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Lode Runner +4
Title:Lode Runner +4
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Assassins (ASN)
Converted by:K., RĂ³bert (KiCHY)
Notes:AKA LodeRunner. Guide your stick figure to collect all the gold in a level while avoiding guards who try to catch you. After collecting all the gold, travel to the top of the screen to reach the next level.
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
Download from
  External links:
    C64 release
    ZX Spectrum release
    Atari 8bit release
    MSX release
    Amstrad CPC release
    BBC release
    Amiga release

User Rating: 9.1/10 (9 votes)
Lode Runner +4 Title Screenshot

Lode Runner +4 Screenshot

Reviewed: K&A Plus 09 (Magazine/Polish) Page 52

Keyboard Controls
Commands: Game
U - Try Next Level (CTRL+U - 10 levels up)
P - Try Previous Level (CTRL+U - 10 levels down)
Q - Quit level test and return to editor
F - Inc Number of Lives (CTRL+F - 10 lives up)
(r/s) - Pause game
R - Resign
A - Restart Level
J - Set Joystick Control
K - Set Keyboard Control
M - Load Level Mirrored
L - Load Game
S - Save Game
Z - Toggle Random level mode
D - Toggle Shoot Mode
+ - Inc Game Speed
- - Dec Game Speed
Commands: Board Editor
p - Play level
c - Clear level
e - Edit level
m - Move level
x - Swap level
i - Initialize disk
s - Show high scores
S - Clear high scores
Commands: Level Editor
(up) - up
(down) - down
(left) - left
(right)- right

S - Save
T - Test level
A - Reload level
F - Forward level
U - Forward level
B - Backward level
P - Backward level
X - Transmit level
M - Mirror level
t - edit msg text
Q - Quit
Commands: Toggle expert mode
(run/stop) - (f7) - (run/stop)
short beep plus grey border
cheating detection for commands is switched off

G - Set all Gold collected
X - Transmit level to a slot of drive 9
disk 9 must be active otherwise failure restart
+ - Inc xmit level number (CTRL++ - 10 levels up)
- - Dec xmit level number (CTRL+- - 10 levels up)

Author's Notes
Lode Runner +4 by KiCHY of ASN

The game source was downloaded from
which is a modified/enhanced C64 version.

Sorry for the (sometimes) blinking figures. If you think
you can improve it (sure it is possible, I were a bit lazy)
drop me an e-mail and I can provide you the sources.

Thx for Honz for the great source/dissasembling/commenting!

11 of July, 2011.

Copyright © Plus/4 World Team, 2001-2018