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Formed in 1977, Melbourne House get its name from the city in Australia where it is based. The Australian software house ran the British Melbourne House as their European distributor and source of games written in Europe. In early 1987, Mastertronic bought the European part of the business and the Melbourne House name. They have published games for the BBC, Spectrum, C64 and the C16.

Melbourne House
Name:Melbourne House
Country: UK
Notes:Original owner of Beam Software.
Melbourne House

Releases by Melbourne House
TitleCoversCategoryRelease DateProduct CodeLanguageSizeRetail PriceDistribution
Commodore 16 Games Pack IGame/Compilation1984English16KCommercial/TA
Commodore 16 Games Pack IIGame/Compilation1984English16KCommercial/TA
Dark TowerGame/Platformer1985English16KCommercial/TA
Fighting WarriorGame/Fighting19862C 0309English16K£2.99Commercial/TA
Roller KongGame/Action1985Graphic Game: FMEL 003English16KCommercial/TA
The Wizard And The PrincessGame/Action1985English16K£6.95Commercial/TA
Way Of The Exploding FistGame/Fighting1986RC 2018; MH416English16K£1.99Commercial/TA
C16 Greatest HitsGame/CompilationUnknownMH414English16K£7.95Commercial/PD
Classic AdventureGame/Adventure1985English16KCommercial/PD
2D Maze Game/Maze1984English16KAs compilation
BlackjackGame/Cards1984English16KAs compilation
Blockade Game/Tron1984English16KAs compilation
Breakin Game/Knockout1984English16KAs compilation
Dragon's Lair Game/Adventure1984English16KAs compilation
Hangman Game/Hangman1984English16KAs compilation
Looney Landa Game/Landing1984English16KAs compilation
Micro Minotaur Game/Logical1984English16KAs compilation
Penetrator Game/Action1984English16KAs compilation
S.A.M. Game/Shoot'em up1984English16KAs compilation
Siege Game/Action1984English16KAs compilation
Star Trader Game/Strategy1984English16KAs compilation
Tank Ambush Game/Action1984English16KAs compilation
Unscramble! Game/SlidePuzzle1984English16KAs compilation
Warlock Game/RPG1984English16KAs compilation
Zapp Game/Action1984English16KAs compilation
25 release(s).

C16 Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner1985-04EnglishBook
Commodore 16 Exposed1985-04EnglishBook
Commodore 16 Games Book1984-10EnglishBook
3 found.

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