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Bit Fox
Title:Bit Fox
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
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Coded by:RoePipi
Notes:AKA BitFox, Bit-Fox. A small action coloring game with a bit fox. It takes 10 minutes to beat, that is, if you are quicker than BASIC.
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User Rating: 7.3/10 (6 votes)
Bit Fox Title Screenshot

Bit Fox Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Hall Of Fame
1Luca2,931Played using YAPE 1.0.4, PSX joypad.
2Csabo2,884YAPE 1.0.4.

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 125

Author's Technical Notes
Scope	Variable
===== ========
cycle A$: pressed key
draw B: block code (96: border, 250: path)
cycle C: colored blocks count / count while drawing
end C$: entered name
cycle D: direction (0=undecided) / title loop counter (1-6, 7:game init, 8:high scores)
prg D(0-3): direction deltas for drawing paths (1,40,-1,-40)
game D$: down key
E: enough of new path (-random)
cycle F: frequency of new path appearing (+: wait, 0:trigger, -:draw)
cycle G: gamer poke
stage H: color code of colored block / music state at title (1-92) / high score position at enter high scores
prg H(1-10): high scores
prg H$(1-10): high score names
cycle I,J,K: loop variables
stage L: length of path (1-250, resets at every stage) / sound length at title
game L$: left key
cycle M: move of gamer (direction)
stage O: goal # of colored blocks
cycle P: will poke at / P%() index while D=0
stage P%(1-250): poke address of block
game R$: right key
game S: stage (1-9) / sound pitch at title
stage T: time left
game U: ultimate score (sum of remaining times + colored blocks + stage bonuses)
game U$: up key
prg V: sound volume
cycle W: will of gamer (direction) / dummy for some tricks
prg Z: zone diff between color map and char map (1024)
prg Z$: timer reset string ("000000")

0 program init --> title screen
10 game init
20 next stage init
100 randomize and draw paths
200 control gamer --> out of time OR stage win OR other commands OR randomize and draw paths
250 out of time (game over) --> enter high scores OR next stage init
300 other commands --> next stage init OR control gamer
350 stage win --> next stage init OR game win
390 game win --> enter high scores
400 overall score display - RETURN
500 draw stage - RETURN
900 draw path (returns C=0) - RETURN
990 stage data lines (seed, start, count, direction, ..., count, direction, 0)
1000 title screen
1100 title loop --> game init OR high scores
1120 music loop - RETURN
1170 keys & volume control - RETURN
1300 enter high scores --> high scores
1500 high scores --> title screen
2000 music data (sound 1 pitch, sound 1 length, sound 2 pitch, sound 2 length, ..., -1)

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