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Hardware - Scala's SIDcard
Name:Scala's SIDcard
Category:SID Card

Antonino Scala, a trained motor mechanic also skilled in electronic, has built these prototypes since 1990. Because of this, at this time his SIDcard is known as the earliest one ever.

He first started of with a SID 6581, on the Plus/4 this worked without an external psu. For the C16 an external psu was required. The last version used the SID 8580, instead. Base address was $FD40. In the beginning, even switched of the plus/4's 8551 to try if it works without TTLs (it's not 100% clear how this line is meant). Addressing/chipselect just required a 74133 and a 7404.

Several users tested the card, then Mizkunaz-Electronik in Oberotterbach was going to distribute the SID-Card once they tested it.

Download schematics and others in one zipped file.

The evolution of the SIDkarte prototype built by Antonino Scala.

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