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In the year 2148, after years of constant bombardment, the planet earth has been taken over by Cobrons who have now departed but left the government of the country in the hands of its super intelligent command module. The defenders of the command module base are formidable. It requires a steady hand and accurate control to guide the fighter plane that has undertaken the suicidal mission of destroying the base.

Category:Game/Shoot'em up
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Retail Price:£6.95
Game ending type:Has an end, restarts (reward)
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Released by:Anirog
Coded by:G., Jeff (Jef)
Notes:AKA Skramble 16. An almost complete rip-off of Konami's arcade machine Scramble from 1981. This C16/Plus4 version is based around the C64 release (1983).
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  External links:
    C64 release
    Dragon 32 / 64 release

User Rating: 7.1/10 (16 votes)
Skramble Title Screenshot

Skramble Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Hall Of Fame
1Baz70,490YAPE emulator.
2Luca33,100Played using YAPE 1.0.4, PSX joypad.
3MIK32,020Played on real hardware.
4Csabo22,280YAPE 1.0.4

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Appeared On Compilations
Power Pack (Anco)
10 Computer Hits 3

Review: Compute Mit SA 1/86 (Magazine/German) Page 29
Review: Commodore User 19 (Magazine/English) Page 45

Cassette Cover (1984)
Cassette Cover (1984)
Cassette Front Cover (1984 Turbo)
Cassette Front Cover (1984 Turbo)
Cassette Front Cover (1985)
Cassette Front Cover (1985)
Cassette Cover (Pink)
Cassette Cover (Pink)
Cassette Side Cover
Cassette Side Cover
Cassette Back Cover
Cassette Back Cover

Cassette or Box Photo

Game Map Preview
Download: skramble_map.gif
Description: Game Map
Dimensions: 1832x885
Created by Reuben Cornwall in 2008.

1st sector- Red - Face the ferocious and deadly rocket attack.

2nd sector - Blue -This is a cavern sector. You will face lethal UFO attack.

3rd sector - Brown - Dodge the fireballs. you cannot shoot them down.

4th sector - Light Blue - City - Manoeuvre your way through the city with its tower blocks.

5th sector - Purple - Maze - Again requires some clever steering.

6th sector - Green - Base - You have at last arrived at the nerve center of the Cobron defence. You will get the chance to destroy their base.

In all sectors, you must bomb and destroy the enemy's mysterious AMMO modules and fuel dumps so that you may refuel yourself.


50 points if still on the gorund.
80 points if shot in the air.
100 or 200 or 300 points - mysterious Ammo modules
10 points for each second of survival.

CONTROLS: (joystick or keyboard)
Up = P
Down = .
Reverse/Slow = L
Forward = ;
Fire = Run/Stop

Solutions - Longplay

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
Run/Stop + ResetStop game
>390B ADUnlimited lives
>13D2 2CUnlimited fuel
>38C1 60Invulnerability
G 3A00Restart game

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