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Stephen B. (.mad.)
Type:Game Hacker
First Name:Stephen
Last Name:B.
Country: England
Email: ste_acidhead(at)hotmail dot com
Total posts:7 (Last post: 10 years)

About Me
Likes - Japanese Game Consoles, Commodore 64, Acid-Minimal-Electronic Music, Aussie Soaps.
Dislikes - Mobile Phones, Passwords (being very forgetful)

first game console - Atari 2600 (overheated and set on fire playing asteroids)
first computer - Sinclair ZX81 +16k (could not get anything to load!) :(
I made the jump to the Commodore 64 with a 1541.(skipping over the BBC Micro and Spectrum 48k)
Next up was An Amiga 500 (spent all my time copying disks. due to a friend setting up "Cement City")
i sold my Amiga in 1989 to buy "SPECIAL THINGS" and go to Acid Parties.
a few years later i got arrested with 385 others at the Love Decade warehouse party in Leeds,
and charged with inciting a riot. The charge was dropped. (peace and love)

my first PC with Internet connection came very late in 2000,
I was blown away by the shear volume of people still on the C64 using emulators.

now in 2008 i have started work on a Plus4 GameBase which i hope to release a Beta version soon.
never having a Plus4 or Commodore 16, this is a turning into a Mammoth Tusk. :)

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