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Dork's Dilemma
Title:Dork's Dilemma
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, restarts (reward)
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Released by:Gremlin Graphics
Produced by:Micro Projects
Coded by:Clarke, Anthony J.
Notes:AKA "Dorks Dilemma". Titled as "Rooms of Peril" in its very first stage of development.
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  Early stages:
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    C64 release

User Rating: 7.1/10 (14 votes)
Dork's Dilemma Title Screenshot

Dork's Dilemma Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Derived Software
Dork's Dilemma +
High Tension
Horror House
Puzzle (Byte Games 22)
Time Bombs

Appeared On Compilations
C16 Classics I
Omnibus II
C16 Star Games Classics
Dork's Dilemma / Aqua Race

Review: ZZAP! C16 (Magazine/English) Page 3
Review: Zzap! Italia 15 (Magazine/Italian) Page 42
Review: Commodore Computing International August 1986 (Magazine/English) Page 51
Cheat: H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook Volume 2 Issue 3 (Magazine/English) Page 45
Reviewed: Retro Gamer 113 (Magazine/English) Page 79
Reviewed: Commodore User 23 (Magazine/English) Page 31

Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Cover (Side)
Cassette Cover (Side)

Larger picture

Cassette or Box Photo

Early Stages
A preliminary version of the game has been found once rebuilt from the source file, picked up from a pack of D64s mainly containing sourcefiles and personal utilities, donated by the author himself to Mark Hardisty, some days before the distribution of Hardisty's book about Gremlin Graphics.

The only visible difference between this version and the officially published one is that the SOUND ON icon has been changed.

Dork's Dilemma Early Stages
Early Stages
Dork's Dilemma Official Release
Official Release

Review By Commodore Computing International (August 1986)
Nowaday's it is fairly unusual to find an original game. Gremlin Graphics have come up with another one in Dork's Dilemma. It has good graphics, nice sound effects, and makes excellent use of colour.
Dilemma has 25 screens, and you choose which one you want to start the game in by pressing the space bar as the program briefly displays them each in turn. On each screen, you must eliminate a certain amount of aliens by exploding a bomb. The number you have to kill will vary from screen to screen, and the exact number can be seen in the score box on the right of the screen, together with your score, and the number of lives left.
When you drop the bomb, you have to get of blast range (this is a little unpredictable) pretty quickly, otherwise you'll be killed along with the aliens, who can be one of a number of different types. When you have exterminated the required number of aliens, a piece of jigsaw from the centre of the screen is placed in the matrix on the right hand side. You then move onto the next screen by going through any of the flashing exits on the sides.
Once you've collected the jigsaw parts, you can piece them together on the matrix, completing the puzzle.
There aren't many games on the C16 that are as good as Dork's Dilemma. It is a compulsive game; you always want just one more go. With eye-catching colours, and nicely designed backgrounds, this would definitely be a good buy.

Graphics: 4/5; Sound: 3/5; Playability: 3/5; CCI Rating: MEGA

Author's Notes
Anthony J. Clarke has written some comments about the game:

"Hi, actually… no [the game has been ] not 'developed' first on a C64…. though we (Jason Perkins and I) had a setup where we developed i.e. coded / assembled then had a piece of software on the C64 C16 that allowed us to Squirt the Code down (or thats how I remember it! – certainly was that way for the Oric Games I developed!)…. in latter days I think we connected a Floppy Drive to the C16/+4…."

"Attempt to answer some questions (From what I can recall 30+ years later!):
Is that alien/duck Dork? Alien, that landed on earth and was self exploding…
What’s the metal barrel it’s hiding in – was meant to be the casing of a bomb!
What is that jungle land? – “just a spin on maze’s” the Cassette art was not of my doing, all Gremlin Graphics marketing department – I just sent the game up!
Why the ‘?’ – “dilemma” ? where to go / to get our before the bomb explodes

"The Game was always intended for the C16… having done a few games on the C64 like Frak64! conversion, Thing on a Spring and Monty on the Run Jason and I saw an opportunity with the C16 launch to develop some games….
I don’t remember the specific setup, but all the coding / assembling was done on the C64, then we had a utility / cable that we would squirt the code to the C16 to run it (I see to recall), latterly we compiled to a Diskette and had a Drive on the C16 we loaded from.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>32FB AD
>32FE A5
Unlimited lives
>3727 ##Number of aliens to kill (## minus 1, default = 11 for 10 aliens)
>1FCC A4
>31D7 EA EA
>2328 60Freeze aliens
>36B0 EA EA EAClear room after killing one alien
G 1960Restart game

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