companyno England
  RazorsoftCompanyno UK
  Illusion Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Midas MarketingSoftware Labelno England
  Alligata Software LimitedCompanyno England
  KnightsoftCompanyno England
 Durell SoftwareCompanyno England
  Novagen Software LtdCompanyno England
  Alternative Software LimitedCompanyno England
  AriolasoftCompanyno England
  Endurance GamesSoftware Labelno England
  The Power HouseSoftware Labelno England
 Ocean Software LimitedCompanyno England
  Probe SoftwareCompanyno England
  Beau Jolly LimitedCompanyno England
  British SoftwareCompanyno England
  Japan Capsule Computers UK LTDCompanyno UK
  Falcon SoftwareCompanyno Germany
 Gods Of The Universe (GOTU)GroupYES! Hungary
  Guys From West (GFW)Groupno Hungary
 Electronic Disaster Crew (EDC)Groupno Hungary
  Magnetic Violence (MTV)Groupno Hungary
  Methabolix (MX)GroupYES! Hungary
  Electronic Vision Software (EVS)Groupno Hungary
  New System Technology (NST)Groupno Hungary
  Assassins (ASN)GroupYES! Hungary
  Terrorists (TIT)Groupno Hungary
  Wilds (WLS)Groupno Hungary
 Absence (ACE)GroupYES! Hungary
  Muffbusters (MB)Groupno Hungary
  Coroners (CNS)GroupYES! Hungary
  Scorpions (SCN)Groupno Hungary
  Men Of Science (MOS)Groupno Germany
  AnarchyGroupno Hungary
  AxisGroupno Hungary
  Delta System (DS)Groupno Hungary
  Unknown Technic Group (UTG)Groupno Hungary
  Synergy (SYN)Groupno Germany
  Vortex (VTX)Groupno Hungary
  Gentlemen Software (GS)GroupYES! Hungary
  Fine Young Cannibals (FYC)Groupno Hungary
  Legion Of Doom (LOD)GroupYES! Hungary
  220 Volt Team (220V)Groupno Hungary
  TronGroupno Germany
  Terminal Technics (TTC)Groupno Hungary
  ThrustGroupno Germany
 Fantastic Italian Research Enterprise (FIRE)GroupYES! Italy
  United Force (UF)Groupno Hungary
  Tron Lamer Team (TLT)GroupYES! Hungary
  Unlimited (ULTD)GroupYES! Germany
 23 Celsius (23C)Groupno Hungary
  Hungarian Cracking Service (HCS)Groupno Hungary
  The Little Software (TLS)Groupno Hungary
  Boys Of Mystery (BOM)Groupno Germany
  The Big Corporation (TBC)Groupno Hungary
  48-TPI (48-TPI)Groupno Germany
  VHS Team (VHS)Groupno Hungary
  CharonGroupno Germany
  The Electronic Knights (TEK)GroupYES! Germany
  HardGroupno Germany
  BitkillersGroupno Hungary
  Sex'n'Spirit (SNS)Groupno Hungary
  Prisoners (PRI)Groupno Hungary
  Unidentified Stainless Steel Rats (USSR)Groupno Hungary
  PlussycatsGroupno Hungary
  SleepwalkersGroupno Hungary
  Beginner Duo (BD)Groupno Hungary
  The Electronic Duo (TED)Groupno Germany
  Micro ProjectsCompanyno England
  Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd. (CBM)Companyno England
  Skulls (SKS)Groupno Hungary
  A-System (A-Sys)Groupno Germany
  Romik Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Professional Protection Cracking Service (PPCS)Groupno Hungary
  Software Projects LtdCompanyno England
  Hypoflex (HFX)Groupno Hungary
  The Three Stars (TTS)Groupno Hungary
 Llamasoft LtdCompanyYES! Wales
  Best Programmers Ltd. (BPL)Groupno Hungary
  Adventure International (U.K.)Companyno England
  Commodore Business Machines, Ltd. (CBM Canada)Companyno Canada
  Pacific Tri Micro, Inc. (Tri Micro)Companyno USA
  Commodore Business Machines, Inc. (CBM U.S.)Companyno USA
  Cardinal SoftwareCompanyno USA
  SMADA EnterprisesCompanyno USA
  Progressive Periphrials & SoftwareCompanyno USA
 Infocom, Inc.Companyno USA
  ThunderbirdsGroupno England
  Cop And Doky (CAD)Groupno Hungary
  The Dream Co-op (TDC)Groupno Germany
  Melbourne HouseCompanyno UK
  AnimalsGroupno Hungary
  AudiogenicCompanyno England
  Artic Computing Ltd.Companyno England
  Data Media GmbHCompanyno Germany
  York Electronic ResearchCompanyno England
  AtomicGroupno Hungary
  HowardGroupno Hungary
  DDT (DDT)Groupno Hungary
  AliensGroupno Hungary
  The Electronic Cell (TEC)Groupno Hungary
  OctasoftCompanyno Hungary
  DELTASoftCompanyno Hungary
  Motorhead (MTH)Groupno Germany
  Fanatix (FTX)Groupno Hungary
  The Hopeful Sign (THS)Groupno Hungary
  Working Ko-Ko System (WKS)Groupno Hungary
  VanguardGroupno Hungary
  SupersoftCompanyno England
  Citisoft Ltd.Companyno England
 ArtworxCompanyYES! USA
  GreensoftGroupno Hungary
  Lamersword (LS)Groupno Germany
  Pro-PainGroupno Hungary
  Many Clever Boys (MCB)Groupno Hungary
  Landscape Studio (LSS)Groupno Hungary
  Uri SoftGroupno Germany
  Bastards (BDZ)Groupno Germany
  Dunkers (DNS)Groupno Hungary
  ICE-TeamGroupno Hungary
  Livewire SoftwareCompanyno England
  Blue RibbonCompanyno England
 MicroValueSoftware Labelno England
  Stone-CastleCompanyno Germany
  Star GamesSoftware Labelno England
  WinnerSoftware Labelno England
  Enigma Variations Ltd.Companyno England
  Alpha OmegaSoftware Labelno England
  Paxman PromotionsSoftware Labelno England
 Cosine ((C))GroupYES! UK
  Quick Ted Death (QTD)Groupno Germany
  NewLine Hardware/Software (NewLine)Companyno Hungary
 ÁpiszCompanyno Hungary
  Heroes Of Time (HOT)Groupno Germany
  EncoreSoftware Labelno England
 Markt & Technik (M&T)Companyno Germany
  Macsen SoftwareCompanyno Wales
  DATA BeckerCompanyno Germany
  Parent Teacher Association (PTA)Groupno Hungary
  UnisoftCompanyno Hungary
  CoffeineGroupno Germany
  Creative SparksCompanyno England
  SparklersSoftware Labelno England
  Silverbird SoftwareCompanyno England
  KixxSoftware Labelno England
  AVSCompanyno England
  Commodore Italiana SpA.Companyno Italy
  The Cracker Boys (TCB)Groupno Hungary
  James GamesGroupno Hungary
  Master GamesSoftware Labelno England
  Prism Leisure CorporationCompanyno England
  Addictive GamesCompanyno England
  Trojan ProductsCompanyno Wales
  Electric DreamsCompanyno England
  Super SellersSoftware Labelno England
  Intellect SoftwareCompanyno England
  RobtekCompanyno England
  A.S.K. SoftwareCompanyno England
  QuicksilvaCompanyno England
  Argus Press Software (APS)Companyno England
  Byte BackCompanyno UK
  Icon DesignCompanyno England
  The Hit SquadSoftware Labelno England
  ComputerSoft Jonigk (CSJ)Groupno Germany
 PeaksoftCompanyno England
  Softwarehaus R. LindenschmidtCompanyno Germany
  Mad Original Inhabitants (MOI)Groupno Hungary
  Golden GamesCompanyno Germany
  Mogul CommunicationsCompanyno UK
  Lynsoft (UK) Ltd.Companyno UK
  ArmatiCompanyno Italy
  C.S.P. MicrogameCompanyno Italy
  Sound Acustical Design (SAD)Companyno Italy
  Wise Owl SoftwareCompanyno UK
  Spitfire Cracking Service (SCS)Groupno Germany
  Profsoft Cracking Service (PCS)Groupno Hungary
  UserSoftCompanyno Germany
  Savage SoftwareCompanyno Italy
  Edizioni FermontCompanyno Italy
  Masters Of Dragon (MOD)Groupno Germany
  Gruppo Editoriale Jackson (Jackson)Companyno Italy
  United Crackers (UC)Groupno Germany
  United Crackers Hungary (UCH)Groupno Hungary
  The Diabolic Six (TDS)Groupno Hungary
 SystemsCompanyno Italy
  Academy SoftwareCompanyno USA
  Gameworx SoftwareCompanyno Australia
  Commodore Nederland B.V.Companyno Netherlands
  EpyxCompanyno USA
  Interceptor Micro'sCompanyno UK
  Precision Software LimitedCompanyno 
  MUFFGroupno Hungary
  Arcadia SoftwareCompanyno England
  Commodore Computer (New Zealand) Ltd.CompanynoNew Zealand
  Mantra SoftwareCompanyno Italy
  JaysoftCompanyno England
  SoftCompanyno Italy
  Tequila Sunrise (TS)CompanynoBelgium
  Editoriale VideoCompanyno Italy
  OziSoftCompanyYES! Australia
  VisiogameCompanyno Italy
  Go-Go GamesCompanyno Italy
 Tecniche NuoveCompanyno Italy
 Franco Muzzio Editore (Muzzio)Companyno Italy
  J.SoftCompanyno Italy
 Buffetti Editore (Buffetti)CompanyYES! Italy
  Ed. Softwell Milano (Softwell)Companyno Italy
  PuhasoftCompanyno Hungary
  PublicGroupno Germany
  Barbarian Brothers (BB)Groupno Hungary
  Huck and Co. Software Entertainment (HSE)Groupno Germany
  New Byte Soft (NBS)Groupno Germany
  Castor Crew (CC)Groupno Germany
  CoreGroupno Germany
  TCTGroupno Hungary
  Nighteyes Cracking Service (NCS)Groupno 
  The Emetic Crew (TEC)Groupno Germany
  Two Life Crew (TLC)Groupno Germany
  Mecklenburg Brandeburger Computerclub (MBC)Groupno Germany
  Red-Arrow SoftwareCompanyno 
  Phase TwoGroupno 
  Top30Companyno Italy
  Commodore Business Machines Pty. Ltd. (CBM Aus)Companyno Australia
  Domark Ltd.Companyno England
  Beam SoftwareCompanyno Australia
  AbersoftCompanyno Wales
  PlayvisionCompanyno Italy
  PlaysoftCompanyno Italy
  Commodore Büromaschinen GmbH (CBM Germany)Companyno Germany
  Commodore Büromaschinen AGCompanyno Switzerland
  Commodore Büromaschinen GmbHCompanyno Austria
  Commodore Computadores Personales LTDACompanynoChile
  Secret Software Service (S.S.S.)Groupno Germany
  Commodore France S.R.LCompanyno France
  Commodore Computer NV-SA (Belgium)CompanynoBelgium
  Commodore COE Computer Products AB (Sweden)Companyno Sweden
  Commodore Computers Norge AS (Norway)Companyno Norway
  Commodore Data AS (Denmark)CompanynoDenmark
  Edizioni FogliaCompanyno Italy
  Computerservice Tino HofstedeCompanyno Germany
  Ultra SoftCompanyno 
 Hokuto Force (HF)GroupYES! Italy
 The Dreams (DRM)GroupYES! Germany
 K2GroupYES! Germany
 QuelleSoftCompanyno Germany
  Cygnus SoftwareCompanyno 
  Fawkes ComputingCompanyno England
  Impex Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Tronic-Verlag GmbHCompanyno Germany
  Wizard SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
  Absence And Wilds (ACW)Groupno Hungary
 CronosoftCompanyYES! England
  AstralogSoftware Labelno 
  At War With Satan (AWWS)Groupno 
  Team 16Groupno Italy
  City SoftwareCompanyno Hungary
  Golden Software (Golden Soft)Software Labelno Italy
  Mr. SoftCompanyno Italy
  C.I.A. (CIA)Groupno Hungary
 Bauknecht (BKN)GroupYES! Germany
  Crypt (CPT)GroupYES! Germany
  The Plus/4 Users' Group (PLUG)Groupno USA
  Monarchy (MHY)GroupYES! Hungary
  Cassetta GamesGroupno Italy
  Ronsoft HollandGroupno Netherlands
  Venturegate Ltd.Companyno England
  DigimatCompanyno Austria
  HSO SoftwareGroupno Germany
  TBSOGroupno Hungary
  Silver Ghost Software Co. (SGSC)Groupno Hungary
  ShitheadsGroupno Hungary
  Pit and Garfield Corporation (PGC)Groupno Germany
  The Terror Boys (TTB)Groupno Germany
  Duckworth ComputingCompanyno England
  ForthkillersGroupno Hungary
  Manowar (MWR)Groupno 
 Exceed (EXD)GroupYES! Hungary
  VisiodataCompanyno Italy
  DotsoftCompanyno Australia
  Chip Software Ltd. (CSL)Software Labelno Hungary
  A. C. SoftgroupCompanyno Hungary
  Logica 2000Companyno Italy
  Zalka Hacker Service (ZHS)Groupno Hungary
  T+K SoftwareGroupno Germany
  NeuroticGroupno Hungary
  The Bionic Duo (TBD)Groupno Germany
  NorthsoftGroupno USA
  OmicronCompanyno Hungary
  Hi-Speed Unlimited (HSU)Groupno Germany
  Reelax GamesCompanyno England
  The Absolute NoName Group (TANNG)Groupno Hungary
  BMSGroupno Hungary
  ChainGroupno Germany
  Bitterne SoftwareCompanyno Germany
  JokosoftCompanyno Hungary
  TMPS TeamGroupno Hungary
  International House Budapest (IHB)Companyno Hungary
  Black Sector (BS)Groupno Hungary
  Graphic Game S.A. (Graphic Game)CompanynoArgentina
  West-Hungarian Crackers Club (WC Club)Groupno Hungary
  TNTGroupno Hungary
  Data 20 CorporationCompanyno USA
  Midwest SoftwareCompanyno USA
  NovasoftGroupno Germany
  SECGroupno Hungary
  SoftideaCompanyno Italy
  The Two Crackers (TTC)Groupno Hungary
  Angel-softGroupno Germany
  The TrollsGroupno Germany
  Floerse's Incredible Supply Team (FIST)Groupno Germany
  Terrific Trio Inc. (TTI)Groupno Netherlands
  Designedly International Software Crime (D.I.S.C.)Groupno Germany
  Sprenger SoftwareGroupno Switzerland
  Dragon-softGroupno Germany
  Firga Joe System (FJS)Groupno Hungary
  PubbliromeCompanyno Italy
 Psytronik Software (Psytronik)CompanyYES! England
  Section 16 (Section 16)Groupno 
  XBit Software (XBitSoft)Companyno Hungary
  AmokGroupno Germany
  AmersoftCompanyno Finland
  Computer Edizioni (Edisoft)Companyno Italy
  Data CompCompanyno Italy
  Gruppo Editoriale International Education (GEIE)Companyno Italy
  Micro Cracking LTDGroupno 
  Microelectrónica y Control (MEC)Companyno Spain
  Boomby And MC.Master (BAM)Groupno Hungary
 FitGroupYES! Finland
 Kabuto FactoryCompanyno Spain
  NilsoftGroupno Hungary
  Vorker Kisszövetkezet Szoftver Részleg (Vorker)Companyno Hungary
  Master's Software HouseCompanyno Italy
  Hunters (HTS)Groupno Hungary
  Movie BoxCompanyno Italy
  Channel 8 SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
  GamebustersSoftware Labelno England
  Soft ToysCompanyno Italy
  Bear GamesCompanyno Italy
  Edizioni JCE (JCE)Companyno Italy
  Majestic Software Products (M. S. P.)Companyno Netherlands
  Express SoftwareCompanyno Italy
  PolSoftCompanyno Poland
  Commodore C-16 Club (Commodore C-16 Club)Groupno Finland
  Edizioni TrinacriaCompanyno Italy
  New Software Games (NSG)Companyno Italy
  Programma 2000 (P 2000)Companyno Italy
 Downloading While Intoxicated (DWI)Groupno USA
  BSHGroupno Germany
  Editronica srl (Editronica)Companyno Italy
  Marcon Editrice s.r.l. (Marcon)Companyno Italy
  Megamighty Cash Association (Cash)Groupno Germany
  Crazy Break Co. (CBC)Groupno Hungary
 Genesis Project (G*P)GroupYES! 
  Grupo Sigma S.A. (Sigma)CompanynoMexico
  Electronic (E)Groupno Hungary
 Műszaki Könyvkiadó (MK)Companyno Hungary
 East Midland Allied Press (EMAP)Companyno England
  MHSZ Dózsa IskolaGroupno 
395 found.

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