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Hardware - Universal Cartridge Board
Name:Universal Cartridge Board

Universal Cartridge Board
Produced and sold by Coprolite Computer By-products (249 Sandy Oaks Dr, Seguin, TX 78155, USA, Facebook, eBay), the board is preset for a single 16K image , just program the eprom with a Plus/4 C16 cartridge image for use with a single 27128/27C128 EPROM (included).

This board is capable of handling up to 4 single ROM images or up to 4 dual ROM images, by replacing the 2 solder jumpers with 2 resistors and adding the 2nd socket and adding a 2p dip switch.
As a extra option the board has a location to solder in a small switch for a reset.

Plugged In C16
Plugged In C16

Plugged In Plus/4
Plugged In Plus/4

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