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The story of Forthkillers (from the memories of Rachy):

Forthkillers was a temporary group formed in the Summer of 1990, it existed before the Terrorists. After first year of high school I took a trip down to the Balaton, to an information technology camp. I found Plus/4 guys there from Zala province who were interested in forming a new group. In the camp, four of us joined forces: SCH (coder), Home (Sándor Hollósi) (music), Tibet (graphics) and myself. We only ever made one demo called "Look This". Unfortunately we don't have a copy of it, perhaps one day someone will find it.

The story behind the name of the group: there was a valiant teacher who was attempting to teach us Forth. Unfortunately he was quite bad at it, so we came to hate the language (which, in retrospect was unfair, as the language has its place).

After the camp the guys came over to my place at Keszthely, we tried to get into coding some stuff and keep in contact. Home disappeared, the only music he ever wrote appeared in several SCH demos with various effects.

Country: Hungary
R., Álmos (Rachy)(Ex-member)
S., Gábor (SCH)(Ex-member)
M., Gábor (Tibet)(Ex-member)
H., Sándor (Home)(Ex-member)
Notes:A short lived group, only released a single demo. Most members ended up joining Terrorists.

Releases by Forthkillers
TitleCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeDistribution
Look ThisDemo1990 64KFreeware
1 release(s).

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