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Battery[ Battery 2 ]Battery 3

Battery 2
Title:Battery 2
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Re-released by:Hard
Created by:S., Tamás (TCFS)
Additional Graphics by:G., Sebastian (Resetter)
Additional Coded by:B., Marco (Marco Polo)
Notes:AKA Battery II. The amazing sequel to Battery. The 1551 version includes Battery II Trained too.
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User Rating: 9.3/10 (20 votes)
Battery 2 Title Screenshot

Battery 2 Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Derived Software
Battery II Trained

Description: Commodore Világ 41 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 35

Download: battery_ii_map_level1.gif
Created by TCFS.
Description: Game Map - Level 1
Dimensions: 2900x750
File size: 140 KB.
Download: battery_ii_map_level2.gif
Created by TCFS.
Description: Game Map - Level 2
Dimensions: 1780x900
File size: 147 KB.
Download: battery_ii_map_level3.gif
Created by TCFS.
Description: Game Map - Level 3
Dimensions: 1560x750
File size: 92 KB.

Image Gallery
Battery 2 Screenshot #1
Battery 2 Screenshot #2
Battery 2 Screenshot #3

Ship movement: Joy or Z X / ;
Fire: Joy fire button or Shift
Autofire: Joy autofire button or Shift Lock

Return key: Info
Space bar: Select weapon (+info)
Run/Stop: Pause game (fire to restart)
C=: Anti-grav (Current charge can be seen in lower-right corner. Can be depleted)
Ctrl: sound on/off
Esc: Game Over

Weapon icons:
Green (S): Shield
Yellow (G): Proton gun (the only one that 'opens' walls, but can't activate switches)
Green (M): Machine gun (activates switches)
Blue (W): Shockwave (double fire, activates switches)
Gray (L): Laser gun (fires down, activates switches)

You start out with Shields and Proton gun. You can pick up more weapons/ammo by getting those 'barrels' (with the handle on top). The first one you will encounter is in the service tunnel (3rd screen 1st level).

The switches are the diagonal 'turrets'. If you shoot into them just right you will either get an 'Inactive' message (this switch doesn't do anything) or 'Activated XX' which means a door has just opened.

TCFS Playing Battery 2

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>3C49 ADUnlimited lives
>7728 ADUnlimited fuel

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