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Csabo's 1K Racer
Title:Csabo's 1K Racer
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Coded by:P., Csaba (Csabo)
Notes:This game is only 1024 bytes long. Submitted for the 2002 1K GameCompo.
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User Rating: 7/10 (6 votes)
Csabo's 1K Racer Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 72

2002 MiniGame Compo1K Game395.45 / 10

Csabo's 1K Racer

A game in 1024 bytes for the Commodore C16 or Plus/4.
Written by Csabo/LOD.
Finished 2002.09.15 - submitted for the 2002 1K GameCompo.


You control a car over a closed course. Your goal is to
keep going as long as you can. Don't hit anything!
After you reach the starting lines, you receive an extra
car for each lap.


Cursor Up: Steer car up.
Cursor Down: Steer car down.
(after game over) Press Run/Stop to start a new game.


Any Commodore C16 or Plus/4 (or an emulator of course).
This game works only with PAL systems.
This software runs fine on all known Plus/4 emulators.

Technical details:

This was the first game I started for the compo. I wanted
to write a racer game, but I didn't want the track to be
random. I'm pleased with the track, I managed to put in
rivers, trees, a few buildings, and an overall challenging

What's good: it's soft-scrolling (vs. character scrolling).
Since the Plus/4 doesn't have sprites, I had to create all 8
phases of the car. Also, the scrolling has variable speeds
from 0-20 (although you only speed up to 11).

I wanted to increase the replay value by adding 'gas',
which would continually decrease, and picking up 'gas cans'
would replenish it. Unfortunately it didn't fit...

Still I believe a player would be moderately interested to
play this game. Score is kept, and one could play over and
over to beat their own best.

The development time was lots and lots of afternoons and
evenings spread over about 3 months. The code is very
optimised, and it went through lots of testing. This game
is believed to be bug-free.


Use 'POKE 4371, 48+[number]' to increase the number of initial
cars. should be between 1-9, although higher numbers
will work as well (it won't look good). Default is 3.

Use 'POKE 4169, 169 : POKE 4170, 0' for invulnerability cheat.
This makes the game kind of pointless, and it can also cause
the game to crash.

To restart after reset, type 'SYS 4242'.


Download the source code here (14Kb)

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
Run/Stop + ResetStop game
>117D ## D0 02 CA EAGame speed (Default 11, lower number is slower)
G 1092Restart game

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