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Electric Fields
Title:Electric Fields
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Released by:Electronic Vision Software (EVS)
Coded by:S., Csaba (Hawk)
Graphics by:R., Istv├ín (Omega)
Notes:A demo with two parts. According to the scrolltext, the title is plural ("fields"). Terror News 19 is mentioned as an upcoming issue, which puts the release date to 1991.
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User Rating: 6.5/10 (7 votes)
Electric Fields Screenshot

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
1Sprite Scroll 
2SpriteItem size: 3x3 chars Items: 3 

Image Gallery
Electric Field Screenshot #1Electric Field Screenshot #2

Program Text
Part 1 Scrolltext:

yo freaxer! watch this part... fully coded by hawk of evs.... look this wonderful-sprite scroll ... is it short enough to fit into the rastertime! yes! very hard to do it,but not impossible (as you probably see) the wonderful gfx was drawn by our megagfx-man, omega.. it's his first full-screen multipicture. hey mouse! it's cool isn't it? (i would like to see what was your first gfx like..) press space to see the next part,which is even cooler than this.. hey you lame tit-member! it's not another digiconverter-shit,it's not a ripp,or a conversion it's fully selfmade !!! now some greets (in no ranking order) : a-system -- ussr -- fyc -- 220v -- edc -- ceekay -- bastardz -- doky -- pigmy -- tpsh -- hot -- bom -- mtv -- gotu -- es most a lamereknek : tit members (tarzan,rachy,bada,tcl,tibet,tmt,jaky,tamy,sch,johnny) valamint : korak,fred es meg nehany interkontinentalis segg... hey german dudes : german spreading by nukeman... <-- this is the real.. press that long key 'coz this text gonna

Part 2 Scrolltext:

yoo ! hawk of evs is here with a mind blasting piece of coding . it called ...... electric fields ...... look at these three pretty sprites in the logo ... is that interesting ? the rasterfucker part !! all code by hawk , graphics by omega . press space to change effects ! for contact write to soczo csaba , 6723 , taban street 28 . szeged , hugary . i continue in hungarian ... pigmi: jo lenne , ha gyorsan irnal vissza ! tarzan: a demoidban igencsak lent van a szinvonal , ugyanis gyakorlatilag csak egy digikonverter , egy gfx. es egy scroll varialasabol allnak . de azert ne szivd mellre . triptofan ha ez igy megy tovabb , a terror news 19-ben mar kriptonite leszel . digit te vagy a legjobb designer , de rajzolni meg tanulnod kell ... enuogh of this crap , so here comes some messys ... ceekay you are making cool prgs , but we do not want to contact you , because nukeman and ikari is swapping with you , so we get your latest stuffs from them . nukeman write to us!! lac kosz a cool programokat ! guys outside hungary and germany write to me ! in english please! text translated with oscar . .......... text repeat ........

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