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Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Retail Price:2.99£
Game ending type:No end (highscore)
Released by:Solar Software Ltd.
Coded by:Shay, John P.
Notes:WANTED: turbo TAP version.
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  No turbo version:
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    C64 release

User Rating: 2.3/10 (6 votes)
Cruncher Title Screenshot

Cruncher Screenshot

Derived Software
Cruncher (Byte Games 11)
Mr. Pinman

Appeared On Compilations
Triple Decker 5

Hints: H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook Volume 1 Issue 2 (Magazine/English) Page 7

Cassette Cover
Cassette Cover

Graphics Debris
Like in Suicide Run, Quick Draw, Mission Mars, Knock Out and in Alien Attack, at memory $2A00, there are some graphics used in 3D Quasars.

Keyboard Controls:
F1 = Start
Q = Left
W = Right
P = Up
: = Down

Six Titles Debut
Cruncher has been arguably released at the same time with Alien Attack, Quick Draw, Knock Out, Mission Mars and Suicide Run in the very beginning of Solar Software: all the titles show a loader screen in the respective no turbo versions where all the six names are displayed.

As reported in Commodore Horizons 21, Brenda Shay talked about a routine coded by John P. Shay which was capable to convert the games straight from the VIC20 code, then she named exactly these six games.

All these titles have as original starting address $2100. All of the titles have been saved thru Novaload versions on Triple Decker series including some useless memory filled with garbage till $3FFF, although all these games occupy $1001-$3000 only, and starting from a code located in $2050 which awaits some seconds before jumping to the original starting address at $2100.

Cruncher exists in three different releases: no turbo with loading screen, turbo starting from $2100, turbo starting from $2050 (Triple Decker 5).
Cruncher turbo on Triple Decker 5 forgets to clear the screen at Novaload, leaving the Novaload string over the titlescreen.

Lazy Ghost
Cruncher shows a notable bug at least in two of the versions available here, and arguably in the missing one too: the 4th ghost does not move from the starting location into the maze, he simply rests in its start position and does not move.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>13EB A5
>13ED A5
Unlimited lives
G 2100Restart game

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