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Venice Carneval
Title:Venice Carneval
Category:Demo/Picture Show
Release Date:
Device Req.:1541 and 1551 (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Created by:M., Zolt├ín (MMS)
Notes:AKA Carnival of Venice.
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 7/10 (4 votes)
Venice Carneval Title Screenshot

Venice Carneval Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
FLIColor mode: HFLI 

Author's Notes
Since my childhood I was impressed by the Carnival of Venice. Those colors, that elegance, the mystery of the middle ages at every corner... For years I had the intention to create a Plus/4 slideshow may show a little part of this beauty, but the previous versions did not fulfill my expectations. The colors were not nice, or the resolution was too low, or it was flickering and damaged the atmosphere...

Now, with the intensive "trials and errors" efforts put into the HFLI mode provided by Plus4Emu's GFX converter, the result is closer to the original than ever, without flickering screen. Enjoy the Carnival of Venice colorful slideshow, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as me!

Tools used:
Plus4Emu's P4FLIConvGUI

I think it is worth to check the original and the converted version next to each other to see where are the losses, changes I had to make and what are the most and least faithful colors of Plus/4. You will certainly notice the ones I just simply converted and the ones I had to edit a lot to get a decent result (the final edited picture not attached now).
I also see parts could be still improved with some or heavy editing, so not all of them is perfect.

You can notice at some at places the technical limitation of the HFLI, an 8 pixel long line with NOK color, or the loss of the color some areas. Sometimes NOK pixels appreaed on areas that was full one color and the rest of the areas was OK, and there was no way I could eliminate them, so duh I left as it is (Red Baron with rose)

Interestingly the reproduction of gold works pretty well, I am less happy with the red and the orange reproduction. Despite the Plus/4 has wide range of green and blue, but very frequently I was forced to remove shades or turn them to grey to get a decent conversion.

So here are the pictures, and next to it it's original version (all scaled down to 640 horizontal resolution):

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