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220 Volt Team was started by former EVS members. They were a prominent member of the Hungarian scene, between 1990-1992. The team consisted of two great coders (Dr. Mad and TRP) and Digit, who was an excellent graphician. There were also two more members (Somi and Geza), but not much is known about them. They released mostly demos, they only had one or two games. Their demos were pretty good quality at the time. There was also a certain maturity about them: they didn't have the signature identity crises so many other hungarian teams seemed to have. They knew who they were. Very rarely would one read dissing or boasting in their scrolltexts. Instead they had Digit's famous (and weird) hungarian humor...

All in all, they were a good team. They were missed once they have left the scene.

220 Volt Team (220V)
Name:220 Volt Team
Country: Hungary
K., Miklós (Dr. Mad)(Member)
K., Artúr (Digit)(Member)
A., András (TRP)(Member)
S., Csaba (Somi)(Ex-member)
220 Volt Team

Releases by 220 Volt Team
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeDistribution
220 Volt DemoDemo1991-03-12English/Hungarian64KFreeware
3D BallsDemo1991-07-01English64KFreeware
Anonymus DemoDemo1990  Freeware
Computer KarácsonyDemo1990-12-09Hungarian64KFreeware
Compy XmasDemo/MegaDemo1990-12-09English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Crackers' Demo 2Demo/MegaDemo1991-04English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Digital DelightDemo1990-11-11English64KFreeware
Digital Delight 2Demo1991-01-18English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Digital Delight 3Demo1991-03-15English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Digital Delight 4Demo1991-09-18English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Gigademo (220V)Demo/MegaDemo1991English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Last From TRPDemo1991Hungarian64KFreeware
Line MagicDemo1991-06-25English64KFreeware
Malenykily M-BoxDemo1990-05-22Hungarian64KFreeware
Multy Demo 3Demo1990English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Multydemo IDemo1990-08-05English64KFreeware
Ripped PicsDemo1991-01-20Hungarian/English64KFreeware
Shit GameGame/Action1991-10-06English64KFreeware
19 release(s).

Digit's Comments About The Team
"Attila Kovács was my brother, we used the same handle :-) He was mainly a swapper, and eventually became a programmer/mathematician. We wasn't too much into coding, but did write a few programs, a +4 Program List Maintainer among them.

Miklós Kovács (Dr. Mad): 'Miki' was an amazingly talented programmer. In high school, he got into physics and did end up working as a physicists in Budapest.

András Avramov (TRP): after high-school he took a system programming course, but then got into publishing. Now he is a part-time sys admin of a company in Szeged.

Csaba Sos (somi): Csaba was my high-school classmate, he joined us pretty late and therefore wasn't an active member.

Tamás Vincze (Geza): Géza maestro was a hardware guru, always tinkering with the machines :-) He was a programmer as well, but he didn't care much for demos. He also finished a system programming course and now lives in Boston, works for one of the universities as a sys admin."

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