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Space Pilot
Title:Space Pilot
Category:Game/Shoot'em up
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Retail Price:£5.95
Game ending type:No end (highscore)
Produced by:Kingsoft
Released by:Anco
Coded by:Wening, Henrik
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    C64 release
    Amstrad CPC release
    Atari ST release

User Rating: 7.5/10 (13 votes)
Space Pilot Title Screenshot

Space Pilot Screenshot

Hall Of Fame
1George175,370On a real machine sometime in the 80's
2Litwr145,310Real PAL +4.
3Luca107,120Played using YAPE 1.1.1, PSX joypad.
6Csabo6,100YAPE 1.0.6, keyboard controls. Hard game!

Derived Software
Enterprise (Go Games 40)
Sky Fighter
Space Picot
Space Pilot (Byte Games 9)

Appeared On Compilations
Plus-Paket II
10 Computer Hits 3

Advertisement: Commodore Computing International August 1986 (Magazine/English) Page 45
Review: Your Commodore July 1986 (Magazine/English) Page 49
Previewed: Commodore Welt C16 116 P4 Special Testjahrbuch 1988 3/88 (Magazine/German) Page 18

Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Back Cover
Cassette Back Cover
Kingsoft Release Cassette Cover
Kingsoft Release Cassette Cover
Disk Cover
Disk Cover
Disk Cover Inlay
Disk Cover Inlay

Cassette or Box Photo

Review (Your Commodore, July 1986)
Space Pilot style games have been with us for many years but this is the first that I have seen for the C-16.
The game is one of survival as you roam the galaxy facing the attacks of innumerable alien craft. Flying singly or in formation these demons are armed with heat-seeking missiles which will attemp to snuggle up close to your ship, vapourising you as they do so.
The background of stars scroll with a beautiful 3D effect in every conceivable direction but this is where the price of sophistication must be paid. All this activity results in a deadening effect on the spaceship's movement lessening the exitement which the gameply has to offer.
It is also noticable that the complexity of the angled scroll is slower than the simpler vertical or horizontal scroll but I will accept this as a game 'feature'.
I do feel that the game is playable and certainly stunning. Each of the four waves of aliens are armed with missiles which behave in their own characteristic way.
To use a cliche, this is a flawed masterpeice.

Originality: 3 ; Playability: 2 ; Graphics: 5 ; Value For Money: 3

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>1302 A5Unlimited lives

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