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Genius 2
Title:Genius 2
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Created by:L., Dan (Twinspirit32)
Notes:Released under the Livearcade label. Storyline based on the 3rd chapter of the rock opera trilogy "Into the toy caves" from the same author. Genius' follow up.
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User Rating: 7.3/10 (3 votes)
Genius 2 Title Screenshot

Genius 2 Screenshot

Genius 2 (Jingles)
Genius 2 (Level 1)
Genius 2 (Level 2)
Genius 2 (Level 3)
Genius 2 (Level 4)
Genius 2 (Level 5)
Genius 2 (Level 6)
Genius 2 (Level 7)
Genius 2 (Level 8)
Genius 2 (Level 81)

Reviewed: Retro Gamer 178 (Magazine/English) Page 109

Key Sequences
Genius 2 Screen 1
Gubevac Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 2
Piranha Bay Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 3
Crazy Stalactites Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 4
Tutankhamun Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 5
Frozen Waterfalls Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 6
Dead Volcano Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 7
Endless Spiral Toy Cave
Genius 2 Screen 8
Dangerous Vortex Toy Cave

Genius is back! The little European prince is again in trouble and needs to be saved. Trapped in a world of dreams, a parallel dimension where fantasies are created and transmitted to sleeping minds, Genius needs to run through the eight magic toy caves from all around the world. As Genius. you'll have to follow the key sequences and unlock all the secret caverns of the toy caves, grab the toys, and avoid killer enemies.
Your goal is to get to the last cave where the little European Prince is imprisoned, and save him from his sad fate of being used for a child's fantasy creation and then destroyed.

Inspired by Daniele Liverani's rock opera "Genius", the game will lead you through a magic dream factory in a parallel dimension discovered by the young drummer Genius. For a complete backstory concept of the Genius saga please visit To add fun to the ride, see if you can discover the undocumented secrets. including secret passages, invisible toys, extra bonus lives, immortality, and much more! Will you be able to save the little Prince in time?

Joystick in Port 1
Space : Start/resume game by keyboard, exit from pause
J : Start/resume game by joystick
Cursor Keys : Move
Commodore + S : Sound on
Commodore + D : Sound off
Commodore + P : Suspend game (save level+score and load titles)
Commodore + Q : Quit game

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>22D6 60Unlimited lives
>240A 60Unlimited time
>16E1 EA A9 00
>1761 EA A9 00
>15BA 60Ghost mode
>15E3 2C
>15E6 2C
Open any door
During the game, press F.Built in: clear level

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