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Posted By

on 2002-06-27
 Plus/4 and C=16 remakes


If anyone remember Zylon (1985) on Commodore16 and played it a lot then just take a look at Here you can download a PC remake of Zylon with source code.
Does somebody know other c16/+4 remakes?


Posted By

on 2002-06-27
 Big Mac and Thrust.

Click the home link above and take a look down the news for: A remake of Big Mac has been released for PC!!! - 2002-05-11

BB Software is working on 2 more titles

And Thrust Deluxe can be found here.

Posted By

on 2002-06-27

Kichy of the Mad Inhabitants! Nice to meet you here!

Probably you'll enjoy this link:

Posted By

on 2002-06-27

Kichy this is awesome!!! The music you have added is cool

I can't believe what a great job you have made of it. 10/10

Many thanks. I'll spred the word and add this to the news tonight.

(Norbert you're gona lov this!!)

Posted By

on 2002-06-27
 Hi Kichy!

First of all, the remake is superb, you did an excellent job, I love this... But more importantly, welcome buddy! It's sooo nice to see an old scene member show up here...
I guess our little

is attracting a lot of people.

Anyway, Kichy, check out the site, especially your own page. If you remember some more programs that you wrote, just email me or Lando. Also, can I add your email and homepage to our database?

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