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David's Midnight Magic is an excellent classic pinball game for up to four players. Very realistic board and ball movement, lots of bonuses and even a multi-ball bonus!

David's Midnight Magic
Title:David's Midnight Magic
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:(n/a)
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Notes:AKA Davids Midnight Magic, Flipper. The original game was published for several platforms including the Apple II and the C64, and was written by David Snider. The Plus/4 version was converted from C64 by Imre Szabo in 1987.
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  External links:
    C64 release
    Atari 8bit release

User Rating: 9/10 (20 votes)
David's Midnight Magic Screenshot

Hall Of Fame
1Luca472,940Played using YAPE 1.0.4, PC keyboard.
2Csabo218,410YAPE 1.1.0
3Gaia141,370in the good old days, score easily exceeded 1 million :(
5Klutzly Wurtzly29,650

Control Keys
During attract mode:
Help: show vanity board

Before game:
Function keys: Select number of players

Before shooting the ball:
F1/F2: Adjust power
F3: Ball size

In game:
C=: Left
Shift: Right and shoot ball
Space: Shake table
Z: Activate left magnet
/: Activate right magnet

Three Ball Action!

Hidden Text
The game has the following hidden message in the memory from $E850:

"A jatekot C+4-re adaptalta: Szabo Imre Budapest, 1987"
(Translation: "This game was converted to C+4 by Imre Szabo Budapest, 1987")

This also explains why there is an "IMI" entry in the high score: Imi is a nickname for the Hungarian male name Imre.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
Before running the game:
MONITOR (return)
>7F8 80 (return)
>843E 4C 38 84 (return)
X (return)
and RUN
Unlimited balls (endless game)

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