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Hardware - Commodore Plus/4
Name:Commodore Plus/4
AKA:Plus 4, +4, C= +4
Manufactured:Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd. (CBM)

This hardware contains
MOS 7360/8360 (Chip) [ edit ]
MOS 7501/8501 (Chip) [ edit ]
C317053-01 (Chip) [ edit ]
C317054-01 (Chip) [ edit ]
C251641-02 (Chip) [ edit ]
C318004-05 (Chip) [ edit ]
C318006-01 (Chip) [ edit ]
MOS 6529B (Chip) [ edit ]
C318004-04 (Chip) [ edit ]

Commodore Plus/4
(*)64K RAM (60K available for BASIC
(*)Full Typewriter Style Keyboard
(*)Optional Built-in Software
(*)Screen Window Capability
(*)HELP Key
(*)8 Pre-programmed, Reprogrammable
(*)Function Keys
(*)Four Separate Cursour Keys
(*)Uses Most COMMODORE 64 and VIC-20
(*)121 Colors (16 primary colours, 8
(*)luminance levels)
(*)Over 75 BASIC Commands
(*)High Resolution Graphics Plotting
(*)Split-Screen Text With High-Res Graphics
(*)Graphics Character Set On Keyboard
(*)Keyboard Color Controls
(*)320 x 200 Pixel Screen Resolution
(*)Reverse and Flashing Characters
(*)2 Tone Sound Generators
(*)Built-In Machine Language Monitor
(*)(17 commands)

Case Design
The case designing had been worked out by Ira Velensky, who also designed the Commodore 116 case. Ira moved to Atari in the mid-80s and was the designer on the ST and XE computers as well.

Bil Herd says:
"The design [of the Plus/4] was by a guy named Ira Velinsky who worked out of the Tokyo office. He had designed the case for the DEC Rainbow prior to coming to Commodore. Sadly Ira passed away on the return trip from a CES show some years later."

The Commodore Plus/4
The Commodore Plus/4

Right Side View
Right Side View

Left side view
Left side view

Back View
Back View

Plus/4 Magazine Advertisment
Plus/4 Magazine Advertisment
Click here for large version (360 Kb)

Plus/4 TV Commercial
Plus/4 TV Commercial
A TV commercial for the Plus/4 produced by US based liquidator Urban General.
Click here to view the commercial (MPEG, length 1:00, size 4MB)

Early Commodore Plus/4
Early Commodore Plus/4
Rob Clarke has found this Plus/4 model with serial number "AA1 000023" and a sign about the lack of FCC approval yet. It also shows a couple of red stickers relative to the FCC approval reached.

Bil Herd has commented:"Ah, now I remember. This was one of the units I took to Radiation Sciences in Harleysville PA. Basically spent a week as we scanned all of the configurations, passed, and submitted to FCC. The asset tag thing would be how it was identified so I could carry it out the front door.".

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