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Hardware - Solder's SID Card
Name:Solder's SID Card
Category:SID Card
Manufactured byS., Christian (Solder)

From Solder's website:
"Sounds from C64 now for plus/4! Plug the card in expansionport and ready. You can adjust the volume on the card. You can hear the sound over the plus/4 or take it over a 3,5mm-Stereo-Cinch for HiFi-Device. 9-pin-SUB-D (kompatible to C64) for a 3rd joystic or a proportional-mouse. Get this with 2 disks with a lot of programs and instructions for programming."

SIDcard Documentation
Click here

Solder's SIDcard
Solder's SIDcard
This is one of the latest SIDcard that Solder had built in the last period, being bought by Luca.

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