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DYCP in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - DYCP
NameRelease DateNotesAreaCharacter sizeItemsItem sizeColor modeFrame rate
Dycp Mania19905 DYCPs on top of each other, not ORd. Chars are only 4 pixels tall. 1x15   
Crackers' Demo1990The same DYCP repeated 3 times.      
Crackers' Demo1990      
Plasma's First1991MegaDYCP, rasters in background      
Plasma's First199125 small DYCPs      
Long Hours1994-02-22 4x4  Multi 
Long Hours1994-02-22MegaDYCP.Fullscreen     
Legend Of MC19933 MegaDYCPs      
Skoro Mega1993-04-10MegaDYCP.      
Samplemania I1993-07-27      
Amiga Mania1993-10-22MegaDYCP. 4x4    
Gewgaw1993-03-26DYSCP over a scrolltext.      
Ball Blaster 21989-11-03MegaDYCP.      
Cool Demo 901990-01-02Non-scrolling DYCP.      
Great Meeting1990-07-26      
MB Megademo1990-03-15A rare 4x2 DYCP 4x2    
MB Megademo1990-03-15      
MB Megademo1990-03-15      
MB Megademo1990-03-15Non-scrolling multi color DYCP over graphics.    MCM 
Crackers' Demo 21991-04      
Crackers' Demo 21991-04Very slow, updates about every 10 frames.      
Gentlemen In Action1993-01-10      
18 Years1993Two DYCPs on top of each other      
3M Demo 21991Mirrored, the letters also tilt: Snurkel Scroller.      
Thunder1991The letters also wave along the sinus curve: Snurkel Scroller.      
Thunder1991Fullscreen 2x2 DYCP, the letters also tilt along the sinus curve: Snurkel Scroller.Fullscreen2x2    
5 Years Pluvi Party Celebration1993      
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19      
Karateka1991-03-225 MegaDYCPs  5   
Magnificient Plus/41990Change sinus and speed by joystick.      
One Year CenturyUnknownThree 80 character DYSCPs on top of each other.  3   
Sun For Fun1992-05-05Non-scrolling      
Sun For Fun1992-05-05Two DYSCPs on top of each other, user controllable parameters. It runs bad when one of the two is set to scrollspeed $00.  2   
Wet Dreams1991      
Wet Dreams1991      
Wet Dreams1991      
Overture199110 chars, non-scrolling.      
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21 2x2    
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21Over graphics      
17 Years1991-03-28Over vector.      
Bohemian Rapsody1992      
High Technology1992 8x5    
Hexen Hexen1991Full screen MegaDYCP.      
Compy Xmas 21991-12      
Compy Xmas 21991-12Speed control by joystick.      
Compy Xmas 21991-12Over a text.      
Killer Demo2004-11-28      
Stukas Over Disneyland1990-06-09      
8 Shades Of Black2006-08-182 DYSCP.      
Quick Quiet Demo1990-07-22   2  
Vector Sector1991In the bottom border.      
Virtually Yours1993Running on a chessboard zoomer.  16   
Virtually Yours1993  242x1 chars  
Digital Dream1990-07-28    Multicolor bitmap 
Hexen Hexen1991      
Hexen Hexen19912 DYSCP, bitmap scrolling.  2   
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19  2   
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19  16   
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19      
MC Demo1990-07-29      
Metapharstic 80%2003-07-05Claimed to be the first FLI DYCP on Plus/4.  10 FLI 
10 Years +41994-10-23      
+4 Mania Forever1997-12-01      
Metal Ass1991-02      
Global Chaos1994      
Crackers' Demo 31992      
Crackers' Demo 31992Non moving DYSCP, different charsets.      
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23MegaDYCP.      
Fuck Off1990Big MCM chars with mirrored reflection.      
MB Megademo1990-03-15Falling letters on bitmap with reflected twin.    Multicolor bitmap 
Crime Time1992-10-11      
And Justice For All1992      
And Justice For All1992      
Visual Atmosphera1993Non scrolling.      
Exacting Demo1992-09-283 different charsets DYSCP flickering on a "TPSH" chars tag.      
Construction Time Again1992      
Construction Time Again1992 2x4 chars    
Construction Time Again1992Falling letters.      
GOTU Megademo1992-02-01Bitmap scrolling is used to perform this so called "splitted scroll".      
GOTU Megademo1992-02-01      
GOTU Megademo1992-02-01Halfway between DYCP and sprite scroll.      
Unassuming Demo1991MegaDYCP.      
Unassuming Demo1991No scrolling.  15   
Unassuming Demo1991MegaDYCP.      
Unassuming Demo1991DYSCP.      
Rastermania1996-02-14  2   
First Demo (TSB)1992-01-10Falling chars.     9
First Demo (TSB)1992-01-10Scrolling but not waving.      
Best Of GFW Mega1993-07-31      
Rotary Hack1993-10-30MegaDYCP.      
Rotary Hack1993-10-302 as water reflection, manageable with joystick in port 2.      
Nothing Special1990With a wave effect.      
Nothing Special1990Falling text.      
Last TEC Demo1990Falling text.      
Last TEC Demo19902 scrolltexts halfway between DYCP and DYSCP.      
Action Demo (Kuni)1992No scrolling.      
Action Demo (Kuni)1992      
Graphics Show2005-10-12 2x1 chars  MCM 
The Walls Of Jeriko1989-11-07      
The Walls Of Jeriko1989-11-07Non-scrolling DYCPs .  4   
Zeus Megademo 21990-06-22      
Drive1992-01-02Falling text.      
Compy Xmas1990-12-09Water reflection (FPP?).      
Great Change1991-02-06With water mirroring.      
Great Change1991-02-06 1x2    
Great Change1991-02-06Variable size of characters (FPS?).      
Highlights1991-02-25 2x2 chars  MCM 
Disk Wars1992-08-23      
Disk Wars1992-08-23Changeable parameters.      
Knight Rider 21993-10-24 8x8    
No Silence1994-08-31Bitmap scrolling.      
No Silence1994-08-31MegaDYCP.      
Monitor2008-08-24Bitmap scrolling.      
Continuity2003-09-05Bitmap scrolling.      
Radioactive Zone1991-06-18      
Compy Xmas 21991-12Changeable parameters.      
Just A Demo1990-07-28Bitmap scrolling.  2   
EVS Demo1990Falling text.      
EVS Demo1990      
Gentlemen In Action1993-01-10      
Magnetic Dream1990-02-24MegaDYCP.      
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01Falling text.      
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01Calculated as Hires even though displayed in Multicolor bitmap in order to overlap an animated bubble.    Multicolor bitmap 
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01      
Friction1990-11-25  2   
Conversations1990-02-22Falling text.      
Conversations II1990-03-28No scrolling.      
Conversations II1990-03-28      
Demo Of New York1990-07-08      
Elf's First1992-12-12Water reflection, non-scrolling.      
Magic Inspiration1991-01-122 non interacting DYCPs.      
Run To The Underworld1992-02-01Falling text.      
Run To The Underworld1992-02-01Falling text.      
Three Years1994-03-25      
Three Years1994-03-25      
Three Years1994-03-25      
Three Years1994-03-25  3   
Xentrix's First1995-02-01Bitmap scrolling.      
Harry GFX Mega1993-03-15Technically a DXYPP using fixed wavetables, multi-directional bitmap scrolling.      
Fucking Universal1992-02-22      
Three Parts1990-05-29Non-scrolling.      
Stupid Demo1992-01-16      
Winding MessagesUnknown  3   
Thunderbirds Demo1996-09-27Bitmap scrolling.      
Skoro Demo 91994-08-12      
Skoro Demo 91994-08-12      
Skoro Demo 81994-07-01      
Bloody Good1991      
Fun Time 1Unknown      
Gigademo 21989-10      
Gigademo 21989-10      
Ripped Pics1991-01-20      
A Real Demo1990      
Tronix Demo IIUnknownNon-scrolling.      
Micro-demo19903 DYSCP.  3   
Cool News 21993-11-02      
Cool News 31994-01      
EDC News 11991MegaDYCP.      
Lamer News #102006-02-23      
SCN News 041992-02-02      
SCN News 091993-04-20      
Super News 11992-07-17Non-scrolling, a "+HARRY+" logo.      
Elite (BPL)1988      
Dynamix1990-04-04Use the cursor keys left and right to move the DYCPs.  3   
Skoro Demo 71994-01-21  2   
Metapharstic 961996-02-01      
Metapharstic 961996-02-01MegaDYCP.      
Visual Atmosphera1993Sort of advanced DYSCP, bad sync when DYCP only. Bitmap scrolling.      
Amőba (TPSH)1992-01-252x2 with mirror effect.      
My First Demo1992-11-29      
Party Of Siklos1990-02-03      
Soccer Director1990-10-05      
Carniwor Demo1990-05-12      
First Demo From Gyula1992-12-29      
GFW Megademo1993-07-31      
TSB-writer V2.01991-09-13      
48 Hours Party1992No scrolling. 4x35   
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21      
The Imitator1992-01-15Falling letters.      
Demo Mode1990Big tiles with letters.      
TCFS Demo1989-09-15      
Matrix +41995-02-03Change scroll speed with cursor keys. 2x2  MC 
Logo To Titans1992-10      
Party Demo 891989-12-02Variable distance between letters.      
Chtulu1995-03Bitmap scrolling.      
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01Up'n'down only, with wobbling.      
WestbankUnknownNo scrolling.      
Hale Shit1990  2   
Multydemo I1990-08-05Technically DYCP but used as a double opposite scroller.      
Vector Calculator V1.01992-10-23      
Demo For Bobek1990      
Tron II1989-07-03Bitmap scrolling.      
Minesweeper Pro1997-06-28 2x2    
HQC & Thrust1989-12-14No scrolling text.      
Pipe Dream1992-07-20      
Magnet-x1991Both scrolling and bouncing. Bitmap scrolling.      
Slipper1992-08-02In the notefile.  2   
Landscape Maze1991-03-12  3   
Dycp Mania1990Bitmap scrolling. 1x13   
16 KBytes2012-07-08Fixed. 4x4    
3M Demo 11991  5   
Three Years1994-03-25Not scrolling 2x3    
Savage Ripp1990-04-05      
Anti Lunacy 11994-10-12Bitmap scrolling.      
GotchaUnknownMegaDYCP.  3   
Liberator +5MD2013-04-11      
Robo Knight +4M2013-04-27      
Wonder 31989Bitmap scrolling.      
Domino (EVS)Unknown 1x22   
DS CharEditor V1.21992      
Flashback2014-02-12 1x2    
Parts From C641993-10-092 non scrolling DYSCP.  2   
Jerry's Quest1993Trainer version.      
Club Info 1372015-03-06      
Dycp Mania1990 1x125   
TIT Mega1990Very short, 16px high and non moving.      
48 Hours Party (Gentlemen)1992DYSCP crossing some non scrolling characters, bitmap scrolling.      
Space Taxy1993      
Lethargix1990Falling letters.      
Cocom Demo1991-06-23Folding letters, bugged. 2x2  MCM3.75
Demodemo1991-10-283 DYSCP (1 doesn't scroll). Bitmap scrolling.  3   
Saboteur C16 +2J2014-02-08      
Pin Point +4MF 101% [PAL/NTSC]2014-10-29      
Voidrunner +32014-09-21      
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30      
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30 2x12   
The Santa-Claus1993-12-05Bitmap scrolling.      
Detox Party1993      
247 found.

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