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Attila G. (Gaia)
Other Handles:Shwantze
First Name:Attila
Last Name:G.
Country: Hungary
Membership information:
Ex-member of Professional Protection Cracking Service (PPCS) (Handle was Shwantze)
Email: grosza(at)hotmail dot com
Social:[ Slengpung ]
Notes:Creator of YAPE.
Total posts:1410 (Last post: 7 days)
Total mails:47

Hall Of Fame
1Arena 30002,600,000Unfortunately, missed the screenshot :(
2Űrkaland86Missed the screenshot :(
3David's Midnight Magic141,370in the good old days, score easily exceeded 1 million :(
5Timeslip88,950using yape 1.0.6
5Quadrillion2,540easy to beat :)
6204820,232YAPE 1.0.5
12Kikstart13,545using yape 1.0.6
7 found.

Releases by G., Attila (Gaia)
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSize
17 bytesDemo/128Byte2003-09-05(none)16K
Adventureland +4Game/Adventure2003-06-25English64K
Adventureland PETGame/Adventure2003-01-13English64K
Ati's FaceDemo/Graphics1999(none)64K
Bölcsek KöveGame/ArcadeAdventure1988-06-03Hungarian64K
C16 BemutatkozóDemo/Graphics1986 16K
Demo Mine IDemo1989-06-18English64K
Drive MusicDemo2007-04-28English16K
Game Music IV (PPCS)Demo/Music Box1988-10-19English64K
Mesél Az ErdőGame/Platformer1988Hungarian64K
Picture Show 2 (PPCS)Demo/Picture Show1989English64K
The RoaderGame/Action1988-03-11English16K
The Sorcerer Of Claymore CastleGame/Adventure2003-07-03English64K
Typer MineUtility/TextUnknown(none)16K
Ütközések (GA)UtilityUnknownHungarian16K
27 release(s).

Releases by G., Attila (Gaia) (Credited)
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSize
Batmania DemoDemo1990-07-03English/Hungarian64K
1 release(s).

TitleVersionCategoryPlatformLast updatedActive
WinDisAsm1.0 betaProgrammingWindows2000-07-20No
TSDump1.0D64 UtilitiesMultiplatform2006-06-26Yes
Pocket Commodore plus/41.1EmulatorsPocket PC2006-09-01No
9 found.

My Story
I got my C=16 in December 1985 from my parents. It was like a dream come true: 121 colors and a great BASIC, what else did you need as a beginner? For quite some time I had no contacts with any other C16/Plus4-ers but then it changed rapidly and soon I had the biggest program collection in my hometown (Békéscsaba). My best plus/4 mate was the guy who prepared Icicle Works Editor, I learned a lot of cracking and hacking tricks from him. I cracked several dozens of Hungarian games (all of them in any of the Novotrade labels: Octasoft and Deltasoft) besides the few foreign games. You can still see some of my cracks here at Lando's Classix: Bolcsek Kove, Platina and Danger Willi. In 1989 I with friends made a demo: Demo Mine. We had converted graphics from C64 by ourselves and this was our "crew"'s (PPCS, consisting of me, 'Shwantze' - coder, 'Santa Klaus/Robby/Chotza' - graphics & code, 'Sascha' - graphics and 'Peter' - music) first and last 'release'. It was lamers' demo, but now I wish I could see it again... Another program was Game Music IV, which was done by us. If anyone has these lying around please mail me!

In 1991 I went to university and the C16 became forgotten for a long time! Then it ceased to work (maybe the TED chip died) and in lack of money I decided to sell most of my C16 related software and hardware in 1995. If I had known better... Only 4 tapes remained whose now I can't feed to Minus/4 as they are either in such a bad condition or my stereo sucks.

In 1997 I found Mike Dailly's emulator and the server! Man, it was great to see! And when I found my cracks uploaded to an FTP server I had strange feelings, because they were not uploaded by me! Then came the next big push: Zsolt Prievara's emulator, that could do Tom Thumb, my all time favourite! But the last motivation that made me to this scene was seeing Lando's and getting in contact with him! FTP servers are great, but very inpersonal and I gladly realised that Lando is zealously updating his site with programs and screenshots! As I had no special programs that had not been available on FTP already, I offered him to hack the games only available as D64s to work on all platform as PRGs. I don't have an Amiga, so the best emulators are unavailable for me...

Plus/4 scene is still (and will surely be) lagged far behind that of the C64's but I think Lando's is a milestone in modern age C16/+4 history.

Anno 2000

Image Gallery
Taken on 4ever 03 party.
Taken on 4ever 03 party.
Taken on 4ever03 party.
Taken on 4ever03 party.
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