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Last updated:2016-04-21
Category:Crossplatform Graphics
Created by:R., Markku (Marq)

Mouse Buttons
- left mouse button draw, select pen color, select char from the selector
- middle mouse button char picker, select border color from the selector
- right mouse button eraser, select bg color from the selector, lock/unlock frame on timeline, toggle lowercase on char selector

Editing Commands
- C convert colors to Plus/4 after loading a C64 image (Plus/4 only)
- enter typing mode, shift-enter for inverted chars
- - Alt (+shift) will let you type graphic characters like on a real machine
- - Color selection and reverse, likewise
- - Ins/Del/Backspace/PageUp/Dn/Home/End work
- - Window managers etc. might use some key combinations for their own purposes, so beware
- esc exit from typing mode
- f floodfill (keep it pressed and click), shift-f fills color only
- h smart horizontal flip, shift-h at cursor
- r smart rotate clockwise, shift-r at cursor
- space toggle selection on/off
- T convert the reference image to PETSCII set a suitable background color yourself
- tab walk through predefined sets of related characters
- u undo
- U redo (at least some sort of undo-undo)
- v smart vertical flip, shift-v at cursor
- x invert, shift-x inverts at cursor
- +/- shift horizontal and vertical stick character one step up/down/right/left
- ,/. cycle through bg and border colors
- pick character+color (same as mmb), shift- ( or ) to pick color only

GUI toggles
- c toggle crosshair
- g toggle grid
- i toggle info display
- t cycle through different levels of reference image transparency

Animation related
- 1..0 jump to frame 1..10
- d duplicate frame to the right
- end jump to last frame
- home jump to first frame
- l lock/unlock frame from editing
- left/right jump one frame

Modifier Keys
- alt 1/4 char pixel drawing mode (keep alt pressed)
- ctrl selection mode, drag with lmb pressed to select a region
- shift coloring mode, only the color is replaced (keep shift pressed)

File Operations
- a export file as asm data
- A export file as self-contained asm viewer (ACME format)
- b export as self-contained BASIC viewer
- e export a self-contained PRG that can be run directly
- p export as PNG image, shift-p includes borders
- q export as SEQ (C-64 only)
- s save (plain C data, the default image format)
- S export as self-contained C viewer (cc65 format)

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