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Warez Catalog
Title:Warez Catalog
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:The Dream Co-op (TDC)
Created by:B., Ferenc (Cream)
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 4.3/10 (3 votes)
Warez Catalog Screenshot

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Warez Catalog Screenshot #1
Warez Catalog Screenshot #2

hi pals! cream of td is here to bore you with another crap...  this times it's * warez catalog *   it was only coded to show you which prox tdc already has released. it aren't still so much but i think this year ninetythree we will release some useful programs and perhaps there are some games by us... who knows....  god knows but won't tell it... credits for this shit here comin' up  ... this kewl charset made by cream. upper effect edited with acs aceplotter and pushed in here by cream too.last not least the coding of this little baby intro was also done by him.  hey freax ! i'm going to code more and more routines week i'll sell my sixtyfour and then i'm going to code purely on my own plus four and i hope to become a real good plus four coder.i hope so if not i'll continue this lame watch out for some real cool quality prox from cream which doesn't include any sixtyfour bytes !!      i hate them everybody hate 'em but here they go ... of course the greets. golden orange juices to    soeren tbh and psp of ,   cbt   edc   evs   kod of charon   mtv   proky of s'n's   sjp of evs   skulls   svs of fire in italy   synergy   tek team   the elder   marco polo   and tcfs. geht euch dieses gepiepe nich auch aufn sack  das hoert sich so aetzend an... tja wahrscheinlich brauch ich auch sone olle sidcard wa... * halber preis fuer alle.fuer die haelfte.die sidcard. *       later says...                     cream of tdc

The Wares
The Shit PC
Drunken Ninja
Crime Time
Rubicon Ripp (missing)
Why Not
Logoshow (missing)
Full Contact
Fancy Goods (spelled as Fancy Gods)
Warez Catalog

Coming soon: Asskix (also mentioned in Elder News 03 but never released).

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