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Master's Software House
Name:Master's Software House
Country: Italy
Notes:Unofficial resellers of cracked games mostly copied from the originals with no change, usually sold as 2-games compilations called "Double Game C16".
Master's Software House

Releases by Master's Software House
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeDistribution
Berks 3 / Tycon TexGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Calcio C16 / Star TraderGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Climb It / Munch ItGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Cuthbert Enters The Tomb Of Doom / Baby BerksGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Dork's Dilemma / Aqua RaceGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Grand Prix / Super PokerGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Napoleone / SubmarineGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Olympiad 1 / Space FortressGame/CompilationUnknownEnglish16KCommercial/PD
Paladine / ScrambleGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Pott-it / Shoot-itGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Raffles / Nacky PainterGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Robin To The Rescue / Kung Fu KidGame/CompilationUnknownEnglish16KCommercial/PD
Rockets / SnakesGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Scacchi / Black Jack (MSH)Game/CompilationUnknownItalian16KCommercial/PD
Wizard / Pizza PeteGame/CompilationUnknownEnglish16KCommercial/PD
Xargon Wars / BlazeGame/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Zap Em / Pac-man C16Game/CompilationUnknown 16KCommercial/PD
Blackjack (Italian)Game/CardsUnknownItalian16KAs compilation
Kung Fu Kid (MSH)Game/ActionUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Olympiad 1Game/SportUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Pizza Pete (MSH)Game/ActionUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Pott-itGame/ActionUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Robin To The Rescue (MSH)Game/ActionUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Scacchi (MSH)Game/ChessUnknownItalian16KAs compilation
Shoot-it (MSH)Game/SpaceInvadersUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Space Fortress (MSH)Game/Shoot'em upUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
Wizard (MSH)Game/ActionUnknownEnglish16KAs compilation
27 release(s).

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