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Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:G., Attila (Gaia)
Notes:Original by Aleksi Eben in 2003 for the VIC-20, which was the winner of the 2003 1K Minigame Compo.
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    C64 release

User Rating: 9/10 (3 votes)
Whack Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 135

Welcome to Whack!

Whack is a rogue-like dungeon exploring game for unexpanded VIC 20.
Written exclusively for the 2003 MiniGame Competition, the game program is only 1024 bytes in size!

Find your way through the dungeon levels and bring the Amulet back to the surface.

Watch out for fierce guardian Denoms and other creatures living in the dungeons.

Dungeon Symbols

@ You
Use the cursor keys to move. Move towards a monster to attack it. Any items are picked up when you walk on them. Press '.' to skip a turn and wait.

< Staircase Up
> Staircase Down
Staircases take you to other dungeon levels, down to the Amulet and back up.

+ Door
Move towards a door to kick it open. Monsters don't open doors.

! Potion
Potions are a fine mixture of magic and alcohol. A guaranteed refreshment of several hit points.

$ Gold
Gold may have no real value in the dungeons but you can always boast about it to other adventurers.

Dungeon Creatures

b Brat

Nasty-looking crossbreed of bat and rat. A single brat may not be much of a threat but better watch your step if there's a roomful of them.

G Gobbol
Troll-like creatures with huge muscles and great armament.

D Denom
Guardians of the Amulet, usually only appear in the lower dungeon levels. Hard to kill, sometimes it is better to run and not fight. Especially if you are carrying the Amulet.

Tips from the Tavern

Learn to fight. Only one monster should be facing you at a time.

Monsters only breed in unexplored areas.

Gather some strength before going down to the lowest dungeon levels.

(c)2003 Aleksi Eeben

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