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Hardware - Commodore MPS-803 (Beige)
Name:Commodore MPS-803 (Beige)
Manufactured:Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd. (CBM)

About The Printer
There is also a dark gray version, to match the colors of the Plus/4 and 1551.

The ribbon cartridges for the MPS 803 are also used on the following printers:

Amstrad LQ 401
Axiom SCP-CD, SLP, SLP-CD, TwinWriter series
Axonix LiteWrite, ThinWrite series
Brother M1009, M1024, M1109, M1209, M1224, DM 5
Centronics GLP series (3101), GLP II (3102), 3103
Dynax DM 5
Fargo SP 2000
Fortis DM 5
Genicom 2412, GLP II
RCA VP 2100
Sanyo Micron 3101
Schneider NLQ 401
Stafford Matrix Portable
Syntrex Syndot 100
Taxan A 109
Yamaha PN 101 RB

The MPS-803
The MPS-803

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