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NameCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeMachineDistribution
BarbarianGame/Fighting1990-04English64KPAL OnlyFreeware
Barbarian 3Game/Fighting1990English64KPAL OnlyFreeware
Barbarian The Ultimate WarriorGame/Fighting1990-04-17English64KPAL OnlyFreeware
Boxing (Top Parade)Game/Fighting1986Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Championship WrestlingGame/Fighting1987English16KPAL & NTSCCommercial/TA
Combact Leader 1Game/Fighting1987-09Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Combact Leader 2Game/Fighting1987-09Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Combact Leader 3Game/Fighting1987-09Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Exploding Fist +4Game/Fighting1993English64KPAL OnlyFreeware
Exploding Fist +5MD!Game/Fighting2013-03-28English64KPAL OnlyCrack
Fighting WarriorGame/Fighting1986English16KPAL & NTSCCommercial/TA
Frank Bruno's BoxingGame/Fighting1986English16KPAL OnlyCommercial/TA
Frank Bruno's Boxing (Armati)Game/Fighting1986 16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
International KarateGame/Fighting1986English16KPAL OnlyCommercial/TA
KarateGame/Fighting1987Hungarian16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
Karate (Computer Set 11)Game/Fighting1987Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Karate KidGame/Fighting1986-11Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Karate Kid I (Byte Games 23)Game/Fighting1988-09English16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Karate Kid II (Byte Games 23)Game/Fighting1988-09English16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Karate Kid III (Byte Games 23)Game/Fighting1988-09English16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Karate Kid IV (Byte Games 23)Game/Fighting1988-09English16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Karate KingGame/Fighting1986English32KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
KendoGame/Fighting1987Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Kendo (Byte Games 20)Game/Fighting1988-05Italian16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
Kung FuGame/FightingUnknown 16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
Kung Fu KidGame/Fighting1988-12English16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Kung Fu Kid IIGame/Fighting1988-12English16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Kung-Fu (Byte Games 20)Game/Fighting1988-05Italian16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
LegendGame/Fighting1988-09Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
MasterGame/Fighting1987-04Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Ninja (C16/MSX 16)Game/Fighting1987-10Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Sciabola (Saber)Game/Fighting1988-05Italian16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
Spada (Sword)Game/Fighting1987Italian16KPAL OnlyAs compilation
Thai BoxingGame/Fighting1985English16KPAL & NTSCCommercial/PD
The ChampsGame/Fighting1987-01English16KPAL & NTSCType-in
The Way Of The TigerGame/Fighting1986English16KPAL OnlyCommercial/TA
Way Of The Exploding FistGame/Fighting1986English16KPAL OnlyCommercial/TA
Yie Ar Kung-FuGame/Fighting1985English16KPAL & NTSCCommercial/TA
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Foglia)Game/Fighting1986Italian16KPAL & NTSCAs compilation
39 found.

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