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Genesis Project
Title:Genesis Project
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Coded by:K., Bj√∂rn (TTL)
Notes:BASIC start line number is 1991 but it's very unlikely the release year. TTL used the handle Fusion starting in June, 1989. So release date is a guess.
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User Rating: 7/10 (3 votes)
Genesis Project Screenshot

hi demofreax !!! welcome to "genesis project", a 'screen-on' sampling converted by ttl. from c-64 !!! all programming was done by me... thanx to takashi (x-ample) for the graphix ! hey andras, i hope you're not angry 'cause i'm using your routine... some greetings now: hello to tppc and absurd (you're 100% okay !)   -   knm   -   mad   -   supy   -   boomby   -   cms   -   mat   -   vanguard   -   deli   -   etc   -   pigmy fuckings to the following lamers: den   -   the byte a message to all hungarian crackers,programmers,swappers: please don't swap software with these guys, 'cause they are unable to load the accu, and think from themselfes, they are really good crackers... many thanx !!! hey great byte ! (or better: little bit) please don't ring me up any more !!! den !  if you tell anything else of shit about me, i drive to cologne and scratch your face !!!   ('hope you understand !) if you want to contact ttl., write to the adress which is standing in memory by $4a00 !   (be carefull, it's eor-ed with the numbers, standing at $4b00 !!!) good luck ! this demo was realized, coded, and spreaded by the tough lord ! oh, an important message to the plus/4 world: alf from ted and ttl. have peace together !!!  that means no fuckings and antigreetings... (a special 'hello' to him !) so, that was it for this time, see you soon !!!

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