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2002 - The Year in Review
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-31
2002 is over. For the last news posting this year I thought it would be nice to reflect on what kind of year this has been. So here are some of the things that happened in the last 365 days in the World of the Plus/4.

On the emulator front the coders were quite busy. YAPE went from 0.33 to 0.42. Minus4 went from 2.1 to 2.5. Even the very first emulator (Mr. Lidovski's) got updated to 1.1 (plus the source was released as well). The year brought only one Artifex update back in March. Other than that, we didn't hear much from Zsolt Prievara, leaving the fans of his two excellent emulators a bit disappointed. (We hope that you were just busy, and that you will return!) Christian Nowak has surprised us with PlusIVe for the GP32, plus a port of YAPE.

New stuff on the web. Mike Dailly became the lucky owner of Several new Plus/4 related sites have appeared. James C's site has found it's final home at The German opened and now carries all German diskmags, including the still running Club Info. Maugli/EDC created a new site for their crew, listing all of their releases. Ati has created a homepage for his stuff as well. And of course Lando's Classix and the Plus/4 Database has merged, more on this later.

New software. 28 brand new releases came out this year. While this may not sound much, it's definitely an increase from the past couple of years. Is the scene really growing? I sure hope so, but only time will tell. Still, respects to all those guys who released something this year. This included: bubis, Erich/Unlimited, Hifi and the TLT gang, James C, Paul Panks (Dunric), Skoro, SVS, and me (Csabo).

The people. So many guys did so many things. Let's see: Lando has done his share of work as usual, scanning tons of covers for the site. Noro has found his way back to the scene, and has given us five cool maps. bubis has been around too. Even though he is coding on the C=64 as a Resource member, he's done some really cool stuff for the plussy. MC/EDC dropped by a few times, and even wrote a D64 utility. That crazy guy from Italy (no other than SVS) hasn't stopped pouring out the cool stuff. His ROM Map and utilities are real gems. Luca has been busy uploading stuff to, and even entered a tune for the SID Compo II. James C has gathered lots of interesting stuff, including lots of magazine article scans. The list goes on.

For me, there's a few things too. There was the endless work on this site, when I look at it now, it's hard to believe how far it has come. Written four games for the MiniGame compo, one of them won 4th place. Released the Plus4IDE tool. Hacked a bunch of games to make them work with emulators. The database project keeps growing and changing, the number of programs listed has almost doubled since we've opened Plus/4 World. I'm glad the project is finally public, we're all building this.

It has been a good year. Thanks for everyone who made it happen. Let's hope that we can make 2003 an even better year!

W-Man Picture and Emu News
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-29
W-Man of GSThe Faces of the Scene gallery has just received a new addition, a picture of W-Man of Gentlemen Software. Many thanks to Ati (Attila Cseri) for sending us the picture!

The following news items are a from early December, but still worth mentioning: PlusIVe, a Commodore Plus/4 emulator for the GP32 has been released. MESS has been updated to version 0.62.

UVL Plus/4 World Links!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-29
UVL (Universal Videogame List) is a very ambitious project run by Andrea Doino: it aims to build a database list of all video games on all platforms! This, of course, includes the C=16/Plus4 as well. Users of UVL who search for our games will now receive a platform specific link, which lets them search for a game on Plus/4 World! Cheers Andrea!

Erich/Unlimited Games
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-26
We've dug up five more games from the D64 Recall archive. These are the works of Erich/Unlimited. All of them are C=16 public domain games, written in Basic. Here they are: Abc-Puzzle, Deflection, Hurkel, Petals Around The Rose and Plus 4 Memory. Enjoy!

YAPE 0.42 is out!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-17
Attila writes, this version is basically a bugfix release. It solves a couple of serious problems (and still leaves a lot more untouched) like the now infamous fullscreen crash...

You can catch the full story and of course your copy of the latest release from the official homepage as always. Many thanks to Attila once again for his contined work with Yape. Cheers buddy!

3000 Programs!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-13
It still needs some sorting, but it's official: we have 3000 pieces of Plus/4 software listed! It's hard to believe we came this far. When I joined my site with Lando's I only had around 1600 entries, and now it's almost double that. Special thanks go to everyone who has contributed to this project!

TomHX Disk Archive Uploaded
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-12
The complete TomHX Disk Archive is now online. 281 files, ~29MB stuff. If you find any problems, broken links, etc. let us know on the forum. That's a lot of stuff to dig into. Happy digging!

Crackers' Demo 3!!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-10
Crackers Demo 3In 1992, when the Plus/4 demoscene was alive and well, the third installment of Crackers' Demo was made. A huge collaboration of the scene, the demo takes up three floppy disk sides. Well, you can finally watch this demo again (or for the first time). I, Csabo, have a copy of the demo, but the first two disks are damaged. I still managed extract not less than 19 parts from this cool production. It is now uploaded to EMUCamp in a zip file. I made the parts separately loadable, and they all run surprisingly well on most emulators.

The participants included groups like CNS, DS, EDC, LOD, MTV, SCN and even TEK from Germany. Ah, the good ol' days.

Two New Tools Added
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-09
From TomHX come there two new utilities for the PC. D64Dir is a small but useful utility that lists the contents of D64 files to a readable TXT file. The second, Detoken (written in 1997) converts Commodore Basic V3.5 .PRG files to readable .TXT files. Both tools come with full C++ source code! Go to the Tools Page to check them out!

TomHX Disk Archive!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-05
Tamas Nagy (TomHX)Well, someone did come along and gave us a pretty big gift: a complete disk archive! It comes from a true Plus/4 veteran: Tamás Nagy (AKA TomHX). This old-school programming guru from Hungary has written lots of programs and magazine articles all the way back in the eighties. He has also created numerous hardware extensions. His record has been updated with a picture, email and website addresses (just in case someone wants to drop him a line and thank him ;-).

It will take a while to upload all the stuff, but I'd rather release it as soon as possible, so for now please don't report broken links yet. If something is not there, it's because we didn't have the time. Go check it out now!

I've also added a small link above the logo - please click it and then click the banners to support Plus/4 World (popups!).

Mega Update!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-04
We have completed another mega update! The software library has more than 2700 programs listed and linked. We have more than 6200 working download links - (almost) all files on all download sites have been added! The VICVentures site was also added, and one site which no longer exists was removed. Today we have also added about 25 screenshots for games, still lots to go. Go to the new uploads page to see the nearly 200 new programs added in the last 7 days.

This means soon we will be down to the nitty-gritty: it's difficult to add more new programs, and any new find will be a rare one... Unless someone comes along with a disk archive or a list to help us out

Become A Goonie!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-12-03
Goonies ScreenshotsThe original Goonies game was made in 1985 by Datasoft for the C=64, based on the hit movie with the same title. Mucsi from the Muffbusters converted it to Plus/4. Unfortunately, the game uses a special loader routine that currently does not work on any emulator. Csabo has created a work-around which you can download in a zip file from here at EMUCamp.

It's an interesting platform style game with puzzle elements in it (many of the puzzles recall scenes from the movie). What makes it unique is that you always control two characters. Now you can play this game on YAPE!

Play Battery 2 on YAPE!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-29
This truly amazing Commodore Plus/4 only game is now playable on YAPE! A new, slightly modified version has just been uploaded to EMUCamp thanks to Csabo. Make sure to unzip this file into a separate folder, then run RUN.PRG (obviously). Don't be surprised that the zip file has some very weird filenames, in fact, this is what makes the game work!

This is an extremely cool game by TCFS, and it will provide you with many hours (weeks) of gameplay. Those who would dismiss this as yet another Taskforce like shooter are way off... Just give it a try!

Also we have reached 2600 programs! Yay!

New Oldie Found #1
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-28
Sziget (Island)It was more than 10 long years ago that Bit-ikli has created this basic game. This is the first program that is MY contribution to our Plus/4 software archive. I was so glad when I found this to be something new after looking through *lots* of disks with stuff that we already have. When I think about it, I wonder how many more games/demos/utilities are hiding on so many old disks, just waiting to be found again...

Even though this game is in Hungarian, with the little description I provided (plus a dictionary) anyone could have fun with it. I remember playing this many afternoons back in the day, and it was fun!

Also SVS has submitted two screenshots for his Macro Assembler and SVS-OS.

Last Visited page
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-26
There is yet another new page for you to check out: The Last Visited Page (note: page was removed in 2009). You can use this page to see what everyone else is looking at... A bit similar to MetaSpy. If anyone looks at a software, member, group or a tool, it goes to the first place... :-) While completely useless, this page is fun!

The sidebar here on the index page has been changed to include all these new pages (Team, Editing and Last Visited).

Editing Things
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-25
There is a new page here on Plus/4 World regarding editing: the editing page. This is mainly for those who want to contribute, but everyone else is welcome to read it. There are five sections which are now also editable: Introductions, Descriptions, Instructions, Cheats and Solutions. We are hoping that this will encourage all of you to contribute! Thanks to everyone who has added stuff so far. Questions, comments and ideas are still welcome.

100,000 Hits!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-23
Unbelievable, but true: sometime in the early hours today Plus/4 World has reached One Hundred Thousand hits! Check out the counter at the bottom/left of this page. (And that's only hits to the front page...) Lando and Csabo would like to thank everyone who visit and help us - you make this site a success! Woo-hoo!!

New Stuff
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-22
CoyoteWe now have a picture of Coyote (Béla Králl), a talented graphician from Coroners. That makes it 47 for the Faces of the Scene. Thanks to TLC for the picture.

desertfragmentsAlso added today are two demos from bubis, desert and fragments. They are 2002 releases, and most of you probably haven't seem them. They are full of very cool, high tech stuff never before seen on the Plus/4.

Also head on over to for some emulator news.

Play Jerry's Quest on Yape!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-21
Jerry walkingThe Turtle, The Crab and The Earthworm
The Jerry's Quest Page has been updated with some instructions. This game was written by TCFS in 1993. The original .D64 file currently does not work with any emulator.
For those who want to (re)play this game, we have a bit of good news. A new zip file has been uploaded to EmuCamp which contains a version that will work with YAPE. Make sure to unzip this file to a separate folder, then run 'Loader.prg'. Alternatively, you can run 'Game_only.prg' to skip the intro. It's worth checking out.

Help Us Build Plus/4 World!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-20
Today Plus/4 World officially opens for editing... It takes a lot of time and effort to build and maintain the software library, and now you can be a part of it too. By becoming an editor, you gain access to the editing features on this website. These features will allow you to add new softwares or information - instantly! Anyone who is already on the Member Listing (and has an email address entered) can automatically sign up. Just go to the login page, and type in your username (or handle). A newly generated password will be emailed to you. With that password, you can now log on as an editor. It's that simple!

If you are on the member listing but don't have email entered there, or you are not listed as a member at all, you can still sign-up manually by emailing Csabo.

Well, this has been in the works for quite some time now. This whole 'business' is probably not in it's final state yet, but things seem to be working quite well, so why not make it public. What happens from here on will depend on the feedback.

2500 Programs
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-14
Here we grow again. Plus/4 World's software library now contains 2500 pieces of software! That's a sifnificant number, and we definitely have lots more to enter. I (Csabo) would like to say thanks to those who have recently joined up to help with the database (you know who you are). Thanks guys!

Tron Lamer Team Pictures
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-13
Borscrock (BCK)MelaHifiHifi has sent us three pictures for the Faces of the Scene gallery. These are the members of the Tron Lamer Team - Hifi and his two daughters. Hifi, Mela and Borscrock. TLT is still active, they have written tons of digi and SID stuff for the Plus/4. Thanks! Update!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-11-04
Sunday brought a major update to JamesC has uploaded 8 more Compute!'s Gazette covers; the disks, box and manual images of "The Complete Course in BASIC Programming"; 8 more Jim Hehl disks; and the program "Money Decisions: Loan Analysis" from the original C16 cassette tape.

On the GEOS side, he is expecting some of the GEOS addons (GeoCalc, GeoFile, etc) to arrive within the next week. Another Commodore fan in the States may have a spare 1551 soon that he would like to purchase so that he may finally get started on the GEOS-Plus/4 project, as he has not located a 6525 nor a Magic Voice in the States to get his 1551 working.

1K MiniGame Sources Released
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-30
You can download the full source codes for Csabo's 1K Adventure, Csabo's 1K Memory, Csabo's 1K Racer and Csabo's 1K Tetris. (Links at the bottom of each page.) They are complete with comments and can be compiled with the Plus4IDE. May be interesting for aspiring programmers. No copyrights, you can do whatever you want with them.

SVS Softwares Uploaded
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-29
SVS has given us yet another present: he sent us more than a dozen of his programs, most of which has never been published on the 'Net. This includes two older games (Helicopter and Nuclear Defense), and lots of utilities.

The addition of these new pieces of software give us the perfect opportunity to unveil yet another new page here on Plus/4 World: New Uploads. This page will always automatically reflect the latest uploaded (or added) softwares. (This is the feature I was referring to in my post.)

Enjoy, I'm almost done anyway.

Software Listings Page Updated
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-28
Over the weekend our Software Listings Page has received a big facelift. The old page was only able to list by category, and jumping between the categories was a bit difficult (as it was mentioned on the forum.)

The new page addresses this problem. Navigating categories is now much easier (e.g. you can get to "Utilities/Programming" in just two clicks.) Besides listing by category, you can now also view the software database by year and by name - two very useful features we hope. The title of the page has also been fixed, so that it tells you what listing you are on (better for bookmarks, etc.)


Ultimate ROM Map Is Here!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-24
The big day has finally came. SVS has just released his amazing document, the Ultimate ROM Map. At 262Kb (68K zipped) you can tell that someone has put a lot of effort into it - definitely a one-of-a-kind listing of lots of cool Plus/4 stuff. SVS invites everyone to use this resource, and he also asked that if anyone has anything to contribute, the please do so :-)

Also added to the Tools/Documentation list is Mike Dailly's copyrighted ROM Disassembly. Under Programming Mike's new SNasm has been added, bringing the total number of tools up to 25.

New Club Info
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-23
Club info #71 is out! Go download it now from the Club Info Download Page. That makes it 18 brand new releases for 2002.

Also today Plus/4 World has reached 2400 programs.

Plus4 World Mailbag #1
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-21
We have received this nice email from Ninja / The Dreams:


I just happened to find your very nice +4 site. The news stated that you are waiting for a ROM-description by SVS. Well, to shorten this time I wanted to let you know about my coding help-system. :) It is mainly for C64, but I think a number of topics will be useful for +4-coders, too. If you are interested, please have a look at

I'd be happy if AAY could also help on the +4-side. 8Bit roxxor! ;)''

It looks very informative, I'm sure some of us can find it useful. Thanks!

Phoenix is Here!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-16
Anyone remembers this oldie-but-goldie? No? Well, now you can check it out anyway. Phoenix (not to be confused with Pheenix) is a shoot 'em up from Bohdan Rau of Braintron software - all the way from Poland. The game itself is not that great, but the title screen has a very nice jazzy tune (which has been ripped out and featured in a few demos). That tune kept coming back to me, but I could not find this game anywhere on the net. So here it is, even though it's a crack.

What's even more interesting than the game itself is where we got it from. We have received a huge D64 collection from an old-school scene member, who shall remain nameless for now. Not less than 301 .D64 images (50MB) full of Plus/4 stuff, including lots of games and demos that are not online anywhere at the moment. We will slowly work through this software library and publish the new stuff here, so stay tuned.

Famous Faces #4
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-15
TLCSkoroTwo more pictures of famous Plus/4 guys have been added to our Faces of the Scene gallery, raising the total number of pictures to 43. This time it's TLC (Levente Hársfalvi) and Skoro (Gábor Varga).

Skoro has been a member of several groups before finally settling down with the Assassins. He has written tons of games (at least 16 by our count), and amazingly, is still active. His latest game was Cross Motor - a 2002 release!

TLC is a "sound-guru", anyone who knows the Plus/4 demo world remembers his amazing high-speed digi players (like the one in his Megademo). One of his best works was his version of the Stormlord-digi (4 channels), which was published in the oh-so-wanted Cracker's Demo III. He is alive and well, but because of work and other real life stuff unfortunately we won't see any Plus/4 releases from him in the near future. Thanks for the pictures, guys!

More Ultimate ROM List News
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-14
Straight from SVS/Fire comes yet another piece of interesting news regarding his upcoming Ultimate ROM List. Apparently he's working on yet another new section. This time it's the graphic-modes of the Plus/4. What we can tell from the screenshots is that it's yet another set of colourful, detailed set of grid. Click the thumbnail for a bigger screenshot to check it out yourself. Thanks SVS!

Exomizer for Plus/4!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-08
"Ask, And Ye Shall Receive"! There is a great cross-platform cruncher for the C=64, called Exomizer. I (Csabo) decided to write to the creator of this software to ask him if he would consider making a C16/Plus4 version. I even offered my help with Plus4 specific memory locations, etc. You can imagine how surprised I was when in his reply he sent me a working beta version! In the past few weeks, the new version has been finalized. The author, Magnus Lind - hailing from Sweden - has just released Version 1.1 of Exomizer, which now includes C16/Plus4 support!

Just how good is this packer, you ask? Just to give you an idea, it compresses Mercenary (which uses the full memory from $1000 to $FCFF) from 59.1Kb to 33.3Kb! (PUCrunch, which is still an excellent packer managed 33.9Kb).

To download the new Exomizer now, go to our Tools page. And to Magnus, we would like to say "Tack, kompis"

Ultimate ROM List Update!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-07
SVS/Fire is still busy working on the Ultimate ROM List. He has currently working on a new section regarding the Plussy's TED chip, complete with color-coded grids. We have our first peek of this groundbreaking document! Click the screenshots on the right for a larger image. Thanks SVS! Updated!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-10-06
James C has put up some very cool new stuff to his page. First up is the Compute!'s Gazette Plus/4 and C16 disk, volume 1. It covers their software from 1985 and 1986.

Also online are some of Jim Hehl's NTSC-fixed software (mostly patched European games). The games should make anyone with an NTSC Plus/4 only very happy! :-) (Of course the files should be copied off to a disk and enjoyed on the real thing, since emulators presume you're using PAL software.)

Go to now!

Coming Soon: Ultimate +4 Rom List!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-29
SVS/Fire sent us word that he is working on a new document: the Ultimate +4 Rom List! This will be an excel file that's already nearing 100Kb. It's goal is to gather all known information about the Commodore 16 and Plus/4's internal ROM routines, and other programming info. SVS said it already covers more than 10 other existing documents do, plus it includes his own discoveries, not published before! We can't wait to get our hands on this one! Good luck SVS, and thanks for the news!

Plus4IDE V1.0 Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-27
A new programming tool is introduced today: The Plus/4 Integrated Developement Environment (IDE). With this software (and a little knowledge of Plus/4 assembly programming) anyone can start developing new programs in the comfort(?) of Windows. Developed by Csabo. What's new in this release?

  • 'Save' function fixed
  • Supports Minus4w, WinEMU or YAPE to run the compiled programs
  • Built in help for opcodes and ted registers

It's a surprisingly small download at 246Kb. The IDE comes with two short demos ready for you to compile (and mess with), just to help people getting started.
Download now!

New Tools Section Opens!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-23
Plus/4 World already covers all the software released for the Commodore 264 family. But what about all the related software for Windows and Amiga? Emulators, compilers, utilities, etc. Our new Tools section is the answer! Designed to be your one-stop solution for all your Plus/4 related software needs.

This page (also) needs your help! If you have ideas about how to make this listing better, have additional information about the tools listed, or want to submit new tools, contact Lando or Csabo!

Compute!'s Gazette Cover Scans!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-21
James C has uploaded not less than 36 scanned magazine covers to his site. These are the issues of Compute!'s Gazette ranging from 1985 - 1989. You can actually see as the magazine switches from "VIC-20 and 64 owners" to "Commodore owner" (which means that the C=16/+4 is covered as well). It looks amazing! Another piece of the Commodre history is now documented.

Check it out now!

Introducing Styles!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-19
Plus/4 World receives the ultimate facelift! Today we're introducing a new feature that has been in the works for more than one month... It's called Styles, and it allows YOU to pick how you want the site to look. Currently there are six styles, including a "Text Only" style which could be useful for browsers that don't have graphic capabilities. What all of this means technically is that (almost) all the content on our pages is now separated from the design.

We may introduce more styles in the future (depending on the feedback). There is also the possibility of you making a style. If anyone is up to the challenge, contact Csabo!

For now, check out these cool new looks for the page and choose whichever you like the best. Just make sure to refresh your browser. Go to the Styles page!

D64 Plugin for Far Manager!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-18
MC has just released a new utility for FAR Manager. For those who don't know, FAR Manager is a shell replacement utility, available from RarLab. With MC's plugin, it is now possible to open up D64 disk images. MC is looking for feedback on this, so if you have any comments, you can email him.

Download from Plus/4 World!

The Face of MC!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-17
MC of EDC has just sent us his picture for the Faces of the Scene gallery, which now contains not less than 41 pictures! MC brought us such outstanding demos as Legend of MC and Fatal Mirror. It seems that when he mentioned on the forum that he looked just like MagerValp, he wasn't kidding :-) Thanks, MC!

4 1Ks for +4!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-16

The 2002 1K Minigame Competition organized by MagerValp has ended today. Out of the 62 entries that made it, 4 were specifically written for the Commodore 16 or Plus/4. Despite all my efforts to get people motivated, I (Csabo) was the only one who took the time to do something. At least our platform was represented, although even the VIC-20 had 6 entries. (Around 10 entries for the Spectrum and 21 for the C=64.)

Adventure is a classic text adventure. Memory test your ability to remember and repeat an increasingly longer sequence of sounds. Racer is a small arcade racing game, and Tetris is yet another implementation of the classic Tetris game.

At any rate, this is a good day for those who care about this machine and want to see new releases for it. Racer is PAL only, the other games run on both PAL & NTSC systems.

New Plus/4 Website!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-10
Maugli of EDC's websiteWell, maybe not that new, but we have just found out about it... The Electronic Disaster Crew (EDC) has a website. It belongs to and is maintained by Maugli (Tibor Neszt). The site has all of their 35 releases ready for download. They are now all linked into our database. And best of all, it's in English. Check it out!

New Adventure Game Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-08
Mark your calendars, today is one of those special days when a new piece of software is released on our beloved platform. From adventure game programmer Paul Panks comes his second C16/Plus4 release this year: Merlin's Quest. Here's what he had to say about the game:
The entire point of the game is to locate the "Orb of Light". [...] I wrote "Merlin's Quest" to prove that a good adventure game could fit into the 12275 bytes of the Commodore 16. [...] If you'd like a copy of my game, please send $5.00 and a SASE to:

Mr. Paul Panks
700 S. Blackbird Roost, Apt. #89
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

The game is Public Domain, so feel free to make copies of it and/or share it with your friends or user groups.
That's good news! It raises the number of this year's releases to 12 (in our count). With all this activity, 2002 is turning out to be a great year for the Plus/4 fans!

Plus/4 World hits 2300!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-06
Here we grow again! That's right our database now contains a little over 2300 programs. Games, utilities, magazines, it's all here. There are (probably) hundreds (if not thousands) of pieces of software missing, still it's a milestone, so we can celebrate a little bit. :-) Thanks to Luca for collecting and uploading these newly added programs to, and to Csabo for adding them to the database.

New Feature at Plus/4 World!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-05
We have added a new feature to our database and website: extra member and group information. This means on the detail pages of people or companies we can have additional infos - such as an introduction, or a "My Story" feature. For groups, take a look at 220 Volt or the Muffbusters. For people, check out Ati or Norbert! If you have any additional information about members, groups or companies, send it to us!

We also have a new poll on-line today. This time we would like to know what kind of floppy you had (if you had one). Vote now!

Yape 0.41 is here!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-05
Today Attila released a new version of Yape. Here's what's new:
  • started implementing a status bar
  • limited speed does not use up 100% CPU anymore
  • improved TED DMA timings
  • largely improved digi sound support
  • digi sound now works on NT/2000/XP
  • forced full speed now mutes sound
  • optimised sound emulation
  • optimised screen rendering a bit
  • fixed file association bug on NT/2000/XP
  • fixed fallback sound mode
  • fixed wraparound of two zero-lap opcodes
Attlia says many thanks to all who contributed by testing the betas. If you think you had problems with the sound he definitely recommends getting this one!

Drool Over Drol!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-04
Drol Running on an Emulator!Drol was yet another cool converted game by Ceekay. This game uses the same IRQ loader as Karateka, which renders it unloadable on any emulator. Csabo however has once again managed to rip data off of the disk image, and we now have a playable single file version!

Did I say playable? Yes, it is! This is a cute, fast paced game full of sprites... The idea is very much like the old classic Atlantis. Download it now!

Karateka Intro!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-09-03
Karateka Running on an Emulator!Have you ever played Karateka? Those who know this excellent game are probably longing for the day when it will be playable on an emulator. It's probably the best conversion from Ceekay who has also brought us such games as Bobby Bearing. Unfortunately - due to the complicated disk loader this game uses - none of the emus can load this game at this time. And since it's a Track/Sector loader, we can't just run the game by loading different files from the directory. Csabo however has developed a special D64 opener tool, which can rip files from D64 images even when they are not linked by the BAM (Block Allocation Map). The result: we now have the actual game intro in a single file which runs on all emulators! This also finally gave us the opportunity to grab a screenshot of this hand-to-hand combat game. Download it from here, and watch this cool film-like intro. News Flash!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-09-01
Could it be that we have finally found a remake greater than the original classic? Well, maybe - but that doesn't stop us from loving it over again! Mike has only just posted the low down to this cool surprise so hit now and find out what game has had the PC treatment! Cheers Mike.

Lone News Delayed
Posted by Csabo on 2002-08-30
We have just received word from SVS/Fire, team mate of Luca/Fire about the great diskmag Lone News. It seems that due to unforeseen reasons, Luca won't be able to release the new issue of the magazine anytime soon, but he wanted everyone to know that Lone News is not dead! From the crew here at Plus4World: good luck, Luca, and we are looking forward for that new release whenever it will arrive!

3 New Tapes at
Posted by Csabo on 2002-08-29
Scooby Doo, Sea Strike and Storm have just been added to Each with TAP image and full cover scans. Good work Hoppy and Webspezi!

Minus4 to get a major overhaul
Posted by MIK on 2002-08-28
Just caught this news over at and it sounds like Mike is busy working on an all new cycle based Plus4 emulator! This will sure bring many more improvements along the way and of course many more of your fav games running even better with the likes of Tom Thumb with any luck!

What's more this should keep us all up-to-date with the change over to M$ XP (if you've done so already) and keep the plussy alive long into the future. Things are looking good indeed :-)

All the best Mike and we look forward to your first release! Cheers.

Two rare games on!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-08-19
Our fellow German Plus/4 freax over at have just uploaded two rare games. Feuerwehr (Fire Department) is a 16K basic game by an unknown german author. Galaxis is written by Joachim Stolte in 1986. It is an english language logical game for the C16, where you have to uncover different space crafts. Download them now!

Club Info #70 is out!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-08-14
Erich/Unlimited has released the 70th issue of the excellent german diskmag: Club Info. The 2002 August issue is spreads over two sides as always. Besides the usual tons of articles (including among others a review of the Hulk Adventure), the magazine also has some goodies on the B side. This makes the new issue a must have for all Plus/4 fans even if you don't speak german.

Download it now! Software Preview!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-08-07
Heading its way soon to will be a whole host of goodies from Luca Carrafiello's collection. At the moment Luca's busy sorting and transferring, but in the mean time he's kindly sent in a small collection for you to dig your teeth into!

Online and ready for the downloading are Bards Tale, Bards Tale II, Cross Motor, Help to Games 1 and Music Bag. This also adds another 2 releases for 2002 thanks to Assassins (ASN)! Many thanks to Luca for sending in this great line up of software. Remember to keep an eye open over at for any future uploads!

'The Good Old Days' take a peek at the C16/Plus4!
Posted by MIK on 2002-08-06
The team have just finished an all new Commodore 264 Hall of Fame section on their homepage which brings the plussy into the spotlight and rounds up our machines history for any new comers!

At the same time they have reviewed 4 of their fav games and the presentation of these are cool to say the least. You can even add your comments in if you wish and if you like what you see you can help the team exspand their collection by supporting them with your fav games aswell. Take a trip back down memory lane by hitting the link below:

Yape 0.40 Released!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-08-05
Once again Attila Grósz has been tweaking his great Plus4 emu and fixed a number of bugs. Along with that and to celebrate the new .TAP version of Summer Events Attila corrected the raster line registers so the game now displays glitch free which is a most welcome sight for all Summer Events fans! The bug line up's are:
  • enhanced the internal monitor with some more editing functionality
  • tweaked a little on the timers, they seem to behave better now
  • fixed a sound initialisation bug
  • fixed a glitch when writing to the raster line registers
  • fixed a bug with pending IRQs
  • fixed a potential crash in the keyboard handler
  • fixed a crash with very long path names (it'd only crash now if they're very-very long :-) )

Summer Events is here in TAP format!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-08-02
Summer Events the last C16/Plus4 creation by none other Udo Gertz has to be one of the most astounding games ever released and she's here in TAP format!

There isn't much I can really put to words as I'm just so pleased this baby has finally been TAP'd. I never thought the day would come as only yesterday I came close to creating a working sample wav version (46MEG unzipped) just so we could have it, but even that failed to load on the last event, (Wieght Lifting). Anyways if you've been waiting for this to roll off the press your day has at least come! I would also like to dedicate this tap to Attila Grósz because without his hard work on YAPE this tap may never would have seen the light of day, Cheers m8 :-)

Download: Summer Events.tap 1.1meg Updated
Posted by Csabo on 2002-07-31
Today the great German website, has been updated with a cool new layout. They have also removed the JavaScript from the sidebar navigation (which is a welcome change for those of us without JavaScript enabled browsers). The "English Translation" link has also been replaced with the Google translator, which for some reason doesn't work very well. However, you can still use Altavista to view the page in English. Check it out now!

6502 Assembler Plus/4 - sent in from Jim Hehl
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-29
Jim is almost as big as the Plus/4 itself and when you think he infact comes from the other side of the pond (Alaska/USA) to most of us you would not beleive what this dude was doing in the middle of nowhere! Somehow Jim managed to grab the original backup copy of 6502 Assembler Plus/4 from YORK ELECTRONIC RESEARCH who were based in the UK not so long ago! 1995 to be precise :-)

Jim also added 2 txt files (to be found within the download) which should give you an idea of just how lucky he was to get this and to put you in the picture Jim has sent in a small gallery for you to check out of his home land! Check out his gallery here and grab 6502 Assembler from here. Many thanks Jim!!

New version of Minus4w Out!
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-29
Mike Dailly has just released a minor update to Minus4w which fixes the fullscreen bugs found in his last version. He has also added a new save screenshot to .BMP function. This brings the version number up to V2.3.

Hit for yours now! Many thanks to Mike for this hot news!

Plus/4 World goes Italian!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-07-24
The Commodore Plus/4 World is now available in Italian, thanks to SVS alias Zenari Valentino! Take a look at the sidebar on the front page, and click the flag to switch the language to Italian! Thanks SVS for the translations, hopefully many Italian Plus/4 fans will enjoy it. We now also have a picture of the "master of utilities" (Thanks again!) This brings up the Faces of the Scene gallery to 38 pictures.

All New Design - Tapes Section Now Open!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-23
If your one of those original game crazy people and just lov to see those raster bars flashing like mad then we have the perfect page for you! Here your get to see all thats on offer in the TAP format and this is a great reference for all those file hungry collectors amoung you :-) Look for the tapes link above and all will be revealed.

Many thanks to Csabo for pulling all the stops out to create this awesome page! Respects dude :-)

Minus4 V2.2 released
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-21
Mike Dailly has released the new version of his Plus/4 Emulator: Minus 4. Among many things, the new version has better sound emulation and even the capability of recording WAVs from your favourite games.

Download it NOW!

Tom Thumb Remake - Early Preview up for grabs!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-20
Stuart Wilson has released an early beta Demo of his Tom Thumb Remake for PC which you've gota see! It captures the essence of the original and proves the legend can be re-born as we all knew it could!!

And before you head off to grab the Demo, remember to show Stuart your support by sending him feedback, ideas and free beer because the more people that take an intrest in this project then the end result will come sooner than later! In fact if you've got what it takes and can help out even this would be most welcome! Hit the home page HERE and keep an eye open for any development news!

Famous Faces #3
Posted by Csabo on 2002-07-17
Say hello two ATI and Rachy. These two old-school members of the Hungarian scene were kind enough to send us a picture. Both excellent coders, between the two of them, they have contributed over 40 pieces of software. Their cool games and demos will be part of the Plus/4 history forever. Our Faces of the Scene image gallery now boast a total of 37 pictures. Thanks guys!

SVS Disk Explorer 0.91Beta Released!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-07-15
It's not every day that a new software gets released on the Plus/4 platform. That's why we are especially happy to see SVS of Fire's Disk Explorer 0.91Beta. It's available from Commodore Plus/4 and C16 Homepage on the Downloads page.

Version 0.91Beta fixes some bugs when used on an emulator and 1541 disk image, and adds GEOS file information support to the real Plus/4 and disk drive combination. Thanks to James C for this news!

This brings up the number of releases this year to 5. Follow this link to view our software listing by year.

Data Media Collection 1 & 2, plus Konami's Coin-op Hits cover!
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-14
If you've been following the forum you may have seen that our good friend Noro snapped up a couple of rare finds from eBay and with many thanks Noro has sent in his goodies for all to see!

First up are two rare titles from Germany which contain a total of five games. Data Media Collection 1 has Bowling and Golf, where Collection 2 has Balance, Surround and Tricky Dices. All come in PRG format and have their covers to complete the story behind this unseen work!

Last of all and with big respects for doing this, Noro grabbed Konami's Coin-op Hits just so we could have the cover in the database! We can't thank you enough for your support Noro. Many thanks Dude!!

LINUX Format Magazine takes a look at Yape(lin) and Minus4j
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-12
This months LINUX Format (LXF29 July 2002) they have done an emulation 6502 special covering the Commodore Pet, VIC20 and C16/Plus4. There's 4 pages to be had, one of which covers the plussy side. Our own Attila Grósz author of Yape takes the spotlight here with his continuing support for a Linux version of his Win creation. They offer the full low down on how to get Yape(lin) up and running and say they have plenty of commodore goodies on the DVD. A very proud moment for Attila indeed!

Minus4j also gets covered with a quick run down of how it performs under Linux running on Netscape and for good measure they head the punters our way with a screen grab of my Minus4 Online page. Now, I can't take the credit for that because you don't know the full story of me nagging Mike Dailly to iron out a couple of bugs before I made that page, the honour is all yours Mike :-) The magazine will set you back £6.49 for the DVD version, CD is cheaper. At this time we can't offer the pages in scan format because the mag is still in the shops... (maybe next month). Congratulations Attila and Mike, history in the making!!

Three Hungarian Game Covers!!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-07-11
Attila Komlós, a Plus/4 fan has surprised us with three rare tape cover scans of Hungarian games: Rablo Rulett (Bandit Roulette), Csodalatos Simon (Wonderful Simon) and Urpok (Space Spider)! It's great to see these cool covers once though to be lost... They found an excellent home here will be part of our collection now. Along with the Legicsata cover, we now have 4 covers from Novotrade's vast game collection. Urpok is also the first cover for any game with the letter "U". Many thanks to Attila!

My little Back in Time 3 Gallery is here!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-07-03
It's been a while coming, more so because of over doing it and catching a cold (snif). That'll be the fresh air no dought ;-) There was much C16/Plus4 releated fun to be had at the BIG C64 night out which started with Darron Broad, a surprise story from David Whittaker, Jeff Minter (YAK) with a new furry face and not forgetting Hyper Sports C16 is up for grabs thanks to Alex Aris!! Find out what the beer did and didn't do here.

Tri-Micro Newsletters Scans!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-06-30
James C has scanned some of his Tri-Micro / Plus Exchange newsletters. These newsletters cover three years of built-in software tips, software reviews, and discounted software pricing. Hit the homepage for the full story. Many thanks to James for this news.

Rescue from Zylon gets the remake magic for PC!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-06-27
Back in 1985 Gremlin Graphics hit the nail right on the head and released one cool game based on the revolutionary gravity idea set by Thrust. But as we know, Thrust was doing the rounds on everything else other than C16/Plus4 at the time and this couldn't come any sooner! It has to be said that Mark J. Moore made this title his own - Oh yes! Using an airship and having to save a team of geologists looked easy until you learned the underground cave would soon flood with water and aicd rain drops would damage your ship - it's this that made Rescue from Zylon such a classic on our machine!

Now, when Kichy dropped a note about his Zylon Remake in the Forum I couldn't believe my eyes, more so once I downloaded it and started to play! All new amazing looking GFX, groovy music which suits it so well and the same addictive game play from the original. It really is stunning and should not be missed by any retro fan be it C16 or not! Once again this Zylon remake is a phenomenal effort and there is no time to waste, hit the homepage here and grab it now. Many thanks Kichy for this new and wicked remake, Cheers!

26 Covers have been added!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-06-19
The new covers line up is as follows: Airwolf (Original), Apollo Resuce, Circus, Climb It, Cyborg, Death River, Gnasher, Golden Baton, Lawn Tennis, Loco - coco, Lunar Docking, Mail Trial, Manic Death Chase, Munch It,Panic Penguin, Petals of Doom, Pizza Pete, Raider, Rig Attack, Roller Kong, Sea Strike, Skelby, Sqij, World Cup, World Series Baseball and Zap'em.

Graphics Master - A Rare Utilitie from 1985!!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-06-18
This could be the first of it's kind ever to be released on the C16/Plus4 and came from Mr. Chip Software! Created by the same author as the classic game Xadium (Michelangelo), Graphics Master allows the user to re-define the character set of the C16/Plus4. The new GFX may then be saved to tape or disk, as well as offering the usual edit commands, common to many programmes. Graphics Master contains many unique commands including character scrolling, inverting and even the ability to rotate characters.

This gem is available in 2 formats, D64 and TAP. Both contain the full instructions in scan format which to be honest is much needed for such a program to get the max out of it, and the cover is also there to prove this title was released even though the old Magneticfields website only stated it's release for Vic20 and C64. Download Graphics Master from HERE.

Terra Cognita's 100+ screens in one single image!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-06-12
Norbert certainly deserves a pat on the back for this mother of a map which is fantasic and brilliantly presented! Scrolling in at 300 x 1500 my mouse ended up on the floor trying to look at it, but that's the point. Here for the first time we get to see Codemasters neat vertical shooter how it was meant to be seen and very impressive it is. Many thanks Norbert this will come in very handy. Hit the map's section NOW!

Club Info #69 is out!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-06-10
That's right, the 69th issue of this German diskmag has just been uploaded to the net. Besides tons of new articles, the two sided magazine features some games and demos, including an italian hacked version of Monty on the Run. Edited by Erich/Unlimited. It's a rare thing to see new programs being released for the Plus/4. Download it now! Club Info #69

Commodore's own Education Software for Children!
Posted by MIK on 2002-06-05
Available for the first time online are Hide and Seek and Pixie Pack. Both have a series of similar games to test your skills. Pixie Pack consists of 6 PRG files which introduce and reinforce early number concepts in a fun way. Where Hide and Seek consists of 6 TAP files, these games develop and exercise memory skills in an interesting and stimulating way, "so said Commodore". :-)

Mind you we are all getting on a bit now (snif), so don't laugh because these are cool programmes for what age group they are geared towards!! Enjoy.

A Magnetic Greeting
Posted by Csabo on 2002-06-03
The members of the Hungarian group Magnetic Violence were kind enough to send pictures of each one of their members. Check out the Faces of the Scene page, which now has 35 pictures of Plus/4 guys (no girls yet). MTV member Fecoshy is also origanizing a party in Hungary. Check their new site for more details (available from 2002/06/08).

Push your bike to the limits with this awesome map!
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-28
KikstartNorbert Kintzler has made a screen grab deluxe map of one of our all time fav games Kikstart and this baby is a monster! If there was ever a version of Kikstart to be played this was it! As with many of his C64,C16/Plus4 games Shaun Southern always gave us the best offering if he could, now why was that? One things for sure he became one of our heros behind the Mastertronic label and another hero was Patrick Strassen. Norbert also has plans to map every game Pat created, so watch this space! For now check out Norbert's latest masterpiece on the Maps page which was only finished an hour ago! Cheers Norbert.

Covers From Hungary!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-05-27
Legicsata CoverYes, the very first Hungarian Game Cover is finally here! Scanned by Lavina of GOTU. Novotrade has released lots of commercial games in Hungary, so there is still lots of covers and games waiting to be archived. There's 40 games listed just on our site (but there were probably more). Ironically, the cover is for Legicsata, one of the few games that we currently don't have (no download links).

Still, many big thanks go out to Lavina . Hopefully others will follow: if you have any original game covers, get those scanners working and please send them to us!

The Plus/4 Internet Archive
Posted by Csabo on 2002-05-23
Plus/4 WorldA new page is unveiled today, which has been in the works for quite a while now: Download Sites. This page complete with thumbnails lists all sites that have Plus/4 Software on them. Thanks to our web crawler, all of those links are connected to our database. We have just reached 1000 links here at Plus/4 World. now has 1600 links, due to Csabo receiving an admin login to this Hungarian site. We have more than 4600 links.

In total, Plus/4 World lists some 2130 programs, out of which more than 2000 actually has at least one download link. The rest? We're hoping someone has it and we can get our hands on them... Especially Cracker's Demo 3: anyone who has a copy please send it to us.

If anyone knows of more sites with Plus/4 software downloadable, just drop us a line.

The Original Bounder and Map up for grabs!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-18
When it comes to Bounder under emulation both WinEMU and Yape are the front leaders for vertical scrolling. As you may know, this is one of the hardest tricks to emulate without messing up the majority of software by trying to address the problem direct. Fingers crossed the day will come but even at the stage Patrick Strassen's stunning C16/Plus4 version of Bounder is very playable! And to prove it can be completed under emulation Norbert Kintzler has taken up the task to map the whole game which is a must for the tough journey that awaits! Hit the Maps page for your copy!

For anyone screaming for the original version (how it was meant to be seen) it's up for grabs for the first time right here!

Site Not Available......
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-17
We apologize to any viewers who could not access the site on this day. This was out of our control and at a guess our main provider may of been updating the system as they do from time to time. Regards, Lando and Csabo.

2 New Maps and 2 Covers added!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-16
Norbert Kintzler is back in town! The Map Master has just sent in an awesome updated map of Thrust and has also fully exsposed the sister game of this genre Rescue from Zylon! Once again Norbert has done a fantastic job and presented them this time with eye candy titles. Head into the Maps section and take a peek!

We have also added the Rescue from Zylon cover just to round up todays offerening and last of all we wanted to show off a little by adding the RARE, Commodore Plus/4 Mercenary Disk cover!

Old Treasure Found
Posted by Csabo on 2002-05-14
Thanks to Lando, we have yet another nice oldie-but-goldie available online. The Wizard and The Princess from Melbourne House is all they way back from 1985. You can't beat the old-school feeling you get from playing this game - the magic of character based graphics in 16K.

This game is also the 100th Adventure Game on our site! Download it now!

A remake of Big Mac has been released for PC!!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-11
Tony Kelly having released the C64 version back in 1985 went back to the drawing board that same year and presented to the C16/Plus4 a unique version of Big Mac with better graphics, sound and edge of the seat game play. It became an instant hit among gaming fans and gained the status of an all time classic on your first go!!

So there is no wonder as to why BB Software has taken the next step to remake this very game for PC. First impressions of the PC version will have you saying WOW and once you're in there is no going back just like the original. How ever you will find it's not 100% perfect, but insted just like the orignial it's an unique version in it's own right! The question is do we want it perfect? The answer is NO! Some changes over the orignial are fire ball timings, full down platform timings, Big Mac's jump is 2 or so pixels more than normal and having only made level 8 at this time your notice that level 7 has had a minor change in design. Having said that it's still Big Mac through and through and an awesome achievement to bring this to the PC. I'm in love! There are 2 things that are missing, 1st is sound and 2nd an oringial PC disk/box cover which it deserves!! Grab it now from the homepage without delay!

The Face of Tube Runner!
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-09
Coming at the very end of the commercial life span of C16/Plus4 gaming this title will always stick in the back of my mind. Not only was I crying out for something new to dig into, but also at how hard this game was! Only making level 2 before giving up which was more to frustation and the feel that one of the best in the business had just released an over priced budget game. Some day I will sit there, shoot the tubes and fully check out this game for what it's got, maybe eat my words... Who knows? :-) Anyways if you missed this title in the flesh then take a look at the neat front cover art work.

Here we grow again!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-05-07
Our own programmer Csabo has finished the Plus/4 World's Web Crawler. This internally used utility crawls most Plus/4 related websites (11 of them at the moment), collects all download links and connects them to our huge, origanized database.

At the moment we have nearly 1950 pieces of software listed, and more than 3300 download links!

Coming soon: a details page listing all 11 sites and statistics. Meanwhile, if you find any broken links, or know any additional sites, drop us a line!

New Demos Section
Posted by Csabo on 2002-05-03
The webmasters of C16.DE have opened up a new section for demos. The german site has been an excellent source of games, and now we can even find some cool demos from the golden days of the Plus/4. For now, only one D64 disk is available with 5 demos. They promised to post more in the following days. Head on over now to check it out!


Mike Dailly's Minus4 on the Acorn?
Posted by MIK on 2002-05-02
Mike was surprised to learn his own source code (which he forgot he released) has landed on the Acorn!

Now do we all rush out to buy one of these beasts just to see it? I think not, but to anyone that owns one can grab a slice of the action right here. Many thanks to Mike Dailly for this news.

The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle is here!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-04-26
If text adventures are your thing then this should keep the midnight lamp burning for some time! Not only do we have this title for downloading but also it's cover, so grab it quick before Csabo even gets to see it from Here!

I wasn't that nasty to him because I just sent him an original tap image before anyone else gets a lookin ;-)

Plus/4 World is Proud to Present...
Posted by MIK on 2002-04-24
Back in the golden days Udo Gertz made such an impact on the C16/Plus4 community that even now, 16 or so years on he is still the most talked about programmer of all time. So much so that once the TAP format was up and running the first game I tried TAPing was Winter Events. This was a corker of a game to have in tap format with it's multi loading and emulation over load, but it didn't work. In fact it became the perfect image to fine tune emulation itself! With MTAP and YAPE having under gone large updates since that time the day was upon us before we even knew Winter Events.tap would load! If it wasn't for Ati's testing yet again my 2mins sample tap of Winter Events it would still be tucked away in the duff folder! Ati mailed me at once with the awesome news that the sample was now loading in YAPE and could we please have the full version :-) To cut a long story short it took 2 days to get a fully 100% working version and at the same time one of my Winter Events tapes got chewed up :-( But the pay off has come and emulations finest hour is here! Our dream has at last become reality and it's time to share that magic moment of loading the original tape version of Winter Events with-out the real hardware. Udo lives on! Enjoy.

Download: Winter_Events.tap 1meg

Famous Faces 2
Posted by Csabo on 2002-04-23
We now have 31 images in our Faces of the Scene library. Thanks to Tamás Nagy (Fatman) for his pictures. If you take a look at his page, you will see that our Plus/4 World now has a member gallery feature... (You can see him developing Arthur Noid for the PC!)

Our software database has just broken the 1600 barrier! Many thanks to James C for his contributions!

And one more quick side note: all download links have been fixed!

Famous Faces 1
Posted by Csabo on 2002-04-22
We have two more pictures for you. This time it's two old-school guys from the Hungarian Plus/4 scene: SJP and Dale of EVS. Our "Faces of the Scene" page how has not less than 30 pictures of Plus/4 guys!

Check it out now, if you haven't seen it yet!

H and D's C16/Plus4 Handbook Issue1 of 12 Scanned!
Posted by MIK on 2002-04-21
CoverThat's right! RARE and unseen by many, 12 issues, 100% dedicated to C16/Plus4 gaming and full to the brim with Cheats, Pokes, Maps and Reviews. Issue 1 is only a taster of whats to come with a many big thanks to Aaron Gale for letting me borrow his mags! Aaron which you will find out once I get to about issue 5 was the biggest supporter to the mag with his cool Poke's and Cheat's. Aaron was also so good at his fav hobby they started to send him games to train for the coming issues! All that and more coming soon, for now you can grab issue 1 right here. Please note it's a 1.8MB download.

Plus/4 World Grand Opening!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-04-19
Lando and Csabo
are proud to welcome you to


Yes, it's finally here! Our mega C16/Plus4 resource website is finally open! So what do we have to offer? The largest and most comprehensive database of software released for this platform. We have a search engine to help you find what you are looking for. We have original covers and maps to remind you of the golden days, when commercial games were written. We have extensive group and member information about all the good people of the scene. We have news, we have a poll, we have an open forum, all waiting for you!

So come one, come all, use it, talk about it, and
Keep the Plus/4 Scene Alive!

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish
to our friend Attila Grosz, the author of YAPE! :-)

Jörg Dierks Paperboy - The Original Cover!
Posted by MIK on 2002-04-14
Adding to yesterdays coin-op conversions Paperboy now comes with it's original double cassette sized cover. The C16/Plus4 version of Paperboy says it all, get the right man on the job and what may of seen as the impossible can happen!

1986 was a fantastic games release year with the best coming from Germany as did Jörg Dierks. Kingsoft and Anco must have been in tears not having the licence to release this masterpiece.

2 Original Arcade Covers Added!
Posted by MIK on 2002-04-13
Ghost'n'Goblins and Ikari Warriors both get the Original Cover treatment. Not only are these covers rare but so were arcade conversions to grace the C16/Plus4. That makes these two something special I'd say :-)

One thing I will point out is, the size difference of the original and re-release covers is correct. You may remember the originals came in large black plastic cases. Bigger was better in the old days and this trend still stayed for years untill the DVD format hit the streets...

The Meanies Got Mapped!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-04-05
Csabo has created yet another cool map for a cool game: Video Meanies by Tony Kelly. This enjoyable classic should bring back old memories for most of us...

The game has 24 rooms, with a VCR in each room. Your task in the game is to turn off all the "videos". Once the task is completed, the game displays a "Well Done" screen, which has a little surprise on it... To see what it is, complete the game, or just take a look at this new map.

Sword of Destiny Cover!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-03-21
The promised Sword of Destiny Tape Cover is here! Another reminder of how things were when software houses published commercial games for the C=16 and Plus/4. Nice artwork. Scanned by Lando, who's a lucky owner of an original copy.

This game now has: full details, the cover, a map and cheats available all in one page! Just an example of what the Plus/4 World's growing database can and will contain!

Help Spiky Find His Way Home!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-03-20
Another surprise from Csabo: a brand new map for Spiky Harold! This cute classic gameplay may be a bit slow, but once you get into it, it's very enjoyable and challenging. Spiky the porcupine can wander around above and below the ground accross 41 screens. Spiky must collect 41 items (one on each screen) and the find his way home! Check out this new map here (147K).

Sword of Destiny Revealed!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-03-18
Check out this brand-spanking-new map from Csabo for the great Micro Projects game: Sword of Destiny! This cool game let's you explore the underworld into 20 levels deep and has an amazing 100 screens!

The original cover artwork of this 1985 oldie-but-goldie game is coming soon...

Artifex Strikes Back!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-03-14
Artifex v0.29 is out! After almost one year of hard work, Zsolt Prievara has released the new version of his great Plus/4 emulator for the PC. Among other things, this releases fixes issues with some opcodes, sound emulation, etc.

Download it on the Artifex Homepage.

Start the Cheatin'!
Posted by Csabo on 2002-03-12
The Cheats Section is now on-line and linked to the Plus/4 World's growing database! Also, the whole page is using the same PHP code, so changing the page colors/design is a breeze and instantenious!

New Yape Version
Posted by MIK on 2002-03-08
Yape v0.37 was released today. The new version fixes a great deal of issues, to find out more, go to the Yape homepage.

Arthur Noid for the PC!
Posted by MIK on 2002-02-20
Two weeks, 579 cans of Coke and untold cups of coffee later he emerged yelling, "It's finished". These words can be found on the inlay cover but you can guess Shaun Southern did infact say this once he completed the coolest Noid clone for the C16/Plus4 ;-)

Not so long ago FatMan from Diamond Software released a neat level editor for Arthur Noid and the work hasn't stopped there. He's just released a sweet playable demo for the PC which is one of the first Plussy titles to get the PC treatment. Grab the Demo from the link below now!

Darron Broad's map of Mercenary scanned!
Posted by MIK on 2002-02-10
meDarron Broad's map of Mercenary scanned!
(Left) In the mug shot is me holding what can only be one of the rarest map's of Mercenry ever in existence. This infact is a comprehensive toutist-guide to Targ Central City! Issued by the Palyar information committe you can see in full glory all named roads and structures on the planet surface. Just to give you an idea of the actual size I thought I'd pop that one up because the scanned version as you can imagine is a MONSTER.
Last month Darron Broad (Author of Tomcat and Task Force for C16/Plus4) was heading down to my home town (Southampton) to celebrate one of his many birthdays with some friends and said we should meet up! Wow this was brain doing, I mean I was 16 years old at the time when I bought this dudes games and here I was with a chance of meeting the man him self :-) We met up in a local pub in Romsey and before I even had a chance to say "hi" he said "I got something for you take alook" and out came this awesome map!
I was blown away and yet there was even more Mercenry stuff up for grabs (this I'll scan another day). Anyways I asked Darron where on earth did you get all this cool stuff, he said:

When I was about 20/21 (1986/87) I went to a show in London Olympia and there was the Woakes dude, with what looked like his dad on the stall and he was playing the new Atari ST version of Mercenary, and it looked good as the GFX were way smooth, but still wireframe? There I bought the Mercenary add-on hints pack with the maps etc as you have them, plus the Legendary Badge! I do remember tho, that I was not allowed to buy beer because they thought I was underage, haha, and I am sure it was when I was 21 ;-)

I guess your wondering how did I got so lucky. Well Darron has kept all this stuff in his basement for many years and said he couldn't trust him self anymore with them and just to be safe he said I was worthy of taking care of them. hanks dude! At the end of the day Darron wanted to share his maps with us all so we owe him a many big thanks, for now the LARGEST map of them all is here, enjoy :-)

Yape v0.35 has been released!
Posted by MIK on 2002-02-04
Another great release from Ati once again. Check out what he has to say and grab yours all from the homepage now! Many thanks Ati, Cheers dude!

Yape v0.34 is out with the welcome return of SID!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-01-29
Ati's been working way 2 fast for me to keep up with this week. Following his every move with this updated version with SID back in, I can tell you now he's been working around the clock to pull this off, Nuff said! :-)

Don't forget if you're after a quick fix and cant wait to test Yape's SID support out then look no futher than Luca's last 3 Lone News Plus/4 Disk Mags, (issues 11,12 and 13). Many thanks Luca!

So what are you waiting for? The full story and more on the new release of Yape can be found over at the homepage! Cheers Ati :-)
Download: Lone News

Minor release of Minus4 heading your way soon!!
Posted by MIK on 2002-01-22
Mike is working on something very neat and intresting which can also be used with Adam Beraxa's Plus/4 Screen Saver. For the full story and more hit the link below now!

The All New Lemon64 Site has been launched!
Posted by MIK on 2002-01-02
The best C64 site on the web has just got better! Over the last year Kim Lemon has been working like nuts to bring you an easy to use, fast and flexible site that can only be called home to all your C64 gaming needs! Hit the link below and bookmark it now!
Link: Lemon64

Plus/4 World fights back ;-)
Posted by MIK on 2002-01-01
2000 and 2 should bring the best out of C16/Plus4 interests with the long awaited merge of C16/Plus4 ClassiX and Csabo's Plus4 DataBase. Yep it's under way, but as always there is much work to do. Csabo will take the C16/Plus4 web scene into a new light meaning more of everything with his new PHP based site under consruction right now! Along with my help and support it's gonna rock like no other ever created for the 264 series! More on this later in the year.

More P.O.D Please!
Posted by MIK on 2002-01-01
Yes many of you will remember Shaun Southern's classic shooter called Proof of Destruction or P.O.D. Released back in 1986 it was to see a second coming on the Sega's Megadrive console in 1993! As you may know Shaun was working for Magnetic Fields (former Mr Chip Software) and at the start of the 90's he was the brain child behind the all time classic Lotus games from Gremlin Graphics Software (Amiga Versions). Their final and greatest installment was Lotus3 for the Amiga, not only was the game wicked but so was the awesome music! Well as you can guess Lotus3 was ported onto the Sega Megadrive but this time it was called Louts2 because having the orginal Amiga version of Lotus2 named as Lotus Turbo Challenge on MD it did'nt leave the games name many options ;-)

Unless you were a keen Megadrive fan many of you wont know about Lotus2's hidden game of P.O.D! If you waited for the High Scores screens to pop up while the demo was running they almost gave the whole secret away with the wording of "TO PLAY THE HIDDEN GAME ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TYPE THE TOP SECRET PASSWORD POD PLEASE". In short all you have to do is enter your name in as "POD_PLEASE" and start a new game!

Sad as it many seem I cant offer the game as a download because it's copyrighted to Electronic Arts who released the Megadrive version. But saying that it doesn't take long to search for it in Google ;-) So if your after a fresh look at the C16/Plus4 Classic P.O.D then find a copy of Lotus2 for the Megadrive and see what you make of it! I must confess though the original still rulez :-) Oh yeah, before I go into hidding again I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

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