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Welcome to Plus/4 World!
Crackers' Demo 5!
Crackers' Demo 5
Crackers' Demo 5 is underway, to be released at Arok 2016, 8-bit retroparty in Hungary.

21 days until deadline!

Parts submitted: gerliczer, Kichy, Mad, Ninja/GS, PPCS

Working on parts: Ati, bubis, Csabo, Csio, Degauss, Lavina, nukem, Skoro.
May submit a part but no promises: Britelite, Hifi, Moldi, Murphy, Rachy, TMR.
Thinking about it: +3

Need some help? Contact...
5tarbuck (music), carrion (gfx), Chronos (gfx), Csabo (music).

More information in the Official Forum Thread

Posted by Csabo on 2016-06-20Thanks to Erich/ULTD, Club Info 142 is out! Check out the latest issue for tons of German news, articles, and the B side full of releases.[ comment ]

Micro Projects' Sourcefiles Galore
Posted by Luca on 2016-06-18
Micro Projects SalesJust few days before the first publishing of his long awaited book about the history of Gremlin Graphics, Mark Hardisty has launched a dedicated blog full of memorabilia, pictures, stories, whatever, about the famous software house. Among all, there are some source files (click to download!) nested in few D64s donated by Anthony J. Clarke, mostly regarding C16/Plus4 games developed under the Micro Projects label.
We managed to handle those disk images, just to see if something of our interest would have jumped out...and that's really the way it went!

The weird or just known material that has been discarded is: final versions of some C16 games just as we know (Tycoon Tex), some chars and sprites editors for C64 coded for personal usage, a slice of code about "Thing on a Spring" on C64 and one uselessly single uncompiled text regarding Sword Of Destiny.
Let's go on with the juicy stuff, then. There are some early stages versions of games from Anthony J. Clarke and Micro Projects in general to add to our archive with some notes where needed: Dork's Dilemma, Xargon Wars (a sort of gameplay testing one), Xargon's Revenge and Kung-fu Kid (with missing animation for the big boss at the end, and different sfx).
Again regarding Xargon's Revenge, two different disk versions have popped out from the disks, built up in distinct ways, one with PETSCII loading screen.

Dork's Dilemma EditorApart of the interesting older versions of the games we just know, two other programs has been saved from the dusts of time. Micro Projects Sales is a really interesting document about sales and revenues regarding all the Micro Projects games which have been sold in 1985. And the author's personal Dork's Dilemma Editor has come to the light too, revealing that those 24x24 chars rooms are actually stored as Y-mirrored 12x24 chars ones!

At the same time, two surprises were asleep into those D64s. Here come the C64 test versions of Dork's Dilemma and Tycoon Tex, arguably coded before being passed to the C16, in order to have quite comprehensive assembler and compiler which were available on C64 only at that time: though the games have badly implemented or missing sound, it's clear that the code is absolutely the same as for the C16 version. Luca has managed to release the both of them on the C64 related sites under the label of his buddies in Hokuto Force, with trainers: Dork's Dilemma Preview +2 and Tycoon Tex Preview +2.

We want to see thanks once again to Anthony J. Clarke for his donation, and to Mark Hardisty for having put'em online available for anyone.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-06-05Two small but fun BASIC games have been released by RoePipi: RandTown Builder and RandTown Crusher![ comments ]

Posted by Csabo on 2016-06-04We now have an original TAP file for Botticelli from Lacus, as well as a "Wedge" program, which "simulates" the hardware key that was included with the original (thanks to "Tanárnéni Kedvence").[ comment ]

Plus4HTML Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2016-05-31
István Bozsik has just released v2.0 of Plus4HTML (a Windows tool). If the name sounds unfamiliar, it's because it was previously known as Plus4Lst. The new version is a complete rewrite:
  • There's a clean GUI now instead of a command line tool, with instant preview
  • The generated HTML files use a web-font and should pass markup validation
  • Syntax highlighting and many cool formatting options.
This is a very useful tool for programmers, if you liked the older version, you'll love this one. There's no installation needed, the included EXE is all you need. Be sure to check it out!
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-05-24Newly registered member sabe provided the solution for his only game, as well as some info and a fixed version.[ comment ]

Multipurpose Multiplatform "Multipaint"!
Posted by Luca on 2016-05-17
MultipaintTero Heikkinen has just improved and bugfixed his Multipaint, a very comprehensive tool which allows the user to easily draw graphics as bitmap or in tile mode, in several modes supported by various 8bit machines, like ZX Spectrum C64 MSX1 and more.

The 3rd release includes support for Commodore Plus/4, both HiRes and Multicolor modes. This takes Multipaint to the top in Plus/4 crossplatform graphics editor, with extensive brushes options, easy recolouring tools, Botticelli/Multibotticelli import and export compatibility, .ASM straight exporting, double paging and many more facilities for your needings!
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"Pixel Polizei" Is Out!
Posted by Marq on 2016-05-17
Pixel PolizeiPixel Polizei, a tool for the retro artists is out: It lets you check and solve color clashes, after which you can save the outcome in native formats for displaying them on a real machine. Runs on Lin/Mac/Win as long as Java 7 or newer is installed. Open source, of course. Hires and multicolor supported on the Plus/4 as of now.
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Ultimate Map V1.9
Posted by Luca on 2016-05-10
Ultimate ROM Map V1.9Quite a heavy update for the Ultimate Map, which has been refreshed and renewed by SVS once again! Nothing has been left out, from Commodore disk drives memory mapping thru C64 addressing compare, to the most famous and the rarest OS bugs.

This is the list of news about V1.9 release that summarizes most of the addons in Ultimate Map:

- A new INDEX page with hyperlinks to all the other pages and sub-arguments;
- New section DISK DRIVES with full memory description for 1541/1551/1581, Internal commands and exit codes, Scheme on how to set an internal command, DOS errors;
- New section HARDWARE with BUS-TIMING and USERPORT layouts (compared with C64' one);
- New section BASIC with Memory use schemes, Basic-line structure, Variable/Arrays structures and storing, Basic keywords table (tokens, parameters, defaults, etc.), Basic errors;
- Automatic calculators: 1) Arrays memory occupation and address calculation; 2) Decimal <---> Hexadecimal converter;
- New tables on TED page: Exact frequencies of the 264 machines; Music Notes table for each machine and deviation from wanted frequency. Pitch mode is selectable (Standard or "Verdi");
- Details on O.S. and DISK DRIVES pages for each bit of all the mapped ICs (/6551, 6529, 6223, etc.);
- Implementations on KEYBOARD table in I/O page, plus a new table of the differences between Plus4 and C64 keyboard matrix;
- New info for USR() function use, Long jump routines; Clock updating (RAM and ROM), exit flags for CHRGET routine, $9317 routine, TED D/A feature, TED MGR-ECM-HiRes incompatibility, Cartridge start codes, ROM/RAM switching, $BA, $02E7 (double width);
- Additional new tables: Colors, Bit-screen layout;
- More info in I/O and Expansion area $FD00-FEFF, free TED area $FF20-$FF3D, copy on RAM of TED registers $FFF6-$FFFD;
- Graphic modes mask at $0083;
- Added RENUMBER bug, erased GSHAPE bug, updated SSHAPE bug;
- Added more info regarding RAM Expansions (Hannes / Csory) and OS96 (Solder) both in O.S. and BASIC pages;
- Corrections: RS232 bug; TED<-->VICII; examples in PETSCII page;
- Lots of minor modifications.
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Posted by Csabo on 2016-05-03Crackers' Demo 5 is happening! Spread the word, get active and check the forum for more details.[ comments ]

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