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Csabo's 1K Adventure
Title:Csabo's 1K Adventure
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
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Coded by:P., Csaba (Csabo)
Notes:This game is only 1024 bytes long. Submitted for the 2002 1K GameCompo.
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User Rating: 7.8/10 (6 votes)
Csabo's 1K Adventure Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 74

2002 MiniGame Compo1K Game285.79 / 10

Csabo's 1K Adventure

A game in 1024 bytes for the Commodore C16 or Plus/4.
Written by Csabo/LOD.
Finished 2002.09.15 - submitted for the 2002 1K GameCompo.


Your task in this full-blown classic text adventure is
to escape from the castle where you have been locked!
You wake up on the second floor behind locked doors...
Looking out the window you think 'How am I ever going to
get out?' 14 working commands, several rooms and a few
objects... Let the adventuring begin!


You control the game by typing words (commands) and
pressing return. The game will tell you where you are,
what you surroundings are, and which way you can go.
The commands are always in (VERB) (OBJECT) format.

The available verbs are:

NORTH - move in the north direction.

EAST - move in the east direction.

SOUTH - move in the south direction.

WEST - move in the west direction.

GET (OBJECT) - pick up the specified OBJECT.

DROP (OBJECT) - drop the specified OBJECT.

INVENTORY - show the list of items you have.

OPEN (OBJECT) - opens the specified OBJECT.
You may need keys, etc. to open certain things.

LOOK <(OBJECT)> - examines the specified OBJECT.
If used without an object, it describes the room
you are in.

PULL (OBJECT) - pulls open the specified OBJECT.

BREAK (OBJECT) - breaks the specified OBJECT.

CLIMB - climbs up or down to places, if possible.

HELP - lists the available verbs.

QUIT - restarts or exits the game. Type 'YES' to
start a new game, or 'NO' to exit.

(Note: all commands can be abbreviated to the first letter.)


Any Commodore C16 or Plus/4 (or an emulator of course).
The game works on both PAL and NTSC systems!
This software runs fine on all known Plus/4 emulators.

Technical details:

This is most definitely my favourite of my 4 games.
My favourite game genre is adventures, and I wanted to
prove that a cool adventure game can be written in 1024
bytes. I'm very pleased with it. It looks and feels like
a 'real' text adventure. Each room has it's own description.
The commands are fairly intelligent.

If you finish the game in two minutes, don't be too
disappointed... It's only 1K after all. For a seasoned
adventurer it shouldn't be too difficult. Sorry about the
cheesy storyline - I thought it would be pointless to come
up with a huge story.

The 'DROP' and 'INVENTORY' commands are practically useless.
They have no purpose in the game. Still, I decided to keep
them in. It gives me that feel of freedom, so that objects
can be carried around. 'HELP' was also kind of a 'luxury'
command, but since it didn't take too much space (only 14
bytes), I left it in.

Notice how the words are chosen, so that everything can be
identified with one letter. Because of this, I could not use
the classic 'EXAMINE' command, since 'E' was already used
for 'EAST'. I picked 'LOOK' (L) instead.

The development time was lots and lots of afternoons and
evenings. The code is very optimised, and it went through
lots of testing. However, there is at least one known bug.
I will not tell you what it is, since it only comes up
when the player uses commands that don't make sense.


This game doesn't need any cheats. If you get stuck, try
the HELP command, and think about what commands you haven't
used yet. If you are still stuck, you can email me.

To restart after reset, type 'SYS 4129'.


Solutions - Complete
Well, it shouldn't be hard, but here it is anyway.

Pull Carpet, [Look], Get Key, East, Open Door,
South, West, [Look Cabinet], Pull Drawer, [Look],
Get Rope, East, Break Window, [Look],
Climb Window, North.

Download the source code here (13.9Kb)

Copyright © Plus/4 World Team, 2001-2018