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3M Demo 2
Title:3M Demo 2
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Fine Young Cannibals (FYC)
Coded by:B., Ákos (SJP)
Graphics by:T., Norbert (TYB)
Notes:A demo with 2 parts. Year is a guess, but according to the scrolltext, released after Karateka. The mirrored DYCP is from Lethal Display 4 (C64).
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes)
3M Demo 2 Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
2DYCP Mirrored, the letters also tilt: Snurkel Scroller.

Scrolltext In 2nd Part
                hello freax        this is the three m demo part two          this demo was converted and coded by sjp of fyc  hope you like this demo and enjoyed that little intro         and now i think i should give u the greets  big hellos to these coool guys and crews         anarchy       a system           boomby          bubi        ceekay          crown       dr.chip           evs team      fusion         illegal aliens        mad         mano        mercenary      padi          pigmy         rozy          serials         terrorists      u s s r       wacky          ok  i think that was enough  from the greets  and now i will send some messages to some guys on plus four   tarzan will be the first ofcoz     hey tarzan do you really think that you are the best on plus four  i hope u have already changed your mind because you are not the best on plus four  and i think the terrorists are not the best crew either             ceekay i feel sorry for u because you could not come to hungary  because you are a soldier  anyway your karateka is the best arcade on plus four and one of the best games i think           nukeman  i hope you enjoyed your trip to hungary and you will be able to come here again    i will send you the addresses of the two american guys             acs hey lamer why do not you call me          ratt hello guy i hope you will enjoy this little demo            oh guys what a senile guy i am  i forgot the most important thing in this shitty scroll       you cannot hear any zak because the converter needs very much rastertime and i have not got too much i can play the original zak but that is not enough to hear anything  sorry guys      the same problem as the three m demo part one           well now i should write something interesting but i do not know what to write  oh guys this charset is quite lame there is nothing in this chartset except  letters hmmm that is not too much     well guy why do not u turn off your plus four or c sixteen     all right if not  i will write some more text for u        but i cannot write more text        i am bored   the textwriting is very boring     ok guys    i will go and have my dinner  after dinner i may continue this shitty text but may not  may i goto sleep                      ok guys  i ate my dinner it was delicious but now i am too bored and too tired to continue this text so now i say goodbye and go to sleep   bye bye

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