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Hardware - JiffyDOS

Product Description
JiffyDOS is a Disk Operating System (DOS) enhancement which gives your C16, C116, or Plus/4 the disk access speed it has always needed. A chip-for-chip replacement for the Kernal ROM in your computer and the DOS ROM in your 1541, 1571, 1581, and many other compatible disk drive(s), JiffyDOS achieves levels of performance and compatibility unmatched by other disk speed-enhancement products. Outstanding speed, solid compatibility with virtually all hardware and software, and a new set of desperately-needed commands and features, gives your system a new lease on life and the power to compete with today's newer, more-expensive machines.

JiffyDOS should not be confused with Cartridges, Turbo ROMs, Burst ROMs or "Parallel" systems. Ultra-high-speed multi-line serial technology enables JiffyDOS to outperform these products without any of their inherent disadvantages. JiffyDOS leaves all ports on your computer open, works with virtually all software, speeds up PRG, SEQ, REL and USR files, and does not require any extra cabling. Owning JiffyDOS also gives you access to some of the best product support available.

Where To Buy It, and What To Buy
If you have the capability to burn your own ROMs, buy the Overlay file for your 116, 16, or Plus/4. Remember to buy an Overlay for your disk drive (1541, 1571, 1581, and many compatibles).

If you would like to buy JiffyDOS already on a ROM, complete with a switch (to allow JiffyDOS to be switched off as needed), order from this page. Remember to order a disk drive ROM as well.

JiffyDOS Photo
JiffyDOS Photo

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