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Hardware - TEDSID
AKA:New SIDcard, Internal SID card
Category:SID Card
Manufactured byW., Michael (Mr. Museum)

View the original announcement in our forum.

This new SIDcard called TEDSID is currently in development as of 2003 November. The current status of the card: it actually works! :-) (Although not perfectly.) The card is being developed by C16DOC/Unlimited (the brother of Mr. Museum). The final revision will be put directly on the TED Chip, as it's a internal card.

The creators were looking for manufacturers to mass-produce this card.

2010 Update:
"I wanted to send you pictures of the final release of the internal Plus4 SID-card. The project was started in 2003 and finished at 2009 by C16DOC of Unlimited (my Brother), based on Solders external SID-Card and he has finished 5 Units by handmade.
I hope you like the pictures and add it to the gallery of Plus4World."

For more info, contact the creators!

Original 2003 Photo
Original 2003 Photo

2010 Photo
2010 Photo
Full size image

2010 Photo #2
2010 Photo #2
Full size image

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