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Endings Triplets 02
Posted by Luca on 2011-12-10
Game EndingsLet's start to do it seriously then!

Here comes the new Endings Triplet. Today we have endings for Puzzle and Labirinth 4 both from Skoro.

Plus, an extensive text with images about the final steps of a most wanted ending: RoboMutant by Lavina! It appears to be a very cute collect'n'use game, with an unexpected sweetie at the end: a picture drawn by Harry which no one have seen before...apart the steadfast ones who solved the game at that time, of course!
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Introducing Endings Triplets
Posted by Luca on 2011-12-08
Game EndingsSo, did you like our fresh new pages? We hope so.
You can't fully understand how many times we retouch, enrich, fix them. There's so much work around'em.

Game Endings page deserves a special care, because new endings are periodically added. Some are made of simple 1x1 ROM characters text composing a tiny "well done" notice, some others reveal pieces of code or graphics which have been kept quite for years till today.

Because of this, Plus/4 World will inform you about the addition of new game endings right here, in the News. Once we get at least three of them, we'll quickly announce an Endings Triplet, linking to the games'respective pages, where you will now find the link to the brand new ending!

Let's start with a big one: Blastones, a game with 100 levels! Beside of that, here comes two classics both made by Skoro: Ball, showing an unexpected 41st level, and Bars!
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Club Info 124
Posted by Csabo on 2011-12-02
Club Info 124The 4th and final Club Info issue of the year is here! Erich/Unlimited packed two disk sides full of German language articles, plus recent and brand new stuff. Some examples are: maps for Island of Secrets (in Page Setter format), Ping Pong/C, Demo Pack 4. Download the mag, cheers to Erich for his continued work!
Be the first to comment! Awards 2011
Posted by Csabo on 2011-12-01
Murphy sent us word that Awards 2011 is underway. Currently you can vote for 256 byte intros and 8-bit demos, only Hungarian productions from the last two years. This includes some Plus/4 productions as well. We're sure some people would be interested in this, so use the handy link below, go forth and vote!
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Main Menu Update
Posted by Csabo on 2011-11-25
Our main menu was updated with three additional items. You can now navigate to these pages from anywhere:

* Magazines: The listing of all the known diskmags. This page was recently revamped as it was in dire need of some polish.
* Effects: All demo effects. This is definitely a work in progress.
* Game Endings: This is the "official grand opening" of our game endings page. Similar pages exist for several other platforms, now the Plus/4 has a proper shrine as well. Have you ever wandered what's at the end of some game? Now you can find out! (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

If you have ideas or opinions about this change or the "new" pages, let us know on the forums.
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A (Mostly) German Intermission
Posted by Luca on 2011-10-09
Aktueller Software Markt 5/1988 (May 1988) RUN 3/1987 C16-P4 Special 3You probably would expect a new bunch in the Moldi's series, because we still have way to go on that one.
Well no, we strongly need to pause that path and solve another battle side which was calling for a spill out.

Day by day, several stuff gathered in one big heap, mostly made by German stuff, some other by USA programs and so on. At a certain point, a little but significative slice of this cake has found its way once we started to import so many German magazines'covers (and all the relationships these entries take with'em!) from the fantastic site Kultboy, which definitely is the ultimate reference about German magazines. Then, publications and programs have begun to find so many links crossing each other, to ignite a process of infos cleanup, missing programs recover, users and groups' new entries, data acquiring, hidden hardware and so on.
It's TONS of addings and fixings and we're forced to let you discover'em by yourself, here we can only name the magazines'series we mostly improved: Aktueller Software Markt, C16-P4 Special, CBM Revue, Compute Mit, Computronic, Happy Computer, Run.

All these new entries about German mags have called into the whole bunch of (mostly) German stuff that was lying in the corner. And now we've filled up missings like Word Perfect, Zeichensprites or Fractal-landschaften. We also had the chance to tune up all the unnamed digi demos using Crazy Music, we rebuilt all the versions'story of Solder's Epromer Plus/4, we've finally find out the Samsound V1.0 which has been used in several pre-1990 digi stuffs, we discovered that the first cheap colour printer had considered the 264 series in the bundle disk (Okimate 10 Learn To Print), we...ok we let you explore by yourself!

Plus/4 DemoThis list covers all the new prgs we included:
+4 Thunderbirds, Coffeine Magica, Das Omen 2, Easy (disk), Germans Only 1, Gerappt, Left To My Own, SEQ-reader 1.55, 1541 Floppy Speeder Generator 2.0, Mini Graffiti, Mix III, Mix IV, Mix V, Megamix Vol.3, Megamix Vol.4, Plus/4 Demo, Sex-show, Strip-show, Adventure 1 (alternative), New Stuff 1988, Winter-demo, Cohan's Land, Compute!'s Gazette Disk, Entenjagd, Europameisterschaft 96, Flower C16, Flens-kwitz, Hot Nights, Gangster, Beatles, Heimat, Monster Warning, Softy-demo, Postgebuehren Der Deutschen Bundespost, Softy 07, Fussball-manager, Fussball Bundesliga Pro, Gluecksrad (alternative), Monopoly (german), Monopoly Plus/4, Moon Fighter, Oscar (crack), Playboss, Sir Tommy, Software Manager, S-O-S Schiffbruch, S-skat, Sumeria, XY-Germany, Archiver, Unarchiv, Alarendelo Mondatok Elemzese, Banner Printer, C64 Basic Emulator, CAD 123 (version), Dual Data Copier (rom), Dbase Plus4 V3.5, Epromer Plus/4 (versions), F-copy 32K, Filmmaster, Fractal-landschaften, Frakint, Haushaltsbelege, Haushaltsbuch, Horace Autostart Copy V3.0, Hyload, Headliner (USA), James Hehl Utility Cart, Karteikasten, Kaufmann, Kuhplaner, Magic Paint (info), Megacopy 1551 (file), Okimate 10 Learn To Print, Proofreader, Samsound V1.0, Shakespeare Writer, Word Perfect, Xmoterm Plus4 V2.0, Zeichensprites.
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Arok 13 Wrap Up
Posted by Csabo on 2011-09-24
Er Ist Friedlich EingeschlafenThe wait is finally over: the winning demo from Arok 2011 has been just released! Don't delay, go and check out Er Ist Friedlich Eingeschlafen (translation: He fell asleep peacefully). In retrospect, this year's Arok was also a good year for our little platform (3 new releases!) and an awesome party overall. Everyone who got to attend can count themselves lucky (even if it was in cardboard form). Let's hope next year will be even better!

Be sure to read Csio's party report in the Features section!
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Moldi's Treasure 4/10
Posted by Luca on 2011-09-12
SwordsSummer is almost gone once again, so it's time to come back to work, and the Moldi Treasure's Big Bunches o'Software must reprise too.

Hence, here we are with the 4th chapter of this saga, which shows as major gem a rather unknown cool 16k game raising from the grave of unforgotten stuff to see the light again. Swords is nothing but a cool arcade adventure game which seems to be quite inspired from Robo Knight, with its proper tune and a big software sprite wandering into a manor in search of lost swords in order to seek out a secret chamber full of gold. The author is Attila Kardos, which did Break Dance under the same label Chip Software Ltd.. Freeware? Commercial? Who knows...any info will be welcome.
Ürkaland (Basic), the mystery continues because we've uncertain feelings about its original coder, but at least the original version popped out finally. And...oh jeez, there's a Tibob In Space 2 too, really?Swords

Plus, this is the session in which obscure demos run again. Queen Demo celebrates Mercury&Co. in the Hitman way (code by siz?) but it's broken and we're in search of the full working one, if it does exist. Bad Cat Demo is the oldest demo by CSM we've found ever, in which we know more about the mysterious SED (he got the idea for the famous game Crater too), and where CSM writes he "sold a game to Novotrade" (!). First steps for TCL too under the TBB moniker, in demos like The Cobra No1 Demo. See Ratt in graphician capacity offering a Logo To Titans, even though we've never heard of that C64 group! And look at Boomby and his early digitized moustaches in Wanted Demo. Early stuff by Kuni too, and the Shadow Gfx Box 1 comes too to complete the series.

Last but not least, the utilities: Botticelli original version, the famous TTL's pactator, a disk tools collection by Oscar/EVS and much much more!

Summer DemoThis is the complete list for the 4th batch, enjoy all of them and wait for the fifth session:
Swords, Logo To Titans, Mad Demo, Xenox Graphics Box, Summer Demo, Wanted Demo, Scanland 1, Shadow Gfx Box 1, Second Demo (Kuni), The Cobra No1 Demo, Queen Demo (broken), Music Demo 1, Music Demo 2, No More Heroes, Amiga Rap, Adventure Castle, Crater (trainer), Domino (Hungarian), Ugrasd A Nyulat, Tibob In Space 2, Bad Cat Demo, Donkey Kong, Ürkaland (Basic) (original), Remorszag, Tic-tac-toe (Mr. X), The Wall (Hungarian), DMC V1.2 (version), NF Technika, Kresz Lampak, Lebo-packer, Haromfasizu Valtakozoaram Valodi Vill Teljesitmenye Induktiv Terhelessel, Demomakers Disk Tool, Coma B Copy, Coby Compresser, Clues Of Coders (no pass), Assembler (prg), Botticelli (original), Bit-packer (version), Cimkatalogus, Duplicator V4.0, Duplicator, Turbo-block, 246 Pactator, Digiconverter Relocator (versions).
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Some Stuff
Posted by Luca on 2011-09-07
Inventory ManagementPlus/4 World is back from vacation, a vacation of hopeful waiting for a winner demo which will come in the near future and will delight our sceners'senses. In the meantime, let's reprise our massive storing of seekout material, since hundreds of hidden gems have to see the light again from their long timed buried status.

We've found the absolute first Mantra release in the classic take-two format, which was simply named Mantra 16 N. 1, containing two hacked games: Andromeda (Alternative) and Analisi Del Tempo. It's a weird thing to point out that this cassette can be defined as an early version of the second Mantra release (Andromeda / Meteo 16), which contains slightly modified versions of the same programs.

Found into some C64 ftp archives, here come some rare disks, part of the Productivity Software series released by Info Design, a look into the serious side of the Plus/4. Inventory Management is a self running tool, whereas Construction Industry and Professional Services are applications in the shape of General Ledger's data, and this last one is needed to let'em work. It's now clear that Productivity Software series includes both independently running tools and bound working data.
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Club Info 123 Is Released
Posted by Csabo on 2011-08-30
Club Info 123Erich/Ultd just sent us the latest issue of the longest running disk-magazine on Plus/4: Club Info 123 is here. Side A is full of German language articles about games (for example, there's a review of the recently released Clone game), programming and hardware. Side B has some recently release and new stuff: International Money (a game from Australia), Scheissen, Worlds 1 and Regula Falsi. It's worth checking out. Respects to Erich for his continued hard work. Download this issue now and enjoy!
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YAPE 1.0.2
Posted by Luca on 2011-08-23
A badly needed update: some nasty bugs have been patched as well as the in-memory bitmap of the printer emulation is made visible via a GUI window (only as #4).

Anyway, let's see what's new this time:

- Printer job window (for now #4 only)
- Turn off variable length buffering properly when recording media (fixes occasional clicks)
- Not scanning joysticks when unavailable (Message Queue driver slowdown)
- Column width and line feed bug for MPS803 emulation fixed
- Regression bug in the printer cycle counter ironed out
- Awkward TED drawing bug patched

You can grab the release at the usual place: Yape Homepage or check the Yape page.
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Exo 2.0.2 Released
Posted by Csabo on 2011-08-19
Let it be known that the latest version of Exomizer, the popular cross-platform cruncher is now out. It's mainly a bugfix release, grab it and be up to date! Head over to the Exomizer homepage and download your copy.
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New Game Released: Bit Fox
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-29
Bit FoxRoepipi is here again with another cool BASIC game. Small size, quick action, start it up and have some fun!

Are you quicker than a BASIC action coloring game? You certainly are, but can you guess what kind of action it is? It takes 10 minutes to beat, so let's do it!

Update (2011-07-29):

Bringing you the pheasant-catcher minigame (Thrust Fox Extra) from Foxish. Now it's a bit more optimized, a bit more responsive, and a bit more for C16 fans! Thanks for all the kind words!
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New Covers!
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-28
Digital BallBear(tm) apparently hunted down a few more original tapes, and he sent us the cover artworks for them. We now have the cover for... Digital Ball! Or "Faltenisz" as it is apparently called (who knew?). It's a classic breakout game. While on the C16 Arthur Noid cannot be beat, this is probably the best game of the genre for Plus/4.

The cover description mentions the game has 50 levels and our notes say it has 32, perhaps someone can get to the bottom of that. The other new covers added today are for Rabló-Rulett, we now have the instructions. Big thanks for these to Bear(tm), enjoy!
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Lode Runner Pic/ACW
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-21
Lode Runner PicQuick on the heels of Lode Runner +4, Chronos brings us a quick release, the converted title picture for the game. It's a multi-color version of from the original box cover artwork. There's not much else to add, enjoy this release!
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Lode Runner +4
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-11
Lode Runner +4Kichy of ASN Crew just dropped a bombshell of a release on us: Lode Runner +4 is here! The classic game finally makes it to our platform. What makes a good game is ultimately the gameplay and this one is up there with the best. It's fast-paced platformer fun. The unpredictable enemy A.I. makes for a challenging gameplay. You have 150 levels to go through, but just in case that's not enough, there's a built-in level editor!

This is a pristine conversion, flawlessly executed, works on NTSC machines... What more could you ask for? Big respects to Kichy for bringing us this amazing game!
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Valley of Treasures
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-06
Valley of TreasuresAdventure fans rejoince! Kichy noticed a new adventure game recently released on C=64, and since it was written in BASIC, he quickly converted it to C=16. The game play is not the usual one, instead of typing, you select from a predefined list of commands. So, if you like adventures, get cracking! Who will be the first to solve it? :-)
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New Hungarian Game Covers
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-05
Abraka-DabraChampionship WrestlingJoe And The SeriffSakk KezdőknekÜrvirágViktor A Piktor
Bear(tm) send us an incredible pack of 7 covers (the 7th being the recently added one for Psylon). They are all for Hungarian games. Let's see the list:
  • Abraka-Dabra, an educational game based on the books of Professor Dienes. Lacus recently recovered the TAP image for this game, this cover makes things complete.
  • Championship Wrestling: the cover for the Hungarian release. Unlike the English one, this does have a proper manual included with it, featuring some funny wrestler descriptions.
  • Joe And The Seriff: an alternative (coloured) cover.
  • Sakk Kezdőknek: the cover for the yellow C16 version.
  • Ürvirág: this is an obscure game from Puhasoft, we didn't even know that it was commercially released. A very rare find!
  • Viktor A Piktor: an action game similar to Wacky Painter.
There you have it, enjoy!
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Pluvi T-Shirt From 1993
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-03
Pluvi T-ShirtAnother old relic arrived in our mailbox, from Martin Voerman, hailing from Holland. He was one of the folks who attended the 5 Year Pluvi celebration party. (Pluvi is a German disk-mag.) The party was held in 1993/10/23 in Krefeld (Tönisvorst), Germany. We currently don't have pages for parties, so I'll just mention a few details here: announcements can be found in Elder News 04 and Scene Focus 06, both mags mentioning that many people will attend.

Martin remembered a few more details (paraphrasing):
"I drove about 200km to get to the place and could not find it at first (TomTom didn't exist back then). There were a few more Dutch people at the party, I also remember an artist working on maybe the demo, he had graffiti all over the computer and drive. The T-shirts were sold at the party to get money for pizza.

Earlier I sent a letter to the creator of Pluvi about translating it to English. He said no problem, just do it. At the party I showed an English Pluvi. I think my nick was Spooky back then. For me I think it was the end of my plus/4 time, didn't unpack most of my boxes after I returned."
The T-Shirt is a little yellowed, but it still proudly shows off our beloved machine... Cool stuff! Do you have any old Plussy relics to share? Dig them out and send them in!
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Psylon Cover
Posted by Csabo on 2011-07-02
Escape From PsylonEscape from Psylon is an interesting game. For a long time, we didn't know if this was a commercial release or not. The game was mentioned several times in the popular 90's Hungarian magazine "Commodore Világ" because of its map. The hand-drawn map was sent in by fans but never published in the magazine due to its enormous size. It was released by "Aliens Software Studio", credits are given to "Mr. Depeche" and "The Prince", but no other releases can be found from this group.

Luca recently figured out the "Mr. Depeche" is indeed SCF, a Hungarian coder. Beside the game, his claim to fame is that he most likely created the first FLI and Tech-tech effects on our machine. In his demo texts, he credits "The Killer" as the graphician and sends greetings to "Softkiller Company". After some more hunting (which the fun part :-)), it turned out that The Killer/The Prince are all early handles of same person: SKC. I got in contact with him. (If you'd like to hear some good Drum 'n' Bass music, head on to his site.) He confirmed that the game was programmed by SCF, while he did the graphics and helped test the game. He also confirmed that it was a commercial release, but did not have a copy of it.

A little more history: at the time, SKC only had a C64 (and eventually moved on to Amiga). The game was SCF's idea, and he could play it all the way through (which is quite a feat, it's a hard game). After this game, SCF moved on to the C64, concentrated more on demos. He eventually outgrew the scene and "disappeared". (If anyone knows how to contact him, let us know.)

Bear(tm) came to the rescue (big coincidence!) as he sent in the cover scan for this game (which confirms all of the above). The cover artwork features a tank going through a maze. This game now also has a map. (Yay, the first game map this year!) Well, that's the story, I hope you enjoyed reading it :-)
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Another Rare Surprise
Posted by Csabo on 2011-06-29
About ten years ago (how time flies!), back when Plus/4 World didn't even have its forums yet, SVS asked about a mysterious program called Print Shop. The only other mention of a software with similar name was in the Hungarian magazine Terror News 14 - though we didn't have it in any of our archives. That is, until the 2nd pack of Moldi's treasure brought us Print Shop, converted by Totya. This is definitely the one that Terror News mentions. So, that's all there is to it, right?

Print Shop +4Not quite! To my pleasant surprise, I received an email from Cassy. He wrote:
Back in 1992 I converted Print Shop to the Plussy. I'd like to ask you to put it up on Plus/4 World. I'd be grateful if it wouldn't be forgotten. Thanks in advance!
Well, it is my pleasure, of course From the looks of it, it's a very nice piece of software. You can use your +4 to design greeting cards, note cards, banners and a whole lot more. Check it out and enjoy! Big thanks to Cassy for sending this in!
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Botticelli Bilderdisk 36
Posted by Csabo on 2011-06-23
Botticelli Bilderdisk 36This summer is starting out great, we're getting new releases! Erich/Unlimited has just sent us his new release: Botticelli Bilderdisk 36. It's two disk-sides of pictures in Botticelli format, using the Magica viewer. The quality and theme of the pictures is quite varied: you'll find many things from hand-pixelled scenes to digitized stills. Check it out and enjoy!
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New TAP Image Recovered
Posted by Csabo on 2011-06-10
Abraka-dabraWe'd like to drop a quick note here about a new treasure that Lacus just sent in. Abraka-dabra (which translates to "abracadabra" ) is an old Hungarian educational title. Lacus managed to get his hands on a factory tape and grabbed the TAP files. This means that it came with no cover or packaging whatsoever (we're still on the lookout for that). Check it out if you're so inclined, though for non-Hungarian speakers it will be incomprehensible. Nevertheless, it's one more piece of the puzzle! Thanks to Lacus for this, enjoy!
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Perfect Visions 3 Released
Posted by Csabo on 2011-06-06
Perfect Visions 3More good news this month: Ati has just released the final version of Perfect Visions 3. Unlike the party version (released at Busodore 2011), this one features an original TED tune. Download this release and enjoy the final version: it has nice vectors (including full frame-rate filled cube and 25 fps glenz) and what is probably the first ZoomDypp on our platform. If you like it, don't forget to vote! Enjoy!
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Club Info 122 Release
Posted by Csabo on 2011-06-05
Club Info 122Erich/Ultd just released the second Club Info issue of 2011: Club Info 122 is here! The disk image is full on both side: side A has the articles (news, hardware, game and utility reviews, etc), side B has the new and recent stuff. Of these, the following are being added to our database for the first time: OZ History (and edutainment title from Australia), Zitadelle (a German BASIC game) and Bloedsinn Hoch3 (a joke program from Lukian). Check it out and enjoy!
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Happy Birthday Mermaid!
Posted by Luca on 2011-06-03
Half 70Oh, let me remember the proverb...ah yes: better late than never!

The 21th of April a beloved scener, highly respected in many different scenes, reached her 35th year of life. The 35 years'turning point is a significative and important goal for everyone since Dante had thought to begin writing the Divine Comedy with the sentence "Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita", translated: "In the midst of our life's walking", an innovative poetic way to refer exactly to this age: 35!

Ladies, gentlemen: our birthday one is Mermaid. She does code, she composes chip music, she's worldwide famous for her unique skills in drawing on an innumerable range of different media, as she has shown to all of us makin'up her übercute parallax scrolling part in 8 Shades of Black 16K trackmo. That's because we hope to see more 264 releases from her in the (near?) future. Even though all the skills, experience and knowledge of the deep mechanics under the scene in general, all the people who had the luck to swap words and ideas with Vanja remember about her courtesy when relating with them, and the strong personality she never save to spread all around.

In the end, we all join the loud voice of Csio's birthtro, with graphics and SID music by Mermaid herself: happy 35th birthday Vanja!
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Moldi's Treasure 3/10
Posted by Luca on 2011-06-02
Knight Rider 2Have you been a good boy this year? The 3rd bunch has come!
Another sifting session, another bundle of stuff to view and download. This time, we have some very weird programs to spit out, like Reakcioidö game or Videofeliratozo or the questions'part of Az Atom Szerkezete (spreaded together? alone? we dunno yet...). We have finally found out a completely working version of Gentlemen's Knight Rider 2 megademo on two sides, and now we're able to entirely watch the fantastic pieces of code W-Man is capable to put down. Another megademo, Wonderland 3 got fixed: now the last part loads ok on any drive, the weird bug it did show in the past was a bad copy affair.

TCFS DemoBut now, let's hurtle to the real gem of this 3rd bunch, in which we definitely solve one of the most ancient mysteries in the Plus/4 scene.
For dozens years we only got one file of the vanished demo, the 14th part to be precise. Now, A.D. 2011, Moldi gives us a tangle of files, and they show to load each other. After a painstaking work of rebuilding, we've shown the final result to the original coder (ah, the power of Facebook!) and he approved it, recognizing it has been rebuilt exactly in the original shape.
Gentlemen: after 22 years in the dark, the TCFS Demo is here, a milestone of the scene! Dated September 1989, it has to be marked as one of the older megademos ever, only kept second by A Trip, a real hidden gem!

This is the complete list for the 3nd batch, enjoy all of them and wait for the fourth session:
Zoom, Zenei ABC, Videofeliratozo, Videofeliratozo Plus4, Videozo, Turbobasic +, Turbo Plus (version), Turbo-32000, Tombola 2, TDD-player, Szamologep, Super Bongo, Sejtautomata, Rejtvenyszerk, Nyilvantarto, Lissajous, Letter Writer, Legiharc-modok, Johnny's Letter Writer, Johnny's Packer, Deli Compacker (HCS), Debil, Basic-packer (x2), Wave, Torpedo 3D, Titkosügynök (version), Szamtoto, Risiko, Reakcioidö, Pinball (Commodore), Biologia, Az Atom Szerkezete (part), Wonderland 3 (fix), TCFS Demo, To Be On Top (MB), The Mad Cat, Perpetual Lives Plus4, Megabass, Knight Rider 2, Kaufhaus Digi.
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Carrion's First Plus/4 Work
Posted by Luca on 2011-05-23
Landing In The VillageFew weeks after the fantastic Wonderland, the picture that has given an unchallenged victory at Busödore Party 2011 to Piesiu, here comes another great leader graphician from the C64 scene.
It's now the turn of Carrion/Miracles to show true arts on the Plus/4, releasing Landing In The Village, whose subject seems to be a translation of Carrion's arrival on the 264 series shores: an alien artifact getting in contact with an unaware village. He did this little gem converting the original NUFLI C64 picture into an interlaced Plus/4 MFLI, and both version has been released at the same time.
We're just able to feel the sparkles of a forthcoming friction between who will like it so much, and who will dislike it because of its second-hand...landing on our machine :) In any case, nobody should moan about this unexpected great piece of art, and we love discussions so much in the very end:) Waiting for a fully dedicated Plus/4 picture, welcome Carrion!
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YAPE 1.0.1 Is Out!
Posted by Chronos on 2011-05-22
After more than 8 months, at last. It certainly felt less than that. There are not many new features, but the support for the lightpen is certainly an interesting one. Note, that not the commercial joystick port variant (Trojan lightpen) is supported but a different one that plugged into the user (RS-232) port. It has better quality software support.

The changes in this release are:

- Homebrew user port lightpen support
- IEC drive directory mode now recognizes USR files (.USR extension)
- Win95 compatibility problem with the OPENFILENAME struct size fixed
- TED sound bug correction
- Watchpoint & monitor fixes
- Printer reverse mode bug fixed

You can grab the release at the usual place: Yape Homepage or check the Yape page.
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Moldi's Treasure 2/10 + Rare Italian Tape
Posted by Luca on 2011-05-22
GFW MegademoI'm so sorry, it's my fault, I know! Here comes the second-out-of-ten shootout, straight from the treasure chest that Moldi gave to us. A second bunch which has been uploaded on the archive more than a week ago, but you know lazyness and springtime are married since the beginning of the universe...oh well, better later than never ;)
The ace in the hole of this time no doubt is the retrieval of GFW Megademo. The whole scene have just seen part of this Guys From West's production in a onesided release which has been spreaded under the title Best of GFW Mega. We didn't know what killed the official version of this demo, which is one whole disk big in its original shape, hence please: any info is very welcome, even from the authors!
Other notable entries are: the early Leonardo version, claimed to be bugged (TLC will explain ;) ); the mysterious New$Reel #12 (alt), which is plausibly an alternative version of the issue 12 (why?); the correct diskside versions of Logo Paint (finally!) and Deluxe Driver V5.0; an alternative version of Unisoft's "Torpedó" coded by LEH that casts some doubt on which arguably is the version that has been commercially released on tape; last but not least, any info about the weird Emco utility will be welcome.

Olimpia 1 / EvadereOh, and a little add-on! A rare Italian Mantra Software compilation on tape has been bought from eBay and then archived as .TAP files. Olimpia 1 / Evadere includes two hacks: Olimpia 1 as hack of Olympiad by Tynesoft, and Evadere as hack of King Size Tennis.

This is the complete list for the 2nd batch, enjoy all of them and wait for the third session:
GFW Megademo, Partizans, Fighting Warrior (crack), Golden Baton (crack), Logical Ball (alt), Leonardo (alt), Manager (hu), Paint Cube, Spy Vs Spy I, Torpedó 10x10, Torpedo (Ivánka), Torpedó (Unisoft alt), Tutti Frutti 4, Tutti Frutti 5, Tutti Frutti 6, New$Reel #12 (alt), Shit News 01, 6-os Lotto, 12kb Auf Plus4, 64-kb-copy, Buvos Lampacskak, Drive Justage, Deluxe Driver V5.0 (fix), Emco, Loader 93, Logo Displayer V1.0, Logo Paint (fix), MC-Packer V1.1, MC-Packer V2.2, MC-Packer V3.1, Minimenu, Moldi Loader, Moldi-compresser V1.0, Moldi's Packer V3.0 (versions), Nail Board, News Editor V4.1 (versions), Orok-naptar, Oroknaptar V2.10, Print Shop. Reklam, Super Copy, Supermon Plus4, Textverarbeitung, Toto-lotto Tippek, Tramp Kid Map, Turbo Copy Disk Tape, Variaciós Lotto.
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A Rare Hungarian Tape Found
Posted by Csabo on 2011-05-16
Oszkar A LovagBear(tm) found another rare treasure: a copy of Oszkár A Lovag. This Hungarian game was not very well known in the scene. It got a rave review in Terror News 16, but other than that, no notable mentions. This is actually the first time we can confirm the name, as the crack was simply spread as "Oscar". The game itself is a tough platformer, guide your hero (Oscar The Knight) through 6 wings of a castle.

Check out the cover artwork and be envious :-) Big thanks to Bear(tm) for hunting this down and sending it to us!
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Moldi's Treasure 1/10
Posted by Luca on 2011-05-02
Spy CollectionThat's what we love about big meetings with several sceners: you can only gain more and more, in fun, knowledge, social skills...and treasures!

As you probably have read in the Busodore Party's Report, this time the chest keeper was Moldi. Going along with a very bright idea, he came in Mohács with an unique gem: a pendrive with his own Plus/4 collection on! Easy life in 2011, being able to move with you more than 400 disks into your palm.
In the later days, the archive has been under investigation for several days. And, in the very end, from that holy pendrive, we've extracted more than 400 previously unseen programs! Yes, no need to rub your eyes, we've written "400 unseen programs"!

Nyuszika Tanít 6Ok, let's clarify: what do we mean with unseen programs? Well...everything!
Into our toiled selection, there are ancestral demos, ridiculous FLI pic's attempts, BASIC written disk tools, level edited games, complete versions of previously incomplete stuff, obscure educational programs, great games which have been badly spreaded, missing b-sides, weird packers, famous users'games cracks...
With all these fantastic programs, our database will get very close to completeness once they'll get all in. They are a very big amount to be added in two or three batches. Hence, our view is this one: we will complete the entry in approx. ten batches, whereas one average batch contains about 40-45 of them. We will try to keep the batches balanced in genres and quality of the entries: several utilities, some demos, some games educationals and mags, with a couple of mainly remarkable programs over all.

So, let's start, this is the first bunch being sent out. The bigger surprise of this first date is with no doubt Spy Collection, the rare game collection in which Bag stored all the three Spy Vs Spy conversions from C64, with their music, cute intros, IRQ loader for 1541 and 1551 disk drives. A great one! We now have 6 entries of the Nyuszika Tanit educational games, and we also have found a 100% working version of Drive megademo, and the very rare b-side of Digi-mania. Blockout and Digiripper V1.0 have been fixed with the original disk versions.

This is the complete list for the 1st batch, enjoy all of them and wait for our second spitout:
Digi-mania (fix), Drive (fix), Nyuszika Tanít 2, Nyuszika Tanít 3, Nyuszika Tanít 4, Nyuszika Tanít 5, Nyuszika Tanít 6, Typing Teacher, Battle Axe (1541), Blockout (fix), POD (trainer), Powerball 2, Powerball 3, Rockman 4, Rockman 5, Rockman 6, Rockman 7, Rockman 8, Rockman 9, Rockman 10, Spy Collection, Tomb of Tarrabash (trainer), Tutti Frutti Games, Calendari (Editoriale Video), Compatible Turbo Tape, Digiripper V1.0 (fix), Lightpen Demo, Lightpen-drawing V3.0, Loncsi Turbo, Monitor V3.0, Multi Botticelli (version), Moldi's Set, Naptarkeszito, Plus/4 Disk Protector V1.0, Rajztábla 3 (crack), Szuper Katalogus V3.2, Time Killer V1.0, Time-printer 2.5, Tool Basic 7.0, Users Adress, W-man Packer, Wordpro +4 (version), Zak Wizzard V1.2, Digital Parts.
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Clone: A New Game From Skoro
Posted by Csabo on 2011-04-28
CloneHere a fresh new release through our most-reliable 0-day supplier, Chronos wink He received by mail on a disk and transferred it, so that we can all enjoy the new game.

Skoro of Assassins crew created Clone, a logical game. It's based on the C64 version but the implementation is his own. The task is familiar: match the left side of the board to the right. There are a few twists however, play it and see.

Big respects to Skoro for his continued work! Let's hope for even more releases this year!
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Easter's Bigger Surprise!
Posted by Luca on 2011-04-25
States UnitedHats off, because there's a new winner on the higher chair!
We've broken our Easter 2011 chocolate egg, and look what's jumped out from inside! After months of work, after having stolen time to that horrible stuff which is called "real life", Bauknecht and The Electronic Knights have managed to compete at Revision 2011 party in the Commodore 8bit Demos compo against the usual C64 releases. But, you can teach me, when coders like Mad and Degauss move in, you must expect something awesome only. And what about adding awesomeness thank to Decca and Nero on the graphic side? And if they added a solid trackloader coded by Krill/+H, real maestro in those business?
Exact, you told that to me, you got a winner: they've won the compo!

Plus/4 World's staff join all the blackbox aficionados in a whole big "congratulations" scream toward the two cooperating crews. At the moment, States United stays to the Plus/4 like "Batman Forever" trackmo stays to CPC users, and like "Edge of Disgrace" stays to C64 fans: both Bauknecht and The Electronic Knights set new higher levels in the TED's squeezing, with extreme FPP effects, realtime graphics'streching and hard drums'TED music by the noisy side. It's year 2011, and now we know there are some more world records to beat, again!

It sounds like a declaration of war, and that's for real! It's like a bloody message to all the old and new sceners, and the message looks brief:"beat me if you know how" it says!. We will wait for the next candidate for the crown. But till then, salute Decca, Nero, Mad and Degauss, kings of the hill with States United / BKN+TEK!
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Busodore Results and Releases
Posted by Csabo on 2011-03-10
Busodore 2011Apologies for the little delay, but the Busodore 2011 releases are finally here! The results have been available for a while on the forum. I'm sure everyone has checked it out this highly anticipated new stuff already, but if you haven't, do it now! Congratulations to all the sceners who managed to produce new releases for the party, it was a lot of fun to watch them all, even the ones that didn't win. A full party report from me will follow (hopefully soon) so stay tuned!
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Club Info 121 Is Here
Posted by Csabo on 2011-03-10
Club Info 121Erich/Unlimited has just sent us the latest issue of Club Info, the long-running German disk-mag. Some of you might be noticing that it did not come out in February (in the usual two-month), but rather now in March. To paraphrase Erich: "I won't be able to release Club Info every two months. I have a demanding job, family, I often write articles for newspapers, I am in the executive committee of a society, in the regional executive committee of a political party, I'm a local councilor in my home town, sometimes I even have to sleep... and then there is Club Info. I've decided that from now on, the magazine will be released every three months." Well, there you have it!

This issue has some new stuff: Dualhexe, Escape To Window and Quindici. On side B, there's also a map for the recently found game Mystery of Silver Mountain in Page-Setter format.
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Busodore Invitro Arrives!
Posted by Csabo on 2011-02-27
Busodore InvitroIt wouldn't be a real party without an invitro, so better late than never, the busodore organizers are here to present you I'm Old As You Can See! Be amazed what a humble Plus/4 can do :-) Bumpmapping, animated torus, all top-notch effects and a high-quality SID tune. What's not to love?

The invitro is also available as a downloadable AVI file here.

Be sure to check out the list of attendees. If this invitro doesn't make you want to attend on March 5th, nothing will!
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A new version of VICE is out
Posted by Gaia on 2011-02-20
After a long and marathonic beta-phase, version 2.3 of the popular multiplatform Commodore 8-bit machines emulator has been released yesterday. Here is the full list of changes having an impact on the plus/4:

** General

- Added x64sc, the accurate C64 emulator:
We believe x64sc is one of the most accurate C64 emulators at the
- Drive improvements, including weak bit emulation.
- Major reSID overhaul:
* Emulation of all known pipeline delays for full cycle accuracy.
* New shift register model based on revectorized die photograps.
* Accurate DAC models based on revectorized die photograps.
* Emulation of floating waveform DAC input for waveform 0.
* Advanced 6581 transistor level filter model based on revectorized
die photograps, yielding unprecedented accuracy.
- CRT Emulation (former "PAL emulation") is now available regardless of
video mode or -chip and works in all emulators.
NOTE: Color gamma range changed. You may need to set to 2.200 manually.
- Added "True aspect ratio" option.
- Sound buffer overflows reduced and the error replaced with a warning.
- Various monitor improvements (io details, expansion port status ...)
- Removed little used Emulator ID feature.
- VIA wrap handling rewritten to fix problems with timer 2.
- Added autostart option to do LOAD ,8 instead of ,8,1.
- Improved accuracy of CIA interrupts. (6526/6526A selectable)

** PLUS4 changes

- Fixed crashes in NTSC mode.
- Added v364 speech emulation.

As you can see, VICE folks have also implemented the emulation of the Toshiba T6721A speech chip and it is now featured in the plus/4 emulator.

Head on over to the Sourceforge webpage here. At the time of this writing only the source code is available, but a question of time and the binaries will be up there as well.
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Old Pieces Of Software Resurface
Posted by Csabo on 2011-02-15
Tubular BellsWhile digging through the disk archives we found some old demos, games and utilities that haven't been added to our site. Some of the notables ones are as follows: Tubular Bells, a classic Mucsi conversion (how did we miss this, when the 2nd part was listed?). Two lesser known Doky demos: Video Demo and Musics of Demos. (Were these really made 21 years ago? My, we're getting old.)

Head on over to the New Stuff page to see what's up, you may find something you haven't seen before. Big thanks to Luca for digging most of these up and doing the quiet administrative work. Be sure to keep checking your old disks and tapes for more lost treasures!
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2011 - Year Of The Bunny
Posted by Csabo on 2011-02-14
Bunny-2011According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. To celebrate it, Litwr released a small demo, featuring a cute bunny. The original image was drawn by an amateur girl artist. IstvanV's p4fliconv was used for the conversion. Check it out!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone :-)
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4 New TLT Digis Arrive
Posted by Csabo on 2011-02-10
Cool-Tiesto-MixA little late, but 4 TLT digi demos from 2010 finally made their way to Plus/4 World. Hifi continues the tradition of releasing digi demos, here they are in order: Cool-Tiesto-Mix, Retro-Snap, Rockon T-Rex and Sargazsiguli. Check them out! Thanks to Skoro and Chronos for supplying us with these warez!
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Old Hungarian Stuff Found
Posted by Luca on 2011-02-04
Rajztabla 3We at Plus/4 World are traditionally eager for discovering obscure commercial software, hence we feel happy when someone spots out old tapes in order to bring 'em back. This is Lacus' time to recover both sides of Szuperturbo, an Hungarian compilation of two tape turbos: Dataturbo*15 and 15-Turbo Plus/4. He has also found Rajztábla 3, a joystick driven bitmap drawing tool written in BASIC, previously known by all of us simply as "Rajztábla". Do earlier versions exist too? Only time will tell, but since we have so clever software archaeologists like Lacus, we await future updates about this tool.
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Exomizer 2.0 Final
Posted by Csabo on 2011-01-31
We're a bit late reporting this, but here it is just in case. Exomizer, the popular cross-platform cruncher has reached a "final" release this month. The latest beta was release about two and a half years ago. Exomizer has been used in many of the recently released Plus/4 productions, so coders will want to update their copy.

Big cheers to Magnus Lind, the author, for this fantastically useful utility!
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Happy New Year - Hires Color 5
Posted by Csabo on 2011-01-03
Hires Color 5Erich/Unlimited official kicks off the 2011 Plus/4 release list with Hires Color 5. Hires Color is a series of picture shows with one release each year. You'll find 32 images on the two disk-sides, all images are using the hi-res graphics mode. The picture show uses the Magica driver.

Let's hope that 2011 will be another game, demo and contest filled blast for the Commodore Plus/4. We'd like to see many more cool release on our platform!
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