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Hardware - Solder's Plus/4
Name:Solder's Plus/4
Category:Custom Machine
Manufactured byS., Christian (Solder)

- 256kB RAM after Hannes/Solder/CSORY
- 384kB sRAM extension. Above at the expansion haven is the battery, but only in my computer is such Lithumzelle. Otherwise a standard button cell is blocked, which can procure and exchange for everyone easily.
- TED protection (left above). Is meanwhile obsolet. TED protection gibt's only externally. But then equal the Joy adapter contained and a change over switch is not to have to change around the Joysticks. In addition then also Autofire functions.
- Printer haven. The wall plug is accommodated at the expansion haven, the plate with the plug in the cover. Functioned with div. Programs/drivers and/or with OS96 also directly. Advantage: User haven remains further usable, e.g. for EPROM burners. However none wanted to have
- The lines those right to the housing go belonging to 3 tracers with which one different RESETs release can and/or which umzwingen bank. The latter makes RESETs possible also with “RESET-firm” programs (however only, if the 256kB did not know yet).
- Bank announcement in the cover (see insertion), shows the current RAM bank. The point of the announcement shows the switching border $1000/$4000. Besides there (hardly recognizably) are still 2 further LEDs. One does not indicate, whether sRAMs can be described, the other one white I now at all… With activated CSORY extension the bank announcement goes out.
- Behind the contactor: quadruple slide switches for operating system choice.
- Below the ACIA: New quartz with double clock. Modems can be used in such a way with 38400 Baud. (Functions only in the Plus/4 with Commodore 8551-ACIA, not with 6551-ACIA from the original series).

Unfortunately the foil cables of the keyboard bear not much. The contact areas separate sometime. Therefore hab' I the cable by a flat cable exchanged. Not very elegantly, but I had at that time nothing else.

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