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Tools - Bitfire+4
Last updated:2017-09-25
Platform:Windows, Linux
Created by:S., Bal√°zs (BSZ)

This is a Plus/4 port of Bitfire. Bitfire is a modern IRQ loader by Bitbreaker/Oxyron for C64 with it's own packer, BAM compatible file format and really small resident code.
Porting: BSZ/NST, Bubis/Resource

Bitfire+4 2017.09.25:
- Loader resident part: $200-$3ff or smaller
- Loader zero page usage: $04-$0a
- 1541 2bit ATM double/single clock receiver routines for Plus/4
- 1551 8bit protocol
- Optional 1541 receiver swap routine for Plus/4: $400-$46c
- Precompiled installers for C64, Plus/4 1551 only and 1541/1551 multi
- load raw, load+decomp, decomp routines
- Request disc and reset drive routines for all supported hardwares
- Save routine for all supported hardwares, source and precompiled binaries
- Basic irq handler for music, cpu clock protection, frame counter
- SID/CIA chip detection, missing SID detection and NAE detection
- Include files and useful macros for the most popular cross-assemblers
- Win32 packer and image writer tool, ACME cross-assembler with documentation
- Simple code example and Win32 build scripts that use the included assembler
- Build script for bootdisk creation with optional dir art.

Please see readme+4.txt for more details.

Download the binaries here.

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