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Posted By

on 2017-12-10
 Genius episode 2 "Into the toy caves" is released for PLUS4 platform!

Hi everybody!
Second episode of my game saga "Genius" is released, and it's titled "Into the toy caves".
You can find PLUS4 version for free download in my group files section:
Genius Official fb group
I also enanched episode 1 "Into the toy warehouses" by the way with added music and animation
engine improvements.
Thanks a lot to everyone that will give it a try and some feedback since now!

Posted By

on 2017-12-12
 Re: Genius episode 2 "Into the toy caves" is released for PLUS4 platform!

Yeah, I just checked now a little part of this Genius world, and I can say I am fully impressed!

NOW I am really sorry, that the humble C+4 cannot produce better sound, especially guitar riffs, hehehe
(BTW there is a HW card in progress b yBSZ that was able to play fluid animation on a Plus/4 and (!) can play back 12bit sound with military grade DA converter, from ComplactFlash card. Just to mention )

About the game: the gfx style is very special and recognizeable at once.
Certainly it has a very strong conceptual background and a little "weirdo", and I really like it.
Thanks for the game!

Little off, but linked:
The rock opera parts I just checked on tube, are just sound fantastic, in the style I liked the most in the past. I could not name any band sound the same, but I am close to say it is up to the best part of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall. As these bands are in the level of semi-gods and heavy metal reformer groups, it is really something. I am really happy to able to listen this epic Rock Opera! Genius uses a much wider range of style than this, in Episode 3 there are soft rock, AOR, hymn style even such styles I cannot name, but some really fantastic music experience. Very good singers, nice melodies, good riffs and fantastic solos.. Hats off!

Thanks for the music!

(Maybe a book with the same storyline?)

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