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The group only had two members, a couple of friends who met in "Logi Klub" in Kecskemét, Hungary. ("Logi Klub" was a project of the local "Úttörőház" (roughly means Youth Center). They also had other programs, such as a library, pottery class, sci-fi club, etc. For a nominal fee, you could sit down with a computer. At first they had Primo and HT computers, this later expanded to C64, Plus4 and PCs. Many of the folks who regularly visited the club became good friends. Later they held national parties in the Amiga/PC era.)

Soma came up with the group's name. Nil used the name once Soma bought an Amiga and left the scene. SM did some graphics from them, but he was not a member of the group.

Country: Hungary
V., Ákos (Nil)(Member)
S., Norbert (Soma)(Member)

Releases by Nilsoft
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeDistribution
Evening TaleDemo1990-08-28English/Hungarian64KFreeware
Hitler PsychoDemo1990-12-06English/Hungarian64KFreeware
2 release(s).

Soma's Comments
About the two missing Nilsoft demos:

"Dirthy Demo": this was a great and timeless piece :-) You had to press the number keys, each of which played digitized (rude) sound effects (burps and various other noises). We digitized the sounds ourselves, some of them from the movie "Airplane".

"Karate": this one I don't recall, Ákos must have written it.

Nilsoft had one more "great" program: "Időlabirintus 2". This was a joke game, that is a port of the original, and changing the contents to the members Logi Club in Kecskemét, using real life stuff. We wrote this in BASIC, and to make the file as big as possible, we didn't use subroutines, but rather typed up everything multiple times. If I recall correctly, the creation was about 50 Kbytes in size.

Nil's Comments
"Karate" was likely another animation type program, built around graphics from SM. By today's standards it was pretty silly. This program is probably lost.

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