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Party Of Siklos
Title:Party Of Siklos
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Muffbusters (MB)
Converted by:M., P├ęter (Mucsi)
Notes:AKA Siklos.
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 4.5/10 (2 votes)
Party Of Siklos Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes

Program Text
Part 1 Lower Scroll:
   party of siklos                     press the cursore buttons for control big scroll    nyomd meg a balra nyilat a nagy scrollhoz          converted by mucsi of muffbusters    

Part 1 Upper Scroll:
 yeeeaaah !!!     the members of the party   jar  bachelor  jeva  mucsi  and   hct five ....     greetings to pigmy crown batya stevo kabo csendi rejo boomby cms knm coby tcfs lta gsl and 'you' !!!      good byte !!!      press space to the next part !!!  

Part 2:
hello everybody! this time you have reached the second part of the demo ....  the date of finishing this prg is 3th of february in 1990. the guys are the sames so the greetings ! there is a big fight 'cause mucsi wants to bring home a great picture drawn by jar,but he doesn't want it ! bachelor is angry too 'cause jar had filled the whole floor coke ! there is a big machine parade. there are six machines. two c-16, a plus/4,a c-64+final i. catridge,enterprise one two eight,sinclair zx specrum. there are three drivers:an oceanic tepszi,an c-1541 and an 1541-ii. there are three tv-s:an philips color monitor,an itt color tv and a junoszty super tv. there is a hi-fi center an a video recorder too. only these things.... and of course there are casettes and disks, oh and a printer ! and now after an little intermezzo comes the hyper,super,mega,giga- i don't like this word !- greetings.....         :pigmy,gsl,miszlai i.,mihalyi g.,boomby,crown,scf,a-system,stevo,batya,kabo,csendi,rejo,jeva (text by him),mucsi (converted by him from c64&),ko-ko,eds,alf,bpl (knm,cms,mad),tcfs,ttl,obelix,mc.master tomytron,deli,o'crazy,dwarf,tbb,coby,tppc,absurd (rest in piece) etc,zalka erno,trigatra lta,time tigers team,a.c.s,tarzan and johnny (es a tobbi bozotlako !!!) and you !!!           messages comes in next demo !   hello !  good byte ! see you soon !     over and out .....  

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