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Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Created by:L., Dan (Twinspirit32)
Notes:Released under the Livearcade label. Storyline based on the 3rd chapter of the rock opera trilogy "Into the toy warehouses" from the same author. Release 04 improves sound and gfx engines.
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  Release 04:
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    C64 release

User Rating: 7.7/10 (4 votes)
Genius Title Screenshot

Genius Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Genius (Jingles)
Genius (Release 04) (Jingles)
Genius (Level 1)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 1)
Genius (Level 2)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 2)
Genius (Level 3)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 3)
Genius (Level 4)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 4)
Genius (Level 5)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 5)
Genius (Level 6)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 6)
Genius (Level 7)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 7)
Genius (Level 8)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 8)
Genius (Level 81)
Genius (Release 04) (Level 81)

News: Retro Gamer 165 (Magazine/English) Page 107
News: K&A Plus 07 (Magazine/Polish) Page 6
Reviewed: K&A Plus 09 (Magazine/Polish) Page 53

Joystick in Port 1
Space : Start/resume game by keyboard, exit from pause
J : Start/resume game by joystick
Cursor Keys : Move
Commodore + S : Sound on
Commodore + D : Sound off
Commodore + P : Suspend game (save level+score and load titles)
Commodore + Q : Quit game

Collect toys and avoid normal and bigger baddies to pass to the next screen. Collect the keys to open a specific door (enlightened during the first 4 key sequences only). Time expiring takes away one life and the score is reset to how much it was in the beginning of the screen; also, any extra life in that screen is lost.

Occasionally, some bonuses appear, it depends by how much time has been spent to unlock the doors or to take the keys, in different time ranges per level :
- Detonators: clear the screen from the normal baddies;
- PassPTouts: open all the doors;
- Klocks: close and lock all the doors;
- Klepsydras: give extra time.
At the end of any key sequence, just after the tenth screen in that row, secret bonus points levels appear, if Detonators and PassPTouts have been activated and collected in all the ten screens. If all the key sequences bonus level have been revealed, there's a secret final bonus points level, labeled 81.

After key sequence 4, in the last three screens (x8, x9, x0), opening a door when the time counter's last digit matches the last digit of the screen (e.g.: screen 68, time 38), Ghostmode is activated: Genius passes thru platforms and can't be killed for 10 seconds.

Search for other secrets in the game: invisible toys to collect in certain places, secret bonus lives, secret passages to higher screens, secret corners where Genius dies.

Key Sequences
Genius Screen 1
Antarctic Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 2
Russian Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 3
Japanese Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 4
Chinese Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 5
American Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 6
African Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 7
Australian Toy Warehouse
Genius Screen 8
European Toy Warehouse

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>230E 60Unlimited lives
>240A 60Unlimited time
>16EC EA A9 00
>176C EA A9 00
>15CB 60Ghost mode
>15F4 2C
>15F7 2C
Open any door
During the game, press F.Built in: clear level
>22D6 60Unlimited lives (Release 04)
>240A 60Unlimited time (Release 04)
>16E1 EA A9 00
>1761 EA A9 00
Invulnerability (Release 04)
>15BA 60Ghost mode (Release 04)
>15E3 2C
>15E6 2C
Open any door (Release 04)

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