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Smells Like Happy Birthday
Title:Smells Like Happy Birthday
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Fantastic Italian Research Enterprise (FIRE)
Created by:C., Luca (Luca)
Graphics by:K., Csaba (Unreal)
Notes:Released on Csabo's birthday in 2014. Since today, it looks like the longest scrolltext ever on Plus/4. 5x5 charset by Morpheus/FHI.
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User Rating: 8.9/10 (10 votes)
Smells Like Happy Birthday Screenshot

Smells Like Happy Birthday

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
1Plasma A very simple color matrix plasma.
2SpriteItems: 2 Item size: 2x2 chars Moving over and under a 5x5 variable speed textscroller.

Program Text
what a joyful da...wait! where are the stars? ooooh ok,let's contin...argh! and the bouncing logo? good! sniff sniff...smells like happy birthday! yes,it's csabo's day! and this little scrolltro has been coded by,with graphics by unreal and this charset by morpheus.fhi,to ship in random order a big bunch of words from his scene buddies to him,the guest of honour,the leader coder of legion of doom. wait no more,let's start!

csabo i wish you a happy birthday and happiness,success and good luck in life!
kedves csabo! latom,te sem leszel fiatalabb, de meg mindig jol tartod maga,akarcsak a plus four! kivanom neked,hogy meg sokaig uzemetesd a weboldalt,mindnyajunk nagy megelegedsere! sok boldogat!

dear csabo! with luca's permission we,stinky using royal plural,want to wish you happy birthday. he also told me i can say as many words as i want because he has plenty of free memory. while the chance we meet till christmas personally is very little we,stinky still using royal plural,also want to wish you merry christmas. we,haha you know that, bet you have the possibility to continue this line to the events of the next year so we...won't enumerate all of them. anyway,we are all maaaaaargit!

i'd like to wish happy birthday .ff more times to you in the future. keep the plus four alive! yikes!

happy birthday,csabo. hope to see you around in the commodore sixteen and plus four scene for many many more years. greetings from holland

i wish you a happy birthday,it was really cool to work with you on our latest gaves me the old times back,thanks! i hope we'll gonna repeat the experience in the near future!

mike dailly
have a good one! enjoy your last year before everything starts falling apart, and like logan's run,you're disposed of for the greater good.

greetings csabo! big thanks for maintaining plus4world and helping to keep the scene alive!

to the greatest plus four fanatic,you have to make at least hundred new demos,you have to convert at least hundred games,you have also to create at least hundred new games,you have to release at least hundred plus four applications,you have to do even much more!

dear csabo,i wish you all the best for your birthday. thanks you for your generous help,which let me realize my visions on our beloved plus four. as a little thank you, i dedicate my graphic conversions to you. i should remember you to enjoy your time not only with computers,but also with other nice things in life.

what type of music is scary for balloons?........... pop music! have a good one csabo and keep up the good work as always,best wishes from mik.

csabo,thank you for your great contribution to the plus four scene. maps,games,downloadable content and all the others. it resulted in the last years dozens of hours i did not spent with more professional activities,like work,presentations,cv. i enjoyed every single minute spending on your creations and added value comments. i wish you happy birthday,all the best and some more decades of scene activity.

hello csabo,happy birthday. i wish you some freetime to finish your nice game,what i looked.

shaun bebbington
hello and many happy returns to csabo. thank you for your many contributions to the commodore sixteen and plus four,and greetz to all the fanatics out there. you know who you are. byeeezzzzzzzzzzzz.

hey master! growing old,aren't we? this last twenty years just rushed by. when will you release a new masterpiece? grandchildren must be educated!!!! happy birthday!

hi csaba! i'm very bad with congratulations,so here it is,short and to the point. a very happy birthday and minden jot to you. may you have a great day amongst your loved ones.'

another thirtyone.fiftysix trillion plus four clock cycles behind. happy birthday csabo!

happy birthday csabo,please don't stop coding on our little machine. regards,chris s.

hey csabo. i also just want to say happy birthday to you. you are one of the famous plus four legends. i am glad about that there are still so much active members like you. so,stay cool and enjoy your birthday party and of course this scrolltro,too. best wishes from hannover,germany by marcus aka nukem,tbh,ace.... lulz.

happy birthday csabo and thanks for all. keep up the good work.

birthday,eh! we happy? vincent,we happy? yeah,we happy! nice,keep the good work up dude!

best wishes to our webmaster hero!

happy birthday,csabo! the best whishes and greetings sidius from berlin sends you,let the big c always be your companion!

boldog szuletesnapot kivanok es tovabbi sok erot es kitartast a commodore plus four kozosseg osszetartasahoz! szamomra felejthetetlen elmeny volt ketezer.tizenegyben a busodore.on valo szemelyes talalkozasunk. remelem,hogy talalkozhatunk meg valamikor. meg egyszer boldog szuletesnapot kivan neked,atisoft.

the real birthday present is you,master csabo,thanks for all the relentless dedication you put into the scene. now if we could just finish plusfouride...

aaron gale
have a great birthday csabo. i'm constantly amazed by your knowledge and passion for my first ever computer,the commodore sixteen. plus four world is one of the only sites that has been in my favourites toolbar for over ten years and checked on a daily basis. keep amazing me with new discoveries for years more.

kebel haverom,kozeli pajtasom es eletre szolo baratom! szeretnek boldog szuletesnapot kivanni neked! te vagy a legjobb a jok kozul! koszonet az onzetlen segitsegedert! hiphip hurra csabonak!

happy birthday to you csabo! i thank you all the personal help and the vast amount efforts you exerted for the commodore sixteen and plus four community!

inc csabo.age jsr happybdmsg jmp nextyearbegin

hello,itt a kurdi kurkesztaniak kurjak a karaktereket. absence a kiraly. ok. vege. na jo nem,buzgar oszkar,sorry csio itt aludt nalunk es ez melyen megalapozta a meleg barati poenokat. azert irunk nagybetukkel,mert ezt meg latjuk! szoval,ez a nap is eljott,ismet oregebb lettel egy evvel,remeljuk a domain be van fizetve hosszabb idore,mert mar ajandek minden nap.. a ''morning wood'' is egyre ritkabb,vagy talan mar csak szep emlek. a gyerekeknek megtanitottad a rootpasst? valakinek uzemeltetnie kell majd az odalt,es kozel van mar a pillanat.. szoval monarchy vs. absence strikes back again,csio on tha keys,hello fatter! boldogsagos,merevedeses szulinapot kinalunk,varja,mit is akartam irni,van az a nemet baratom,aki mindig meg szokott latogatni,az a...varja...mindjart mondom... ja az az alzheimer. hozzad ne jojjon gyakran. oreg faszok vagyunk mar,de azert meg kemenyen nyomjuk,ha idonk engedi. csak igy tovabb. vegyetek csak peldat a csaborol. kanadaba jar dolgozni minden nap egerbol busszal,kozben csaladja van,meg kodol is. bassza meg,ez tud valamit! tehat hajra csabo,gratulalunk... na jol van,megyunk,mert indul a buszunk taktaharkanyba.. pa!

huge happy birthday greetings to csabo from baz,aka that sixteen plus guy,giving you a little piece of inappropriately useful birthday advice... whenever life's puny problems and pitfalls leaves you feeling trapped,just remember to press d for suicide. always worked for me. have a great day. this is baz scrolling off..........

yo hi csabo! mate! so you got older,eh? ok let's celebrate this with all the plus four people all over the world.. have a nice birthday and stay young! greetings from bauknecht!

hb csabo! greetings from steve.

happy birthday csabo!

happy birthday.

greetings from tcfs

...and last ones come my words about,i am luca
though we still had bad luck in meeting together somewhere,it has been,it is now and will be a privilege to cross your passion for the beloved machine that reminds to both of us from where we came. i remember your words about spending so much time,stolen from job family and real life in general,just to achieve something that barely few ones will appreciate. but just like me,i know you feel so good while coding on the plus four,that's one of the reasons why i coded this scrolltro for you,and of course i loved to create this every opcode i entered! it rarely happens,but i have an answer to you... yes,we will be into this weird thing all the whole life! i wish you a happy thirtynineth birthday,mate!

...and the longest plus four scrolling text ever restarts!

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