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Effects - Sprite
NameRelease DateNotesAreaCharacter sizeItemsItem sizeColor modeFrame rate
Long Hours1994-02-222 2x2 char multi sprites over an FLD scroll + digiconverter.      
Long Hours1994-02-22A multicolor sprite over a logo.  1   
Long Hours1994-02-2216 2x2 char multi bobs over a logo.  162x2 chars  
Legend Of MC19939 2x2 multi sprites over a logo  92x2 chars  
Metal Ass1991-0211 2x2 sprites over a WIT logo.  112x2 chars  
8 Shades Of Black2006-08-1820 over graphics.Fullscreen 208x7 pixelsMulticolor 
Yet1991  34x4 charsHires 
Thalassa2007-06-16Fully masked and animated.  52x2 charsMCM 
Multigraph Sprite Demo2008-06-04Bitmap  212x16 pixelsMCM 
MegaDreams1992-08-31Occasionally bugged.  64x6 pxMulticolor 
A Trip1989-06-23Change sinus by joystick.  2 Multicolor 
Metal Ass1991-022 on bitmap, 1 on scrolltext.      
Infection1993-08-01  32x2 charactersMulticolor 
Toxix1991  1 Multicolor 
Overture1991  22x2 chars  
10 Years Preview1994  2   
Bohemian Rapsody1992      
Bohemian Rapsody19922 sprites over changing text.      
Hexen Hexen19913 sprites over a scroll.      
Hexen Hexen19912 sprites over a scroll.      
Hexen Hexen1991Sprite over a moving logo.      
Dominion1991-02-06  196x16 pxMulticolor Bitmap 
Dominion1991-02-06  52x2  
Skoro Demo 101996-05-17  1   
Fuck Off1990  2 MCM 
In Memoriam (ASN)2007-09-12One colour only, though in MCM.  92x1 charsMCM 
Killer Demo2004-11-28Two colours, saving the 3rd for the overlapping text.  34x4 chars  
Killer Demo2004-11-28  67x7 chars (1), 1x1 chars (5)  
Expectation 22005-09-02  43x2 charsMCM 
ST Demo V1.1Unknown    HiRes 
+4 Mania Forever1997-12-01      
Amoba (SCN)1995-12-01Over the scrolling.  11x1Hires 
Virtually Yours1993They look they can move as sprites and as bobs only too.  26 Bitmap 
Hexen Hexen1991  1   1
Hexen Hexen1991Over a scroll.  1   
MC Demo1990-07-29Over a bitmap scrolltext, with changeable axis values and up to 256 sprites to display.  2562x2 chars  
10 Years +41994-10-23Over zooming/stretching scrolltext.  12x2 chars  
10 Years +41994-10-23Over 5x8 scrolltext.  8   
10 Years +41994-10-23      
Imagine Megademo1992      
Metal Ass1991-02Over a DYCP.  1   
Global Chaos1994      
Crackers' Demo 31992  3   
Crackers' Demo 31992Over a scrolltext.  13x1 chars  
Crackers' Demo 31992Over a logo.  10   
Crackers' Demo 31992      
Crackers' Demo 31992Over and under a logo.      
Long Hours1994-02-22Over a big scrolltext which overlaps over a moving logo.      
EVS 2 Years1992-04-01Over moving bitmap.  3   
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23  1 MCM 
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23  5 Multicolor bitmap 
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23Sprite scroller.    Multicolor bitmap 
Oh Yeah!1992-10-23    Multicolor bitmap 
First Demo (TLC)1992-04-22  3   
Fuck Off1990Over a moving logo.      
Now & Forever1993Text with bobs.      
Crime Time1992-10-11      
Gigademo (220V)1991      
Gigademo (220V)1991  6   
And Justice For All1992      
48 Hours Party1992  24x4 chars  
Exacting Demo1992-09-28Very similar to the bobs'last part of Crackers' Demo 2, by 220V.  9   
Dominion1991-02-06Looks like sprites rather than DXYCP.      
Best Of GFW Mega1993-07-31"LOOK THIS" 1x1 chars over a TMFS logo.      
Action Demo (Kuni)1992Over a "KUNI" logo.      
Action Demo (Kuni)1992Animated, over scrolltext.      
Electric Fields1991  33x3 chars  
TJ4 IntroCompo1996      
Holus-Bolus1992-02-21  1   
Drive1992-01-02Claimed to be sprites, even though they never overlap each other.      
Farewell +41991-05-18Several sprites in different shapes in order to perform pseudo-3D, producing shadow in the bottom too.    MCM bitmap 
Epic1993-11-06Even though they're called bobs in the scrolltext.  32   
Knight Rider 21993-10-24  5   
Continuity2003-09-05The Lavina's sign.      
EVS Demo1990  2 Multicolor bitmap 
Magnificient Plus/41990  3 Multicolor bitmap 
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01A vertical GOTU tag overlapping the vertical scrolling text.      
Friction1990-11-25Changeable parameters.  up to 62x2 chars  
Rock Editor V1.31990-12-10      
Magic Inspiration1991-01-12Over a logo.      
Magic Inspiration1991-01-12Over scrolltext.  10 MCM 
Magic Inspiration1991-01-12Under a big vertical scrolltext.  20   
Terror Bubble1991-05-07      
Terror Bubble1991-05-07      
TIT Mega1990Changeable parameters via joystick.  10 MCM 
Fucking Universal1992-02-22  3   
Ninja Is Back2003-06-05  2   
No Future1990      
Gigademo 21989-10A TCFS logo.      
CBS Intro1992-05-14An animated "HELLO" tag going left/right on a converted bitmap.    Multicolor bitmap 
Megadreams Preview1992Occasionally bugged.  64x6 px  
Little Party1991  5   
No Coke1991-05-23  11 char  
IMBK News #081994-11-28  42x2 charsMCM 
MTV Prime 011992-10-23  3   
Divine Page 31993  4 MCM 
Terrible Page 021991-08-01  2 Multicolor bitmap 
Mini News 031995-10-09  51 charHires 
Oldschool 22010-07-17Bouncing letters over a bitmap.  8 Multicolor bitmap 
Gordian Tomb1991-08-08      
GFW Megademo1993-07-31"LOOK THIS" 1x1 chars over a TMFS logo.      
Great Change1991-02-06      
I'm Yet TodayUnknownAlmost a circle mini spritescoll.  3   
TCFS Demo1989-09-15  1x1   
Gigademo (220V)1991Cannonball and crater.      
Digital Dream1990-07-28Softsprites used for the border.      
Just A Demo1990-07-28    MC Bitmap 
Bad Acid Demo II1990   2x2 charsHires 
The Cat (Kruk)1990-12-04In the lower border.    HiRes bitmap 
Long Hours1994-02-22      
Rigor Mortis1991      
Bars2003  5   
Mystic Crystal1996-09-29      
Secret Agent1998-03-23      
Fancy World1992      
Multydemo I1990-08-05    HiRes 
Past-Help1993Change sinus with SHIFT key.  71x1  
Surprise!1992-07-04 3x31   
Sunset 921992Very flickery, used in variable number as text over a logo. 1x1   10
Harry Gfx Box 62006-08-05      
Harry Gfx Box 72008-09-08As light source on chars.      
Ghostbusters +Unknown      
Lunacy 41994  15x4  
Skidz1991Simple chars over a graphic effect. 1x14   
Triple Change1993-01-29In the instructions file.  2 Hires 
Smells Like Happy Birthday2014-11-27Moving over and under a 5x5 variable speed textscroller.  22x2 chars  
Stellar 71990  83x3 chars  
Visual Atmosphera1993      
GFW Megademo1993-07-31"TMFS" 1x1 chars over a logo.      
Best Of GFW Mega1993-07-31"TMFS" 1x1 chars over a logo.      
Tiger Disk Utility V2.11992-09-04      
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30  12x2MC 
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30Over a textscroll.  32x2HR 
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30Over a DYCP.  51x1  
Crackers' Demo 52016-07-30   2x2  
Terror Bubble Tape1991-05      
146 found.

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