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Plotter in Plus/4 Encyclopedia

Effects - Plotter
NameRelease DateNotesAreaItemsColor modeFrame rate
Plasma's First1991    
A Trip1989-06-23Change testscroll speed and plotter sinus by joystick. 64  
Hawkeye Demo1990-04-14    
Imagine Megademo1992 147  
Metal Ass1991-028 plots over changing text.    
High PorscheUnknown 40  
Absolutely Fabulous19941024 plots, updates 2/3 frames. 1024 2.5
Farewell Hours1992Changeable parameters by pressing SPACE, CURSOR UP, CURSOR DOWN.    
Future World1993-10-23It shows several functions, including dot tunnel and vector starfield.    
Virtually Yours1993 512  
My 2nd DemoUnknown    
Lynx1997-03-30 1024 3
Ball Blaster 21989-11-03    
MB Demo1989-12Change parameters via Joystick port 2 (menu appears after a while). 64  
MB Demo1989-12 10  
MB Megademo1990-03-15Multi color plotter over a changing logo.    
Gentlemen In Action1993-01-10    
3M Demo 21991    
6fx2007-04-20 56  
Skoro Demo 101996-05-17Over characters.    
German Xmas 19921993-02-06    
Infection1993-08-01 20  
Sun For Fun1992-05-05 106  
Xmas Demo 931993 84  
Overture1991 11  
Overture1991Press Commodore Key to change sintable.    
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21    
Coby TCL Mega1991-02-21    
Land Mix1991-01-03    
High Technology1992 256  
Lynx Preview1996-09-02    
Magic Circles1989-03-17    
Dominion1991-02-06Driven by cursor keys. 16  
Killer 22005-04-12    
Vector-Gfx1990 74  
Digital Brainstorm1992-01-19Over a colour matrix scroll and a pic.    
Now & Forever1993Joystick driven changeable parameters. 48  
Pro 2 Type1992Under bitmap elements.Fullscreen Multicolor bitmap 
MB Megademo1990-03-15Alternatively acts as plotter and shadeplots.    
Crime Time1992-10-11 170  
And Justice For All1992    
Terminal Obsession1993    
Construction Time Again1992Change it with joystick. Edited in Aceplotter, very variable framerate which results in some flickering. 40  
Construction Time Again1992Plots "GLS" logo.    
Unassuming Demo1991    
First Demo (TSB)1992-01-10Joystick driven parameters.    
Plasma's First1991Fireworks.    
Best Of GFW Mega1993-07-31Over a moving logo, calculated in Hires even though shown in MCM.    
Skoro Mega1993-04-10    
Last GFW Demo1994    
TJ4 IntroCompo1996Changeable parameters.    
Party Demo1992A very little one. 6  
Let's Party!1990-07-04Changeable parameters.    
Compy Xmas1990-12-09    
Caprix Dreams1992-10    
Caprix Dreams1992-10    
Neustadt Demo 31994-01-13 36  
Neustadt Demo 31994-01-13 256  
EVS Demo1990Press SHIFT to change effect.    
Megatunes Vol. I1990-12-20    
Magnetic Dream1990-02-24Different patterns changeable via joystick..    
Mental Hangover1992-07-29A for anarchy.    
Mental Hangover1992-07-29    
GOTU Megademo II1993-04-01Changeable parameters. 128  
Hamburg Meeting 921992    
Nuclear Tension1989-12Changeable parameters.    
Nuclear Tension1989-12Changeable amplitude.    
Wizard Of Wor (TCFS)1990-06-06    
Wizard Of Wor (TCFS)1990-06-06    
Elf's First1992-12-12    
Xentrix's First1995-02-01    
Imagine (UTG)1993-02-16Different patterns.    
Imagine (UTG)1993-02-16    
Last PowerUnknown    
Aceplotter (Genius)1992-08Editor.    
Thunderbirds Demo1996-09-27    
Nearly Demo1992    
512 Fsl PlotsUnknown    
Warez CatalogUnknown    
Impulse1992-01-03Choose with keys 1-6.    
Signals 111997-10-29    
SCN News 271996-07-16    
Perfect Visions 22010-10-22 2048  
Carniwor Demo1990-05-12    
De Luxe Caves2003    
GFW Megademo1993-07-31Over a moving logo, calculated in Hires even though shown in MCM.    
Knight Rider 21993-10-24 160  
TCFS Demo1989-09-15    
Acid Flipper1991Whilst the tables change automatically, use CRSR UP/DOWN to change X+Y ADC value. 96  
Plot Editor V1.21992    
Terra Versus Universum1991-12-01Joystick driven.    
Metallica Demo1992-06-05    
One Year1990-04-20    
Elite Squad1991Joystick in port 2. 20  
Nathrium ChloridUnknown    
In Memoriam (ASN)2007-09-12    
Future World1993-10-23    
Relax Demo1992-07-25Use the function keys to modify the effect.  MCM2
That's A Way1990-09-13Change parameters with cursor keys. Any dot has a related shadow dot. 32 (x2)MCM4
16 KBytes2012-07-08Cyber plotter.    
Merry Christmas 20162016-12-25Tree shaped, also includes a scroller. 200+  
114 found.

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